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This experimental page is now closed - with results down below.

This page is an incubator of sorts, and an easy place to toss out a thought that doesn't yet merit its own separate page. Note quick ideas for new features and enhancements here, and quickly move them off to their own topics if they generate comments and generally firm up.

  1. Last in, first on: Place new notes at the top of the list
  2. Use TWiki shorthand and basic page organization: DoubleLines separator between ideas, H2 (---++) title for TOC inclusion; standard Feature: and Situation: sections; optional Proposed topic titles: and Related topics:
  3. Aggressive collaboration: If you're interested in a particular idea, act on it:
    • contribute comments and topic WikiName suggestions (this is a grace period for thinking up most meaningful topic names)
    • add Related topics: links
    • start a new topic as soon as an idea seems developed enough to stand on its own: follow CollaborationGuidelines, combining Feature: & Situation: as an OpeningStatement

Ideas on deck...

Skip Changes Notification for maintenance tasks

Feature: Periodically a new system or web wide change is made which isn't reflected in the content of a page, but nevertheless is an edit to that page. It would be nice if these kinds of changes could be hidden from the WebChanges page.

Situation: For example the change date on TWikiUsabilityTesting is 31 Oct 2001 but the last change to the page content was 28 Sep 2001. The only change made on 31-Oct was to add a Topic Group and a meta-field.

Occasional updates of this nature for a page or two is not much of a problem, however it does become a problem when they happen web or system wide. At this moment WebChanges shows MikeMannix as having an incredibly productive day yesterday, answering over 40 seperate technical support questions. smile

This effectively means the WebChanges feature is broken, because now I must individually visit all of the topics I am participating in to search for "real" changes which may or may not be immediately apparent (did the last contributor append to the bottom of the page or embed a comment in the middle?).

Started: MattWilkie - 31 Oct 2001

Proposed Titles for this Topic:


Matt, This was noted and discussed at some length in DevOpinionPoll (scroll down to the first block of italics). The issue is a little more complicated - there are four related concerns:

  1. preventing notification of "trivial" changes;
  2. indicating updated topics via links (ex: every link on this page to a topic non-trivially updated in, say, the last 24 hrs, would have a "new" indicator of some sort;
  3. making it easy to see page diffs (current block diffs displays make it difficult to see what's been changed);
  4. combining all of the above in a usable interface, so that each logged in user can see the changes since last visit (this problem is well-explained in a quote on the DevOpinionPoll memo)
This should all be broken out into its own base topic page and hooked up with the several relevant topics, like WordDiffs, etc. Read up and dive in if you have ideas!

-- MikeMannix - 31 Oct 2001

Thanks Mike. I thought I saw this discussion somewhere but when I went to add my 2c I couldn't find it, thus the new thread. smile

-- MattWilkie - 01 Nov 2001

Home Topics for Key Subjects

Feature: A simple, manual idea - create Codev home topics for discussions threads stretched over multiple topics, to act as a base for listing related links and developing discussion summaries.

Situation: Discussions of the same or similar subjects stretch across multiple topics, through direct WikiWord branching, initially unrelated topic creation, and also over time, sometimes months or more. Current methods of relating topics - preset searches, manual Related: lists, automated HierarchicalNavigation schemes - work in part, and can be complementary. But human-created home topics cover situations that can't easily be automated, like identifying and linking to topics with unrelated titles and only partially related content. With suitably generic titles, Home Topics are a convenient pre-refactoring stage, that can even handle still-active and brand new discussions. They are also natural places for brief related suggestions (new features, improvements) and comments.

Started: MikeMannix - 07 Oct 2001

Related topics:

Proposed Titles for this Topic:


Mike, I added TaggingRelatedTopics to Related topics (above) because RichardDonkin's suggestion of having a button on each (view) page that would add the topic as a bookmark to a specified page seems to fit the bill for what you are describing above. (Especially if there is a way to designate the page that the link should be added to -- you could specify the home topic you desired.)

-- RandyKramer - 07 Oct 2001


Feature: A way to easily collect topic titles to create a Related topics: list. Moved to: TaggingRelatedTopics

I started adding some of the skin pages to the InterfaceThread and then stopped because I am unsure of the intended scope. Is it your intention to eventually have every page in Codev tagged to one of these threads? Or just the ones which seem to best capture the theme? Should Skins be seperate from Interface? Is there a fixed max number of collection threads (might be wise)? (should I be responding here or in TaggingRelatedTopics? Now that I think about it, both this and your previous comment block should be moved over there)

-- MattWilkie - 02 Nov 2001

Matt, You're right, I dunno why I made the Threads note here. I'd been thinking about further editing down topics moved from here to their own page, to just the link and feature.

RE: "Is it your intention to eventually have every page in Codev tagged to one of these threads?" Well, "my intentions" are honorable. The Threads idea is temporary and for intuitive use. I included a brief description of the scope in each Thread. Only FeaturesThread is still a little vague. But no, as a temp device, my intention was to link only the topics with directly relevant content to each Thread. Between the Threads, that might end up to be many of the Codev topics, but not all. And, especially with others helping, the refactoring or whatever - reorganizing, overall - should kick in quickly and start reducing pages from the other end. I'm going to start base CollaborationProject, ChangesProject, and InterfaceProject pages to complement the Threads. And then, some of these comments can be eliminated as well...
"Should Skins be seperate from Interface?" I don't think so, for this overall pass. They fit in ease-of-use, navigation, general usability...
"Is there a fixed max number of collection threads (might be wise)?" As mentioned above, this is just temporary, a way to reduce the clutter and focus in on key Codev content. Existing HierarchicalNavigation features, parent-child topic stuff are meant for this usually. So I don't think a limit is necessary, we want to illustrate and gather the "clutter", then reduce it.
I've moved my previous notes over to TaggingRelatedTopics. -- MikeMannix - 02 Nov 2001

This page was an experiment not in its time...or just not useful. It's intended purpose was clear, but in practice it seems to be a less efficient alternative to starting a new FeatureBrainstorming topic. Anyhow, it wasn't really left up for long, and now it's gone! I'll break it up and archive or delete it. (A similar, shortform idea page does seem to work better, at UsabilityIdeas.)

-- MikeMannix - 03 Dec 2001

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