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CategoryDescription: This is the parent of all Categories and provides help on using them.

A category is a grouping of related topics. A topic is added to a category by writing "Category<category name>" in the RelatedTopics form field - for example, "CategoryEditing". A single topic may be in multiple categories. Even a category can be in a category!

The following topics are part of CategoryCategory in the Codev web:     (automatically generated table)

CategoryAccessControls Anything to do with TWiki access controls
CategoryAdministration Tools and utilities for TWiki administrators
CategoryAuthentication Authentication, authorization and session tracking of users
CategoryBrainstorming Brainstorming
CategoryBranding Discussion and debate on the topic of branding TWiki - logos, taglines, etc
CategoryBrowser Web browsers and its components, plugins
CategoryCaching Caching content for speed
CategoryCgiAccelerators Web server add-ons that accelerate TWiki execution
CategoryChanges Tracking changes to topics, including e-mail notification; diffs displays; recent changes; instant notification; highlighting changes
CategoryComponents Components, Lego blocks to build wiki applications
CategoryCookbook Cookbooks for doing various things with TWiki, and setting it up to work in different environments.
CategoryDatabase Database connectivity, database applications, wiki style and traditional
CategoryDateTime Date/time handling, calendars
CategoryDiagrams Diagram, drawing, chart creation and display
CategoryEditDaemon Topics that talk about editor daemons, and associated editors.
CategoryEditing Topics that talk about editors, as used by end-users of twiki.
CategoryEditingWorkflow Topics that talk about editing workflow. (save, preview, quicksave, checkpoint, etc)
CategoryEditorApplet Discussions on applets used by end-users for editing.
CategoryEmail E-mail integration, e-mail archiving
CategoryFightTheFlab TWiki is very powerful, but a bit overweight in places. These topics talk about ways that TWiki can fight the flab.
CategoryI18N Internationalization of TWiki; I18N tools
CategoryImages Manipulation and display of images and photos
CategoryImportExport Importing / exporting wiki content
CategoryIntegration Integration with other tools, usually web-based tools
CategoryLocalization Localization of TWiki, localization tools, TWiki speaks in tongues
CategoryLoginLogout resources for providing mainstream login and logout capabilities
CategoryMarketing Topics that relate to the marketing of TWiki.org
CategoryOfficeIntegration Integration with office tools: Word processors, spreadsheets, etc
CategoryOrganizingPrinciples Ideas behind organising your TWiki topics
CategoryPatternSkin Discussions, technical documentation, implementation notes on the development of the PatternSkin
CategoryPerformance Performance improvements with compatibility in mind
CategoryPluginsAPI Topic relates to the definition of the TWiki plugins interfaces
CategoryPresentation Presentations, demos, slide shows
CategoryProcess Anything and everything to do with the processes used in developing TWiki
CategoryProductivity Productivity enhancing applications and processes
CategoryRefactoring Topic relates to refactoring of the core code without changing end-user functionality.
CategoryReleaseManagement All aspects of the TWikiReleaseManagementProcess.
CategoryReplication Data replication between TWiki installations
CategoryRoadmap Different kinds of roadmaps mapping TWikis future
CategorySearch Searching content in TWiki
CategoryStale Used to mark stale content.
CategoryStatistics Statistics on usage and contribution
CategorySurvey Discussions and ideas relating to surveying or monitoring TWiki usage
CategorySyndication Syndicate recent changes and topic content to other sites; display external feeds in topics
CategoryTWikiSyntax All sorts of debates about TWikiML syntax. TWikiSyntaxDiscussByCharacter is a good place to start.
CategoryTemplates Anything that relates to master, HTML or topic templates and their use/abuse.
CategoryTesting Anything to do with testing TWiki or Plugins
CategoryTrackers Tracker applications and components
CategoryUpgradeStrategy Discussions related to the strategy used to upgrade TWiki installations
CategoryVersionControl Version control, revisions, topic history
CategoryWikiApplication Wiki applications for structured collaboration
CategoryWikiCommunity Related to talking to and working with other wiki communities
CategoryWorkflow Wiki applications with workflow
CategoryWysiwygEditors Topics that talk about WYSIWYG Editors

Create New Category

Check above list first to see if there is already a similar category you could use. To create a new category, complete the form below, and hit Create.

Category topic:
HELP Replace FooBar with the category name
HELP Brief summary describing the purpose of the category, giving guidelines as to what should be and what should not be in the category

Note: New category topics are based on TemplateCategory, which in turn INCLUDEs CategoryTopicTemplate.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 29 Feb 2004
-- WillNorris - 11 Apr 2004
-- PeterThoeny - 12 Apr 2004


I like the idea of free form categorization, it helps in organizing the big cake we have at TWiki.org smile

One suggestion: Use the RelatedTopics form field to set a category instead of the two liner
 CategoryEditing, CategoryEditDaemon
at the end of the topic. I find it confusing to have text at the end that is supposed to stay at the end (I can't simply append text)

Also, instead of the WebForm, better to use the BasicForm for new topics that are not feature or bug related.

