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Cheat Sheets

DEVELOPMENT Cheat sheets: quick references that feature the most commonly forgotten things on a specific topic. You can print them out and hang them on your wall, or just keep them handy in your bookmarks for quick reference.

Javascript, CSS, RegEx, and 'even' Perl: http://www.petefreitag.com/item/455.cfm

-- ArthurClemens - 06 Sep 2005 08:58:33

We need them for many aspects of TWiki as well. I started on one for the Formatted Search but no-one else seemed interested.

-- AntonAylward - 06 Sep 2005

We were just waiting for the cards!

-- ArthurClemens - 06 Sep 2005

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Hurricane Katrina Relief

OTHER I added a "make a donation" icon to the TWiki.org home page in the hope that some visitors will contribute to the disaster relief effort of Hurricane Katrina. The link points to the American Red Cross, a respectable and trustworthy organization.

Although unrelated to TWiki, I hope that using screen real estate for a good purpose is appreciated by the community.

-- PeterThoeny - 06 Sep 2005 23:15:44

Thanks you, Peter. After seeing the harrowing pictures on TV last night, I was remembering what a vibrant and fun city New Orleans was, and was saddened to see it brought so low.

So no objection, no (though a strong feeling of regret that we didn't think to do this after the Indian Ocean tsunami claimed so many lives).

-- CrawfordCurrie - 07 Sep 2005

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How changes in Twiki propagate

DEVELOPMENT TWiki.org is running version "30 Oct 2004". This version is closer to the current production release TWikiRelease03Sep2004 than DakarRelease on the DevelopBranch. If I change a document on TWiki.org (e.g. update documentation), how do these changes propagate into the next production release?

-- DanielKabs - 16 Sep 2005 10:03:52

They don't, unless someone picks up on the change and moves it into the Dakar docs.

The problem is that the Cairo (Sep2004) docs do not share a common baseline with the docs on TWiki.org, so it's almost impossible to extract a meaningful list of changes in TWiki.org since Cairo was released. We have some scripts that help, but it comes down to a manual inspection process, and that is extremely inefficient, so it doesn't get done.

The goal in Dakar has been to lighten the released doc set as much as possible, and keep lesser-used documentation (for example, the cookbooks) on TWiki.org, and focus the Dakar docs on being a reference only.

Fixes to Dakar docs can be added to bugs in the Bugs web, and they will get done.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 04 Oct 2005

There's an important bit of logic in there. It boils down to this: You want to be able to read the "How To Install" documents before you do the install, so there's no point in putting them in the installation package.

Once you make that decision you realise there is a whole pile of other stuff that doesn't need to be in the distributed package but does need to be on twiki.org

-- AntonAylward - 04 Oct 2005

moved here from TWikiAccessControl
The docs changed quite a bit in the upcoming Dakar release. To get doc updates into Dakar you need to create bug reports or send patches to one of the developers. (Yes, we plan to change that process, the DakarDocumentationModelIsBroken)

-- PeterThoeny - 11 Jan 2006

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Discussion forum

DEPLOY Is CoffeeBreak the best way to setup a discussion forum in TWiki?

-- BrianGupta - 03 Oct 2005 23:40:35

I don't think so. There are several ways one could use TWiki for discussions. Have a look in Plugins.

-- FranzJosefSilli - 04 Oct 2005

Yes, among our 170 odd plugins you are bound to find something, eventually. Happy searching :(.

-- MartinCleaver - 04 Oct 2005

See a Plugins.NatSkin based blog (essentially forum-like): the blog and a threaded discussion.

-- ArthurClemens - 04 Oct 2005

Micha - can you publish your BlogPlugin? Thanks. M.

-- MartinCleaver - 04 Oct 2005

See also DiscussionForumAddOn

-- PeterThoeny - 04 Oct 2005

  • i need help regarding installing twiki , i am new to Twiki and the windows install guide is difficult to follow ...please let me know if there are another materials available that can be helpful -- PoojaSingh - 14 Aug 2006 - 08:49
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TWiki/Mozilla makes Slashdot..

OTHER ATTENTION If you have not yet seen http://slashdot.org/articles/05/10/04/147205.shtml?tid=154 I suggest you drop what you are doing and go there now.

