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Technology and heart

TWiki Heart

TWiki is about technology, but at the same time also about collaboration and human interaction. The TWiki robot represents both, technology and feeling/heart.

TWiki Heart Awards

Many TWikiCommunity members help advance TWiki to be a better product. This is done collaboratively using TWiki. To name a few activities, some bring ideas, some contribute design and code, some edit pages to make them better for all, some improve the docs. Others help improve the process. Best of all, it's driven by motivatation.

We all know that contributions are respected and appreciated at TWiki.org, but sometimes that is not enough. As a way to recognize extra effort you can give an award to anyone you feel helps advance the TWiki project. Simply edit the table, add the name and some comments on why you feel the person deserves a TWiki heart.

TWiki Heart awarded to Activities
SeanCMorgan For helping out TWiki users and administrators in the Support forum. Thank you Sean! -- PeterThoeny - 2009-10-01
EnriqueCadalso For answering over 50 support questions in the Support web. Thank you for supporting the TWiki community and open source TWiki project! -- PeterThoeny - 05 Feb 2009
GilmarSantosJr For driving PerformancePerformancePerformance. Let's hope he'll be successful. -- FranzJosefGigler - 24 Sep 2008
RafaelAlvarez For taking the initiative and making CleaningCodev and TWikiJanitor a reality. Your work gave me the confidence to propose the TWikiOrgWebsiteFacilitatorTaskTeam. -- SvenDowideit - 11 Sep 2008
• I'll strength that! Congratulatios for this great job! -- GilmarSantosJr - 11 Sep 2008
• Great and unselfishness work Rafael, this is team spirit! Greatly appreciated! -- PeterThoeny - 12 Oct 2008
AdamHyde and FLOSS manuals For that outstanding presentation at the TWiki summit 2008 and your inspiring work on FLOSS manuals. -- StephaneLenclud - 09 Sep 2008
KennethLavrsen and Motorola For hosting the recent TWiki Summit. The location was great, facilities were superb, the food excellent, and the company inspiring! -- CrawfordCurrie - 08 Sep 2008 I'll second that! -- CarloSchulz - 08 Sep 2008 Me too wink -- StephaneLenclud - 09 Sep 2008
PeterThoeny and his "gang" Peter and the team at TWiki.net has worked hard getting the new TWiki.org server running. It now runs better than it ever has before. Thank you for the work and for getting the sponsorship of the servers arranged -- KennethLavrsen - 03 Sep 2008
SvenDowideit For having fixed so many bugs the weeks up to the 4.2.1 release. -- KennethLavrsen - 01 Aug 2008 I'll second that. Great work, Kenneth and Sven! -- CrawfordCurrie - 01 Aug 2008
GilmarSantosJr For making TWikiStandAlone a reality. Thank you very much Gilmar for selflessly supporting the community. -- PeterThoeny - 22 Jul 2008
CarloSchulz For helping the TWiki-Community on a weak spot. Carlo is leveraging the usability-experience of all community-members and let's us profit from his valuable expertise. Great! -- MartinSeibert - 24 May 2008
VickiBrown For initiating TWikiTwitters and for her tender loving care on blogs and newsletters. Thank you! -- PeterThoeny - 22 May 2008
SeanCMorgan For supporting the TWiki users by answering many question in the Support web. Thank you for helping out open source! -- PeterThoeny - 12 May 2008
SvenDowideit For taking the task to be the co-release manager and take care that we had a solid build environment, and working hard on the beta and RC releases. TWiki 4.2.0 is the hardest release we ever did and I am happy I was not alone getting this shipped out to our customers. Thanks Sven. We make a good team. -- KennethLavrsen - 22 Jan 2008
KennethLavrsen For the initiative on GuideLinesLinkingThirdPartyDistributions and GuideLinesSponsorPresenceOnTWikiDotOrg, which brings the TWikiCommunity back together! -- PeterThoeny - 21 Jan 2008
MichaelDaum You do not need to browse the Plugins web for a long time to meet Michael's name. Today he added his contribution number 30. A round large TWiki Heart for a round large number. Thanks Michael. -- KennethLavrsen - 15 Nov 2007
SvenDowideit Major kudos to Sven for (1) developing the user management code in 4.2 and (2) taking the initiative to automate the running of the testcases, and mailing the results. These are both significant under the hood efforts that help advance TWiki enormously, but are largely unsung because they are - when they are done right - invisible to users. Much appreciated, Sven, your efforts have not gone unnoticed! -- CrawfordCurrie - 07 Sep 2007
