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Archive of FindElsewherePluginDev

I like the concept but I would prefer that the visual display not change. Basically if someone does not give a full path (ie. using topicname instead of otherweb.topicname) of a WikiTopic with the dot notation, I want this package to do it automatically but I dont want to see the dotted notation (ie. the text viewed on my browswer should still say topicname, but it should link to otherweb.topicname when I click on it).

Maybe this is something that should be configurable.

-- JohnCavanaugh - 16 Feb 2002

I simply love the concept, and the implementation as described. This must be bliss when having lots of newbie users, like we have. Can't wait to put in on our site to see it in action. John, I think it's a benefit that the format is otherweb.topicname because then users are forewarned that the link will take them away from the current web - something that can be very important.

-- TorbenGB - 09 May 2002

I implemented John's idea of a configurable flag to determine whether it should display the full Main.WebHome or just Main. I posted the diffs right here, I hope it's the right place.

-- MarcoCarnut - 15 May 2002

Great plugin (our TWiki has N webs and FindElsewherePlugin managing all of them)

But slight disadvantage which I'd really like to find a solution for: When we run 'ref-by' or do a topic-rename (and associated automatic link updating) links which make use of the FindElsewherePlugin feature are not displayed/updated. Should be easy to fix but maybe not in the context of the current plugin API. Anyone know? Maybe I'm wrong?

Upshot: I'd like to see FindElsewherePlugin in the core, and configurable out of the box.

-- GordonAllan - 10 Jul 2002

Here is another tweak of the FindElsewherePlugin:

  • Instead of Main.WebHome it displays the reference to the subject in the other web as a superscript like:
  • It searches all available webs for definitions of the topic and generates a complete list of references like:

I have attached the source of this tweak as FindElsewherePluginSuperscript.zip to this page. Maybe somebody finds it useful.

-- PeterHErnst - 25 Sep 2002

I like this plugin a lot and hope it'll get included in core in next version of TWiki.

Regarding superscript feature, the idea is great, I would just prefer another slightly different behavior: When there's only one web matching, display it as Main not using superscript and use superscript only when there are alternatives.

-- GaelMarziou - 02 Dec 2002

Two bugs I've found:

  • This doesn't seem to look elsewhere for the first line of text in a topic
  • ABBRV links don't get checked for (this seems to be a very good use for the plugin, keeping ACRONYMs in the Know web)

-- MikeMaurer - 30 Jan 2003

Hey MikeBarton, this is a great plugin. However I was a bit disappointed as I tried to use it for the first time. Here's what my grand expectations were.

On HurdWiki:TWiki/HurdGnuFansOrg we used to have only one web called Hurd. Then we created more webs and moved topics from Hurd to the Mach and Distrib webs. My dilemma is that people are still linking to the old pages. An example is HurdWiki:Hurd/PortToL4 which was moved to HurdWiki:Mach/PortToL4. I like very much the functionality that is performed at render time. However I was also hoping that your plugin would also help me by modifying the 404 oops page to link to alternative topics as well when URLs are tried. I guess this just means modifying the oops page with a link to the $topic, not too hard to do for ourselves.

Anyway, if this could easily be added in this plugin, it would be wonderful. If it belongs as a modification somewhere else, let me know where.

Keep up the good work,

-- GrantBow - 30 Jan 2003

Here's a patch for systems running WebNameAsWikiName.

If the $theTopic is a reference to a the name of otherWeb, we point at otherWeb.WebHome

-- MartinCleaver - 25 May 2003

See also DanglingLinksNeedPlacementGuide

-- MartinCleaver - 09 June 2003

i'm working on an extended version of SaneAsylum:Plugins.FindElsewherePlugin ( you can see the work in progress at SaneAsylum:Sandbox/TestTopicFindElsewherePlugin ) which uses a cached copy of another twiki's WebTopicList, and will link to a SisterSite if a WikiWord doesn't have a topic in the current web (or the webs listed in this plugin's settings).

-- WillNorris - 28 Nov 2003

Hi Mike, Are you maintaining FindElsewherePlugin? Would you mind if I put it twikiplugins CVS?

I'm not offering to take over maintenance as I don't have the necessary skills. I am willing to check in patches that other people contribute though.

-- MattWilkie - 29 Jan 2004

Matt, No, I'm not doing any TWiki work these days. We do have an installation at our company, but I'm being "just a user" at this time.

You're welcome to check it into cvs. You're also welcome to make a note on the plugin's wiki page to indicate it's not being maintained.

The plugin is very simple... probably quite out of date now.

Thanks for asking,

-- MikeBarton - 29 Jan 2004 (via email to matt)

I've put the plugin and the submitted patches into twikiplugins cvs. The versions are as follows:

rev author what
1.1 MikeBarton initial version
1.2 MarcoCarnut added configurable Webname prefix (e.g. Main.WebHome
1.3 PeterHErnst show webname as super script (e.g. Main(Main)) and regex optimisations (/o)
1.4 MartinCleaver update to handle WebNameAsWikiName
1.5 MattWilkie added acknowledgements and copyright statements, removed some cruft, removed regex /o as it may cause probs with ModPerl

Note: a maintainer is still desired. I don't know what I'm doing. I'm just pushing pretty buttons!