-- TravisBarker - 04 Oct 2005 15:03:53

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Transparent Authen again

DEPLOY This has been around several times, but I think it is worth updating to keep pace with the general deployment of "Intranet Portal Solutions". In such environments the deployment question isn't "Would we use TWiki for our Portal?" but rather "How can we integrate TWiki in our existing portal?"

Transparent Authentication is only one part of that. Because it is a bit verbose, I have collected my thoughts into a topic instead of pasting it here: TransparentAuthenticationRevisited

Opinions and comments are welcome!

-- HaraldJoerg - 06 Oct 2005 09:22:23

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TWiki for Brainstorming

ADVOCATE I added a 'bullet' type to the CommentPlugin to support high-rate/parallel brainstorming on Twiki with a simple multi-user bullet list. I think it will work great for the conference calls my organization has where we try to collect some quick ideas. See Support.HowToBrainstormFineGrain for the code to add you your TWiki.UserTemplates.

What do you think?

  • Dumb idea
  • I never try to collect info from 12 people at once
  • This will change the world, but only 5% as much as Twiki.
  • hey
  • Modify the prompt per Peter's suggestion below...
  • Even better -- the bullet before the text box is pretty! * Oops. It is nesting. * Add a newline to the end of the output -- else it just appends to the last bullet
  • The added newline makes the nesting stop.
  • Who needs newlines when you have % BR %
  • No more new lines.
  • Bulletbreak
    • Bullet 1
    • Bullet 2
    • Bullet 3
  • What's going on?
  • ba

-- DavidForrest - 01 Nov 2005 23:28:53

Looks useful. Better to change the input form from a multiline edit box to a one liner edit field, since entering two lines will break the bullet list apart.

-- PeterThoeny - 02 Nov 2005

That is nicer and cleaner. I found the TMPL:DEF and TMPL:P documentation for the TWiki.CommentsTmpl after browsing around. Initially I didn't find my way to TWiki.CommentPlugin#Customisation or TWiki.TWikiTemplates, which helped a lot. I'll add a couple links to those from TWiki.CommentsTmpl.

-- DavidForrest - 02 Nov 2005

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All very quiet

COMMUNITY It seems very quiet on the TWiki front. Dakar no longer seems as "imminent" as it was. Acknowledging that our key people need a break is important, we need to reset expectations.

Companies eager to get Dakar out the door should lend a hand either with labour or money.

-- MartinCleaver - 28 Nov 2005 03:42:08

I was hoping to be able to lend support towards the cause (at least to the extent that I am able) however real world circumstances have so far gotten in the way of my efforts. I do hope to become more active in the near future.

-- TravisBarker - 04 Feb 2006

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Any free hosted wikis?

OTHER A group of us were reminiscing about our school memories and thought that it would be a great idea to write down whatever we remember before age erases everything. A wiki would be an ideal way to collaborate on this. Does anyone know of a free hosted wiki based solution that we could use?

Ideally, Yahoo should offer this as a component of Yahoo Groups. Thanks, Pankaj

-- PankajPant - 30 Nov 2005 15:58:47

Sounds like an excellent idea, I know you'll have a great time remembering smile http://pbwiki.com/, http://www.wikispaces.com/, http://seedwiki.com/ or http://www.wikicities.com/wiki/Wikicities are examples of free add-supported wikis that you can choose from.

-- SteffenPoulsen - 30 Nov 2005

Awesone. Both pbwiki and wikispaces seem to offer what we are looking for. Thanks.

-- PankajPant - 01 Dec 2005

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COMMUNITY What about linking HighQualityTWiki installation. See http://9rules.com for example, focusing on HighQualityBlogs. They have a kind of reviewing process before a site becomes part of the 9rules network ("Be prepaired to work even harder on your blog"). The reasons and benefits of having a TWikiRing are manifold. You name them. Admitted, TWiki.org itself needed an overhaul to meet at least certain quality standards, whatever they are.

(Writeback: http://micha.wikiring.de/Blog/BlogEntry28)

-- MichaelDaum - 13 Dec 2005 14:25:53

This is a good idea, I support anything TWikiAdvocacy. Please take the lead if you feel inclined.

-- PeterThoeny - 25 Dec 2005

I like the idea of a TWikiRing. How do we get started?