CrawfordCurrie For taking the initiative to create automatic run of the TestCases web test cases as part of the unit test case run. This is a huge step towards higher code quality. It enables people to make test cases in the TestCases web (which is much easier than making real unit tests) and have them run automatically which is essential to making it feasible to run tests before every checkin of new code. Great great initiative. Thank you. -- KennethLavrsen - 29 May 2007
ArthurClemens For taking ownership of several feature proposals that would otherwise have been left behind, investing considerable hours of work. For keeping our main face to the customer (the PatternSkin) attractive and seeking best user friendliness. And for great team spirit on the project. -- KennethLavrsen - 07 May 2007
Here Here! I'm not saying much recently on twiki.org, but I do keep up with the changes. I also noticed Arthur's recent step forward to take ownership of a number of great feature proposals. And the collaborative team spirit is always noticed & appreciated. Thanks AC !! -- KeithHelfrich
KennethLavrsen For taking the initiative to back-port to 5.6.1, and following up with regular testing. Every 5.6 user out there owes Kenneth a huge vote of thanks! -- CrawfordCurrie - 14 Apr 2007
MichaelDaum & MarcosDella For performance tuning the twiki.org server. As it turned out, the Solaris system has not been tuned for web server use, and has not been rebooted for almost two years. Marcos applied security and OS patches, and fine tuned the server for best web server performance. Micha reconfigured and tuned Apache for better maintainability and performance. Result: Much better response time, resulting in a better first time experience for evaluators; the server load during day time in the USA dropped from 8-12 to 1-3 in average. Thank you Marcos and Micha! -- PeterThoeny - 24 Feb 2007
KennethLavrsen For making TWiki 4.1 a successful release, thanks to his (as is seems like) endless energy in his TWikiReleaseManagerRole. A true leader for an open source community! -- PeterThoeny - 26 Jan 2007
SteveStark For giving TWiki users helpful advise in the Support web. This is open source spirit! -- PeterThoeny - 06 Dec 2006
HaraldJoerg For driving the BenchmarkFramework, and for his professional attitude in the open source community. -- PeterThoeny - 06 Dec 2006
ThomasWeigert For updating all his plugins to be compatible with TWiki 4.0, and for his hands-on, speedy, friendly and professional engagement with the community (as seen for example in the 06 Dec 2006 post in EditTablerowPluginDev.) -- PeterThoeny - 06 Dec 2006
ArthurClemens For his tremendous effort in making TWiki 4.1 a stable and useful platform, and for making headway in the TWikiAjaxFramework. -- PeterThoeny - 06 Dec 2006
KennethLavrsen For all developers who have watched TWiki development since Dakar, this TWikiHeart must be more than obvious. Kenneth brought TWiki towards a customer oriented course many times, offered a real life server for beta testing of Dakar, was the champion of many unpleasant jobs which needed to be done, and since the release of 4.0 did enough great work for more than one award.
-- HaraldJoerg - 16 Oct 2006
-- PeterThoeny - 16 Oct 2006 (second this; I could not have said it better!)
MeredithLesly For the effort and accomplishment in pulling TWiki in ways that really needed addressing, such as TWiki Fns/Tags; for working out on the far reaches of DEVELOP and then bringing back that functionality into reach of TWiki-4. -- MartinCleaver - 12 Jul 2006
CrawfordCurrie For continuing to spend too much time improving TWiki. For fixing an incredible set of challenging bugs I never dared to go near. For consistently demonstrating new ways in TWiki functionality, downloading and installing plugins automatically using configure as a latest example. TWiki wouldn't be the same without CDot! -- SteffenPoulsen - 30 Jun 2006
HaraldJoerg For improving core by nailing down possible perl problems (and more).
-- FranzJosefSilli - 27 Apr 2006
SteffenPoulsen Again! This time for superb work in the Plugins repository; coding fixes to long forgotten plugins, and motivating new contributors! -- CrawfordCurrie - 22 Apr 2006
I second this! Amazing support, and very customer focused! Steffen is a person who supports the TWikiCommunity with actions instead of words. -- PeterThoeny - 23 Apr 2006
SteffenPoulsen for making sure many bugs and usability issues get squashed in time for DakarRelease! -- PeterThoeny - 21 Jan 2006
CrawfordCurrie for taking initiative in resolving the long outstanding RemoveWriteProtectionOfUserHomePages issue in time for the DakarRelease! -- PeterThoeny - 21 Jan 2006