-- MattWilkie - 12 Feb 2004

The version of this plugin in CVS is not consistent with the released version. Please either update CVS or remove the "Developer Version in CVS" flag from the plugin topic.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 18 Mar 2004

I don't get it. I thought that's what CVS was for, the developing-maybe-not-working version while the file attached to the main plugin topic is for best-known-working copy?

-- MattWilkie - 18 Mar 2004

Matt, if your CVS is ahead of the release, I have no argument - just ignore me! I added the remark above as a result of an analysis of the plugins repository versus released versions; I probably saw the differences but didn't register that the repository version was more recent (most plugins are 6-8 months behind the release, which is what I was trying to highlight.). I'll try and improve my search script.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 19 Mar 2004

I tested the release package on 1 sep 2004 (Cairo) and it works just fine.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 10 Oct 2004

Is it considered a feature, that [[bracket links]] are not handled by this plugin?

Is the switch to turn on/off the Web.PrefixDisplay not yet implemented or just not documented?

-- PeterKlausner - 08 Nov 2004

Sorry for overlate response Peter: first Q, I don't know. Second Q: was only in the cvs version , I've now updated the zip attachment to match cvs.

Idea for an update, should anyone wish to code it: add an option to display a small icon or colour swatch instead of the superscript text (with a tooltip displaying the text). I'm thinking of something like the MediaWiki's icon indicating an external hyperlink.

-- MattWilkie - 11 Feb 2005

Idea for an update, should anyone wish to code it: add an option to display a small icon or colour swatch instead of the superscript text (with a tooltip displaying the text). I'm thinking of something like the MediaWiki's icon indicating an external hyperlink.

  • I like the superscript way, indicating all webs with hits. If you'll provide an icon and a HTML-fragment to be used I wouldn't mind making it configurable, though(?). -- SteffenPoulsen - 03 Apr 2005

-- MattWilkie - 11 Feb 2005

I made some changes to the Plugin topic text: Changed TWiki to %TWIKIWEB% and Main to %MAINWEB% so that doc in installations with renamed system webs works as expected; changed SHORTDESCRIPTION; changed some links to Interwiki links to avoid broken links in an installed Plugin; some formatting in Plugin Info table. I have not changed LOOKELSEWHERE to %TWIKIWEB%, %MAINWEB% since I do not know if the Plugin can handle that.

Matt or whoever maintains this Plugin, could you take this into the next release?

-- PeterThoeny - 03 Apr 2005

I guess it's me and Matt that has the maintainer caps for now :-). I have updated the documentation and put up a new version, thanks for input (much nicer with the TWiki: style links for persons, for a long time I wondered why these "broken links" with personal homepages were in the plugins I downloaded .. "I must be doing something wrong ..").

The plugin doesn't support the %TWIKIWEB%, %MAINWEB% notation, it just uses the input it gets from &TWiki::Func::getPreferencesValue("FINDELSEWHEREPLUGIN_LOOKELSEWHERE") directly.

I wonder, what would be the easiest way to parse the two variables so we could support the syntax? Perhaps there is a getPreferencesValue() that parses internal TWiki variables up front?

-- SteffenPoulsen - 03 Apr 2005

Steffen, it doesn't really make sense for me to sit in the middle. Maybe you should become a twiki plugin developer yourself? (ReadmeFirst, Developer's section) I don't mind being a patch monkey, but it slows the process down if you have to wait for me all the time.

-- MattWilkie - 04 Apr 2005

You're right, Matt. I have asked PeterThoeny if he'll add me to SF twikiplugins project. But many thanks for the help sofar smile

I had some comments going in production with v1.4 - v1.5 has the following changes:

  • For single hits, a more discrete syntax is used. We had lots of pages with acronyms, and as they were all suddenly defined, topics were bluttered with "disturbing" links (in the WikiWord(Dictionary) style. New style is more discrete.
  • Matching was too aggressive in v1.4. v1.5 now leaves linktext in [[WikiWord][long links with ACRONYMS or WikiWords]] alone (OK, it was a bug, I said it! :-)).

-- SteffenPoulsen - 04 Apr 2005

Welcome to the cvs-club Steffen! Thanks for bringing this plugin up to date and rejuvenating it.

-- MattWilkie - 05 Apr 2005

Pleasure is all mine, it's a great plugin! I'm having some trouble getting the darn thing stabilized though, but I'm getting there (I hope) :-). Next I'd like to alter the loop so it won't interfere with i.e. * Set ACRONYM = value styles and perhaps HTML comments in <!-- this style -->. But it's not a "must have" - critical pages can leave the plugin disabled for now smile

-- SteffenPoulsen - 05 Apr 2005

updated .zip to not include a top-level FindElsewherePlugin directory

-- WillNorris - 17 Apr 2005

I'm getting warnings:

FindElsewherePlugin.pm: Scalar value @topicLinks[0] better written as $topicLinks[0] at lib/TWiki/Plugins/FindElsewherePlugin.pm line 250.