-- AntonAylward - 22 Jan 2006

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Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

COMMUNITY I wish all TWikiCommunity members a Merry Christmas, good health and happiness in the New Year! We will have a fresh start working on EdinburghRelease and with the DakarRelease out of the virtual door.
                       ==            ,              ==
                    <^\()/^>       _/^\_         <^\()/^>
                     \/  \/       <     >         \/  \/
                 *    /__\         /.-.\         * /__\
         ==            /\ *        `/&\`            /\       *    ==
      <^\()/^>       !_\/         ,@.*;@,           \/_!       <^\()/^>
       \/  \/     !_/I_||        /_o.I% _\    *     ||_I\_!     \/  \/
        /__\     /I_/|*||       (`'--:o(_@;         || |\_I\     /__\
        /_ \   !//|  | ||      /`;--.,__ `')        || |  |\\!   /_ \
       (-   ) /I/ |  | ||     ;@`o%  O,*`'`&\       || |  | \I\ (=   )
        \__/!//|  |  | ||*   (`'--)_@ ;o %'()\      ||*|  |  |\\!\__/
        /  \I/ |  |  | ||    /`;--._`''--._O'@;     || |  |  | \I/  \
       {_ __}  |  |  | ||   /&*,()~o`;-.,_ `""`)    || |  |  |  {____}
    _!__|= ||  | *|  | ||   /`,@ ;+& () o*`;-';\    || |  |  |  ||  |__!_
    _I__|  ||__|__|__|_||  (`""--.,_0 +% @' &()\    ||_|__|__|__||- |__I_
    -|--|- ||--|--|--|-||  /-.,_    ``''--....-'`) *||-|--|--|--||= |--|-
     |  |  ||  |  |  |*||  /@% ;o:;'--,.__   __.'\  || |  |  |  ||  |  |
     |  |= ||  |  |  | || ;*,&(); @ % &^;~`"`o;@(); || |  |  | *||= |  |
     |  |- ||  |  |  | || /(); o^~; & ().o@*&`;&O.\ || |  |  |  ||= |  |
     |  |- ||  |  |  | || `"="==""==,,,.,="=="==="` || |  |  |  ||- |  |
    -|--|= ||--|--|--|-||__.- .(\-''#####---...___..||-|--|--|--||- |--|-
     ~~~~~~~~~^^^^^^^^^^    ^   \)_`"""""`          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^jgs~~~
                             .--' ')
                           o(  )_-\
                             `"""` `

-- PeterThoeny - 25 Dec 2005 21:29:33

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Slashdot mentions TWiki

OTHER A current story on Slashdot asks about what Wikis are used for (other than WikiPedia type reference sites) and specifically mentions TWiki. Would be good if TWiki users could jump in and comment. Annoyingly, I'm fresh out of mod points or I would have demoted the one suggesting that Wikis are no better than raw CVS or SVN!

-- RichardDonkin - 22 Jan 2006 08:04:38

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Rare look behind the scenes

OTHER Goowiki, aka TWiki on Google Intranet:


-- PeterThoeny - 23 Jan 2006 03:51:28

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Where to put testcases?

BUGS Hello,

I wrote test reports Bugs:Item1379 and Bugs:Item1386. Especially for the last one I created quite a number of pages to expose the problem. I put these testcases in the develop branch's sandbox. Now they have disappeared. Pity! I understand that a sandbox is volatile. But where should I place the testcases so they are more permanent?

Cheers, Daniel.

-- DanielKabs - 21 Feb 2006 17:01:51

Funny, thought there is a TestCases Web on develop.twiki.org.

-- FranzJosefSilli - 21 Feb 2006

Don't be silli smile , I've seen this web before but according to the big fat yellow-black note at the top, it's even more volatile as the Sandbox web on develop.twiki.org: "Any topics you do create that are not checked into subversion may be deleted by anyone, at any time."

-- DanielKabs - 22 Feb 2006

Well, then you need to get SVN access or beg one of the developers to check them in. It's that simple. smile

-- FranzJosefSilli - 22 Feb 2006

Franz, you don't happen to have SVN access, do you? And where would I create the testcase so a developer can check it in easily?

-- DanielKabs - 24 Feb 2006

Daniel, one option is to come hang out some on TWikiIRC. There usually some folks there who have SVN access and can also help with your testcase. Or feel free to contact me directly and I'll be glad to check it in for you. Thanks for making the effort to create a testcase - it's immensely helpful!

-- LynnwoodBrown - 24 Feb 2006

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Book club application


I was asked to create an application to support a book club at our work place. I've uploaded what I put together at BookClub. I'm not sure if anyone pays attention to the Sandbox, and I couldn't think of any other place to announce it ... so I thought I'd just post it here.