ArthurClemens For his relentless efforts in (1) improving the PatternSkin and making it work on many platforms and browsers, old and new; (2) for recreating all TWikiDocGraphics in a consistent and professional way; and (3) for his professional attitude and work on the new TWikiLogos. -- PeterThoeny - 14 Nov 2005
Dakar dev team lead by CrawfordCurrie For working so hard on a DakarRelease, as seen in the SVN change notifications and Bugs database. This release brings a lot of professionalism to the TWiki project: Test cases, automated build, internationalization framework and more. Lets go for the last mile, we are almost there. -- PeterThoeny - 11 Oct 2005
ThomasWeigert For making so many useful Plugins available to the growing TWikiCommunity. The Plugin Tsar contributed in the last few weeks alone ControlsPlugin, EditTablerowPlugin, GenerateSearchPlugin, MultiEditPlugin, ThreadedDiscussionPlugin, EditContrib and took the ownership of the important SectionalEditPlugin. -- PeterThoeny - 22 Mar 2005
LynnwoodBrown For his work in getting the WebLog in BlogginInTWiki to work, and also for the integration with JustBlogIt. Nice smile -- MartinCleaver - 21 Mar 2005
AntonAylward For a really constructive approach to testing DevelopBranch. Anton put his site on the line, and has been steadily ironing away the wrinkles in the authentication and new registration process. Anton, you're a star! -- CrawfordCurrie
CrawfordCurrie For initiating the new development model and for driving the DevelopBranch. This scales better and is more TWikiCommunity friendly. -- PeterThoeny - 02 Nov 2004
RichardDonkin For his relentless efforts and success at internationalisation, TWiki's appeal is far broader for this.
-- MartinCleaver - 26 Oct 2004
CrawfordCurrie For being a driving force this summer: cudgeling semi-willing coders into coding, testers into testing, bug reporters into reporting, and getting down and dirty (trying to) locate the poor performance blocks within twiki. -- MattWilkie - 24 Sep 2004
MattWilkie And another one, for RelockingRCSFiles. It may not work in all circumstances, but it saved my life last week! -- CrawfordCurrie - 19 Sep 2004
ArthurClemens for his tireless efforts on PatternSkin, which has sailed the standard TWiki installation into the 21st century and which surely sets a new baseline for new skins to start from. -- MartinCleaver - 06 Sep 2004
MartinGregory for his contribution of UpgradeTWiki, which surely will make people feel more like upgrading and also provide a means for those .rej files to get contributed back into the next version -- MartinCleaver - 06 Sep 2004
*Seconded!* -- MattWilkie - 23 Sep 2004
WalterMundt for his work on [Patches Unfinished Ready Accepted] which provides a clearer path for non-core team members to contribute, optimising preferences handling, and last but certainly not least moving twiki alpha development to Subversion -- MattWilkie - 30 May 2004
SvenDowideit for pouring reams of energy into bringing contributed patches into the core, great technical support on issues off his chosen path (and with code he wasn't fond of to boot), and the new rdiff options -- MattWilkie - 30 May 2004
PeterThoeny for instigating the TWikiHeart scheme, for Empowering the community with more permissions -- MartinCleaver - 16 May 2004
CrawfordCurrie for his work in pushing a testing framework and the PluginsConformanceReport -- MartinCleaver - 16 May 2004
SamHasler for bringing the CairoRelease progress bars into the green smile -- PeterThoeny - 02 May 2004
MattWilkie for years of contributing to the docs, maturing TWiki, and just generally for helping out others (both users and developers) in any way you can -- WillNorris - 24 Mar 2004


The TWiki Heart is based on the MeatBall:BarnStar idea. They give the award in the user's home page. User home pages are not visited that often at TWiki.org, hence collecting the awards here in this topic.

-- PeterThoeny - 02 May 2004

I do really believe that recognising people's effort is an important initiative.

-- MartinCleaver - 16 May 2004

The TwikiRobot logo rests in peace, but lives on here with the TWiki Heart Awards.

-- PeterThoeny - 12 Oct 2005

I have a feeling that we are under-utilizing this forum to recognize work TWikiCommunity member are donating to the community driven TWiki project. Anyone can give an award to anyone! smile

-- PeterThoeny - 26 Jan 2007

I like the idea behind TWikiHeart also. I am very proud of what my colleagues make out of TWiki. And I thank you all for making this possible with this convincing piece of software!

-- MartinSeibert - 18 May 2008

I reversed the order of entries in above table. Better to show newer ones on top.

-- PeterThoeny - 05 Feb 2009

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