It's on the next line (251) too. The fix is self-evident.

-- AdamSpiers - 24 Jun 2005

Hi, on my installation the link style:

[[WikiWord][Link to WikiWord]]
...does not check if WikiWord exists in another web. I.e.: one still has to write:
[[TWiki.WikiWord][Link to WikiWord]]
Is there a reason for this? fixing the warnings mentioned by AdamSpiers doesn't sovle things...

-- JosMaccabiani - 29 Aug 2005

Jos, I see your point. I guess the idea is, that if you're able to intentionally mark up your wiki word, then you're also capable of linking to it's intended location directly (the thinking is: If you're using this style, then it's probably your intention to make a local copy of a page, even though the word is defined elsewhere).

I believe it's no major fix to implement the link style - I'm just in doubt whether it is going to confuse the rules for the automatic linking more than nescessary.

Anyway, your comment is one vote in favor of adding the style smile

-- SteffenPoulsen - 29 Aug 2005

Minor bug in the version of the plugin as of r6868, makeTopicLink() at line 108 has a minor bug, the second $_[0] should be $_[1], it's making links where the text is the web it found the topic in, not the name of the topic.

-- EricSchwertfeger - 10 Oct 2005

SVN is not up to date on this plugin, please use the one from FindElsewherePlugin instead. I hope to have SVN commit access soon, I will update the plugin then.

-- SteffenPoulsen - 11 Oct 2005

I just installed this plugin and it really is great. Makes me wonder why it isn't part of a core installation...

Anyway, I use TWikiForms a lot and would like to be able to use TWikiForm values which are WikiWords in a different web without having to prefix them with the web name (it gives very long values).

It all works fine except that the WikiWords are not linked when the form is displayed. This is because it only looks for words preceeded by \s or (. Adding a | to the regex in startRenderingHandler makes it work.

-- JensMadsen - 09 Dec 2005

you're right, i agree that it should be part of the core installation

-- WillNorris - 12 Dec 2005

I've got another small problem with the plugin. I use values in my twiki forms which are twiki words. Some of these values exist in more webs than one. The plugin then lists each web the topic exists in as expected, but it does so twice.

This means I get something liket this: CustomerVRG(Customers,UKTechsup,UKScanning)(Customers,UKTechsup,UKScanning)

for a topic which exists in the three webs Customers, UKTechsup and UKScanning.

The doubling of the links does not happen when the word is not in a form.

-- JensMadsen - 13 Feb 2006

I was looking for a discussion of pluralization, couldn't find it, so created GeneralizingFindElsewhereAndPluralHandling

-- AndyGlew - 28 Mar 2006

I had trouble getting this to work with the new 4.0.2 release, so I made some changes that seem to work. I don't know enough perl to be confident enough to put this up as a new zip file, so I hope someone else can take a look and sanity check.

Basically, I replaced references to %regex with %TWiki::regex. One of the regexes was apparently removed in the new version, so I copied the implementation from the old version and put it locally in the method. I also fixed a warning about referring to a scalar with @ notation by using $ notation.

-- ScottHunter - 06 Apr 2006

Already Cairo had an official API call to get the regexes: TWiki::Func::getRegularExpression() It is better to use this API call instead of using globals directly. Please consider upgrading this Plugin so that it runs on Cairo and Dakar codebase. HandlingCairoDakarPluginDifferences has more.

-- PeterThoeny - 06 Apr 2006

Peter, thanks for the advice. I've modified this plugin to use the function you suggested. Being as I am a total novice at contributing plugins, how best should I contribute my fixes? I can make a new zip and attach it to the topic, but there's also something about CVS/SVN. Any further advice would be appreciated.

-- ScottHunter - 07 Apr 2006

Thanks Scott, your support is very much appreciated by the TWikiCommunity. This plugin has a PleaseFeelFreeToModify policy, so it is OK to simply upload the new zip file to the Plugin topic.

If you want you can also get SVN access and checkin the latest code. See ReadmeFirst and PluginsInSubversion.

-- PeterThoeny - 07 Apr 2006

Thanks again for the advice. I've attached the new version of the zip file to FindElsewherePlugin. Anyone who has SVN access already can feel free to submit it there also on my behalf.

-- ScottHunter - 07 Apr 2006

Thanks Scott. Could you please also update the Plugin topic? The topic text (Plugin Info table) in the zip file and the FindElsewherePlugin topic has not been updated with your changes.

-- PeterThoeny - 09 Apr 2006

Apologies, Peter. Can you tell I'm new at this? I've updated the topic and included that version of the txt in the zip file.

-- ScottHunter - 10 Apr 2006

Thanks for updating this, Scott! Keep hanging in there smile

I have committed your latest version to SVN.

-- SteffenPoulsen - 10 Apr 2006

Steffen - I found a minor problem where I had neglected to quote a string properly which was causing warnings when running mailnotify. I've updated the zip file, if you could submit that to SVN I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

-- ScottHunter - 10 Apr 2006

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