Hopefully, people will find it useful and improve upon it. Thanks.

-- PankajPant - 01 May 2006 18:36:43

Thank you Pankaj for contributing this TWikiApplication. Would you consider packaging it as an add-on in the Plugins web?

-- PeterThoeny - 01 May 2006

I will ... once I've figured out how to handle the "request review" feature a little better.

-- PankajPant - 02 May 2006

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Confessions of a Wiki Spammer

DOCS Hi Everyone,

As many of you have no doubt noticed I have been spamming WebChangesForAllWebs with many minor WebForm changes.

This was due to the creation of the new BasicForm category TWikiDevDoc for topics which document how we develop TWiki: processes, meeting minutes, code documentation etc. It is a cousin to TWikiDevQuestion topics which from now on may become TWikiDevDoc topics once they have been answered/resolved so please try to pick a name for TWikiDevQuestion topics that is suitable for both.

I have changed many topics previously categorised as AdminTopic to TWikiDevDoc and all the remaining AdminTopic topics are now mostly topics that help organize content, WebForm related topics, templates and such like, or topics about twiki.org/Codev maintenance (all the boring stuff).

I will probably be doing more reclassifying over the coming weeks so (after some prompting) I have set my edits to Minor changes, don't notify by default. They will still show up in WebChangesForAllWebs but you can view http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/changes/Codev to see Codev changes without minor edits.

(ops, better edit this with minor edits off, so that people see it :) )

-- SamHasler - 04 May 2006 01:37:01

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Comedy Club

OTHER Share something funny. Here's my contribution, I was reading the fixed bugs list for the latest version of TWiki and saw this: funnytwikifix.jpg Very funny stuff. big grin

-- AmandaSmith - 17 May 2006 17:02:39

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OTHER I am having a vacation till 14 Aug. Destination: Terschelling.

-- ArthurClemens - 26 Jul 2006 %TIME%

  • Enjoy your vacation! Never heared of Terschelling (sounded like a remote island in the Pacific Ocean, but it's in Holland) -- PeterThoeny - 26 Jul 2006 - 13:02
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Shameless Plug

OTHER I recently got my old thetabase.net TWiki back up under the new domain name POST logger. It aims to be a fun little local community portal for several friends of mine centered around our home town of Nevada, MO. Interesting/unique topics might include "The Turn About Game" and the Entertainment section in general. I do hope some of you will find time to drop in, check it out and say hey!

-- TravisBarker - 28 Oct 2006 %TIME%

  • That sounds good, Travi, but actually all those pages are blank. -- AntonAylward - 30 Oct 2006 - 04:48
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change broadcast msg

DOCS ((/me waves hello everybody, old friends and new))

A simple change to the broadcast message of the TWiki Release webs would make updating the docs a tad easier:

      * Set EXAMPLE_BROADCASTMESSAGE = <table border="0" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tr><td bgcolor="#FFFF33"><font color="red"><strong>NOTE:</strong></font><font size="-1">
        This web contains the official documentation of the *[[Codev.TWikiRelease04x01x00][TWiki Release 4.1.0]]*, code named Codev.EdinburghRelease. It is a read-only web for reference. Please update documentation at [[TWiki.%TOPIC%][TWiki.%TOPIC%]]. -- Main.PeterThoeny - 20 Jan 2007

only change is to last sentence, "Please update documentation at [[TWiki.%TOPIC%[TWiki.%TOPIC%]]."

[Later] oh, I see the preferences-in-verbatim-block-not-being-ignored bug is still around. smile

-- MattWilkie - 30 Mar 2007 %TIME%

Matt - the preferences-in-verbatim-block-not-being-ignored bug has turned out to be a "feature". Maybe a weird one, but one that makes life easier. Without that it would be impossible to write shortcuts like in TwistyMadeEasy without wreaking havoc to the preferences page (Peter tried to do this - see the comments section).

While writing this I notice that only "The TwistyPlugin Way" currently works on twiki.org. Since TwistyPlugin is now enabled per default in TWiki, maybe that topic needs a refactoring....

-- HaraldJoerg - 30 Mar 2007

Welcome back Matt! Thanks for the suggestion, I updated the broadcast message accordingly.

-- PeterThoeny - 30 Mar 2007

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