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Making the HobbesSkin CSS compliant

The HobbesSkin beta needs to comply to CSS 2.0 and HTML 4.01 in order to render well in most browsers. This topic is the workbench for this goal.

For starters, here is the compliant source. It's not split into actual template files yet in order to keep it simple while developing. You can see that everything in the .HTM uses CSS and no tables, and I'm making an effort to stay compliant. The overall goal is to achieve a layout that is essentially identical to the beta release 20040616. The CSS naming also needs some more work; all the labels should be renamed to follow the twiki-wide templating standard described at CssClassNames.

-- TorbenGB - 07 Oct 2004

HTML work

CSS work


This list is a collection of wishes that have been collected during the development of the HobbesSkin beta versions. The implemented wishes have been moved to http://g-b.dk/Main/WishList#Fulfilled_wishes. (Now that I'm publishing this here on twiki.org, I'm really glad I wrote it all in English in the first place.)

  1. (all): All the good suggestions that came in on the TWiki:Plugins/HobbesSkinDev page!
  2. (view): TWiki:Plugins/HobbesSkinDev mentions an updated menuscript.js to be installed!
  3. (edit): TWiki:Codev/KupuForTWiki !
    • Replaces: Template (edit): I'll try to improve the editing toolbar so that it not only works in IE5+ but also in Mozilla.
    • At the moment, this skin looks fine in IE5+ but barely acceptable in Mozilla. Maybe I should work on that before I work on the toolbar...
  4. (all): Use CSS as described in TWiki:TWiki.TWikiSkins#Using_Cascading_Style_Sheets.
  5. (edit): The toolbar's Variables dropdown menu should include a %STARTINCLUDE% that, when selected, adds a %STARTINCLUDE% + a blank line + %STOPINCLUDE% to the text. This is sooo cumbersome to type each time.
  6. (view): The more>> menu is offset down and right; it should appear directly under the more>> word.
  7. (view): The icons home edit attach print should be the same graphical style.
  8. (edit): I want to be able to save by pressing Ctrl+Enter, just like sending an email. (This will be a Javascript feature.)
  9. (edit): Add a short formatting help like the TWiki:Plugins.SimpleSkin does in this image above the text area.
    • JanGB comments: Just make sure to improve it - I thought "Colours and Icons was meant to be related to bullets (because I imagined the same colon as after the bold text above). (24 Jun 2004)
    • Actually, look at these pages in edit mode with the ?skin=twiki in the URL and you'll see what it will be like; this is the TWiki default skin. Comments are welcome. [ TorbenGB 24 Jun 2004]
  10. (edit): I need access keys!! - ALT+S for save, ALT+E for edit, etc. See TWiki:Codev.AccessKeys. [ MartinCleaver ]
    • Just for the record: access keys are perfectly valid HTML for form buttons and other elements. [ JanGB ]
    • Sure it is, and that's why we want it %NDASH% we just want to align the actual keys with the TWiki standard. [Main.TorbenGB]
  11. (view): Put the TWikiForms below the content rather than above it. Check the cell alignment of the form table, it appears to be right-aligned? [ TorbenGB 14 Nov 2003, 30 Jun 2004 ]
  12. (edit): Include the preview template even though it is not used. If users want it, they can enable it without having to create it from scratch.
  13. (view): The top bar has a hyperlinked web name, but the ALT text for it is always Go to Main.WebHome. The web name should be a variable.
    • JanGB says: No, it says "Go to the start page" (not very clear either, IMHO). (24 Jun 2004)
    • Updated. Better? [ TorbenGB 24 Jun 2004]

  • How about block selectors in the menu? That is, some menu items (eg. "Recent Changes") get wrapped around on two lines, and the space between them is not hyperlinked. If this was changed to a block tag like on the gbdk sidebar, that'd be grand. -- JanGB - 14 Jul 2003
    • Great idea, let me see what I can do. In the present case, this is only a problem if you're using Mozilla because Mozilla renders the WebMenu much wider. Weird CSS going on here, but remember that the skin is still in beta. [ TorbenGB 15 Jul 2003 ]
  • How about including a link to ChangePassword from the TWikiUsers page and the individual Users pages? I'll have somebody look into this. [ TorbenGB 15 Jul 2003 ]
    • DONE About changing passwords, both changing and resetting seems to be broken (I've tried Mozilla v1.4 Release and IE from Win2000). I get an empty page with an URL that says something like "template=oopswrongpassword", but no page is displayed. This is also true with the "reset password page" that is supposed to show a hashed password -- I get an URL with "{sha}jhflks...", but no page content. Ho-hum. I wonder if I can even submit this edit.
      • In fact, the pages work fine but the skin doesn't (it's still in beta). If you put &skin=twiki at the end of the URL and hit Enter, then you see the page as it should look, just with a different skin. [ TorbenGB 15 Jul 2003 ]

  • Header and paragraph spacing ... keep the leading blank line but remove the trailing blank line that surrounds them. This way titles appear associated with the following paragraphs, instead of floating smack in the middle between the paragraphs above and below. I don't know how Twiki renders, but this ought to be possible to align to CSS behaviour, no? -- JanGB - 31 Jul 2003
    • I know you like this. It's simply a matter of setting the .css file of the website accordingly - or your local .css file if you want to override it. [ TorbenGB 31 Jul 2003 ]

  • How can I make manual line breaks in bulleted lists? It bugs me that a < br > breaks the bulleting, outdenting the text after the break. -- JanGB - 31 Jul 2003
    • It's not the BR that breaks the numbering, it's the line feeds you enter.
      If you simply write it in the same line, it works fine. See this comment for a demo. [ TorbenGB 31 Jul 2003 ]

  • It seems that with IE there is a toolbar above the edit box; I haven't seen this in Mozilla. How come? -- JanGB - 31 Jul 2003
    • I didn't invent the toolbar, I just added it. Check out the source code and see if you can work it out. I agree it would be nice. That's also on the wish list. [ TorbenGB 31 Jul 2003 ]

  • In the "Print preview" view, it would be very nice to have a separate "URL listing" for any inline links on the page (underlined words on a piece of paper are not very useful...). It would be very elegant if the link underlining could be replaced by footnotes, and then specifying the URL listing in a document/page footnote section.
    • Good idea. InternetExplorer has a feature in the Print menu to print table of links after the content, for exactly this purpose. I don't know which other browsers do something similar. This feature should probably be suggested to the TWiki community in general; I'll pass it on when I get time. [ TorbenGB 18 Feb 2004 ]

  • It is rather annoying not to be able to see the RecentChanges page due to some obscure read restriction that's based on the content of the moment. As a workaround, I have to navigate to the WebChanges page in all subwebs separately, which I find frightfully bothersome.
    What triggers this view restriction, anyway -- is it because Twiki won't even show me the link to a restricted page? It would be preferable if the page could just omit restricted pages in the listing, but list all the unrestricted pages.
    • Apparently, for better or for worse, this is a deeply rooted feature of Twiki. No change possible [ JanGB 20 Feb 2004 ]

  • When viewing a Diff the only way back is the browser Back button. Intentional, or should there be a "Back to normal view" button in the Diffview´s header bar? [ JanGB - 03 Jun 2004 ]
    • That's because if you want to go back, use the back button... the diff view looks like this because it doesn't (yet) use the HobbesSkin and instead defaults to the built-in TWiki skin which has a different layout of things. [ TorbenGB - 03 Jun 2004 ]
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