Categories are good, but there is a balance on the number of categories. Too many is not good. How about removing the create new category form from each category and link to this CategoryCategory page? This page has an inro on purpose and suggestions when it makes sense to create a new category. It also avoids duplicate categories.

For ease of maintenance I suggest to create a CategoryIndexTemplate topic that is included by all Category index pages. That way, the help text and form can be changed centrally in one page.

-- PeterThoeny - 29 Feb 2004

There's no reason to list the categories at the end, it's just convention. List them at the top, in the text, anywhere that's searchable and that'll be fine. I'm not a great fan of forms, so I didn't think of using them. (There is a reason to not put categories at the /very/ end -- See BackLinksDontWorkOnLastWord -- DavidForrest - 30 Mar 2005)

c2 uses manual category indexing; see http://www.c2.com/cgi/wiki?CategoriesDiscussion c2 has about 150 categories. The number of categories you have should be dictated by the number of unique threads or themes that spread through multiple topics that you have; I'm not sure how many there are in Codev but the small number of categories I created covers quite a lot of ground already. Wikimasters control the explosion of categories, by folding categories. In truth, though, most categories are created by wikimasters, and if a category was created in error, there should really be no problem removing it (though with no rename capability on this web that may be a problem). Also, remember that a single topic can be in many categories, so you don't have the "it doesn't qute fit there" problem that you have with TopicClassification.

The category create automation on every category page is unusual but I like it from two perspectives; first, it makes it easy to create categories wink and second, it provides a model for users wanting to do that kind of stuff on their own wikis. After all, we should be modelling good practice here as well as discussing stuff. But I'm not hung up on it; encouraging them to visit this page is good too.

I agree about the include; I was going to do that, but forgot.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 01 Mar 2004

can the "create new topic" form by adjusted so that it just saves the created page automatically, rather than going through an edit cycle? PeterThoeny has obviated the need to do any edits on the category page as there is now a description field in the form (nice touch, btw :))

-- WillNorris - 12 Apr 2004

Not at this time, but a useful enhancement to be, e.g. also for DiscussionForum.

I removed the form to create a new category from the template. Better to point to this topic where folks can check first if there is already a similar topic before creating a new one. This avoids the issue that we have categories like CategoryEditor and CategoryEditing.

-- PeterThoeny - 12 Apr 2004

i will look into providing a patch for save content without edit functionality.

i have restored the "create a new category form" to the template. to help allay your concerns about creating duplicate categories, i have included a drop down box which lists the existing categories (and handy descriptions, too). however, i believe this is actually sympomatic of the fact that only a select few can rename pages in the wiki---that is where the real problem lies.

-- WillNorris - 12 Apr 2004

I could continue the ping pong but will leave it for now. IMO, the form does not belong to each category page, is just distracts from the actual category content. A simple link is much cleaner. Secondly, the pulldown list is somewhat confusing because it looks like part of the form. Thirdly, the pulldown is outside of a form, which is not proper XHTML and shows just gibberish in older browsers.

-- PeterThoeny - 13 Apr 2004

Ping. I would like to see above mentioned issues resolved. Also, any feedback from someone else?

-- PeterThoeny - 15 Apr 2004

When I created CategoryEditingWorkflow yesterday I didn't realise that CategoryEditing would pick up all it's topics too. Now I have to decide if I should I rename one of them or maybe delete CategoryEditing as we already have CategoryEditDaemon, CategoryEditorApplet and CategoryWysiwygEditors?

Currently they have the following number of topics:

CategoryEditDaemon 3 Topics that talk about editor daemons, and associated editors.
CategoryEditing 25* Topics that talk about editors, as used by end-users of twiki.
CategoryEditingWorkflow 17 Topics that talk about editing workflow. (save, preview, quicksave, checkpoint, etc)
CategoryEditorApplet 2 Discussions on applets used by end-users for editing.
CategoryWysiwygEditors.. 12 .Topics that talk about WYSIWYG Editors.

(how hard would it be to make the table at the top of the topic show these counts? would there be a performance hit?)

* CategoryEditing lists 8 CategoryEditing topics + 17 CategoryEditingWorkflow topics.

Also note that since category topics always list themselves only 1 topic is categorised as CategoryEditorApplet and only 2 as CategoryEditDaemon.

Is there enough of a distiction between these categories to justify having them all or can they be merged into one or two topics?

It would be nice if we were left with all these topics starting with CategoryEdit so that we could create it as a kind of master category to list topics from all the others, using the "feature" I stumbled upon to our advantage.

Once we have a decision I'm willing to do the renaming/refactoring.

-- SamHasler - 29 Jul 2004

changed submit button to do a "save" instead of requiring edit, preview, save

-- WillNorris - 02 Aug 2004

I escaped the CategoryX links so that this CategoryCategory topic does not get listed in those categories.

-- PeterThoeny - 02 Sep 2005

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