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FirefoxExtensionAddOnDev Discussion: Page for developer collaboration, enhancement requests, patches and improved versions on FirefoxExtensionAddOn contributed by the TWikiCommunity.
• Please let us know what you think of this extension.
• For support, check the existing questions, or ask a new support question in the Support web!
• Please report bugs below

Feedback and Discussion on FirefoxExtensionAddOn

-- DavidBright - 10 Nov 2004



Please add your detailed comments, bug reports, suggestions, requests, proposals to make changes yourself, and other feedback/collaboration below.

If you want to do a formal appraisal, there is a form(!) for this purpose at FirefoxExtensionAddOnAppraisal. Please only use the appraisal form to give general opinions on the extension. Detailed criticisms belong below. If you put them on the appraisal form, they are liable to get overlooked!

The latest version is 2.0.5

The documentation for version 1.0 has been left in place, because the bug reports, etc, are relevant to changes made in the latest version.

Bleeding edge versions NEW

Bleeding edge versions (beta, alpha, or even pre-alpha) of this editor may sometimes be made available on this page, if the delay between proper versions has become too embarrassingly long. I have just added a beta version of the next release to the bottom of the page. It seems to work fine, and in fact I am using it to edit this page. The only reason that it is not a proper release, is that the code is too messy and full of dead wood, so I need to clean it up a bit before making it official. However, since the code has hardly changed in 6 months, I thought I ought to make the extension available now, in case another 6 months goes by before I get time to clean it up and document it properly. The new version has lots of additions and bug fixes, but you'll have to try it to find out what they are!

To install the beta version, just click on the link to the xpi file, at the bottom of this page. Download the file to your local disk, then open it.

note.gif The beta version has a silly version number of 0.0.1, if you look at it in the Firefox extensions manager. This is so that it doesn't mess up the automatic update mechanism. The real version number appears in a prominent place on one of the menus.

-- NigelGreen - 13 Feb 2006

Notes on rolling your own private version of this editor


The following question was asked by SzokeAdam:

It will be nice if the Extension could be use the TIP Special Caracters TIP of https://wiki.sch.bme.hu/bin/view/TWiki/MathModeExamples If it is possible please contact me at my mail! Regards from Hungary.

PICK The answer tells how to make a private, site-specific version of this editor. It is relevant to anyone who might want to make local modifications to the Special Characters menu for any purpose (not just maths), and it is also relevant to anyone who would like to translate the editor menus into another language.


If I understand correctly how your site works, you want the extension to insert LaTeX markup code, which MathModePlugin will turn into PNG images of mathematical formulae. There is no problem getting the editor to write LaTeX expressions, as they just use the ordinary ASCII character set. It is more difficult to make a suitable description appear in the Special Characters menu. E.g. you can make the editor insert the string "\int" to get an integral sign, but how do you make an integral sign appear in the menu? There are at least 3 possibilities:
  1. Use the LaTeX string in the menu. This would not be very user-friendly.
  2. Use icons in the menu. You could use the PNG images created by MathModePlugin (perhaps after shrinking them with an image editor like the Gimp), or you could draw new icons with an icon editor, or you could try to find suitable icons on the WWW.
  3. Use Unicode characters.
I think the 3rd option is probably the best.

I don't have time to do this, and you can probably do it much better. So I will briefly describe how to Do It Yourself.

  1. Unzip FirefoxExtensionAddOn.xpi, as described here.
  2. Find twikiOverlay.xul, and edit it using an ordinary text editor.
  3. Rezip FirefoxExtensionAddOn.xpi, open it with Firefox, and install it.
You now have your own special version of the TWiki editor extension.

Edit twikiOverlay.xul as follows:

  1. Find this string: <menu label="u">
  2. Find the next string like this: </menu>
  3. Duplicate the block between these strings.
  4. Use the duplicated block as a template for a new "Maths" submenu of the Special Characters menu.
  5. Do steps 1-4 twice: once for the toolbar menu, and once for the context menu.

Here is an example of how to edit a menuitem line to make an integral sign:

<menuitem id="context-integral" label="&#8747" oncommand="twiki.insert('\\int');"/>

The number &#8747 is the offset of the integral sign in the Unicode character set.

You can find the offsets of Unicode symbols on the following page: http://www.columbia.edu/kermit/utf8-t1.html (ALERT! very large page!)
e.g the line for the integral sign looks like this: [∫] U+222B &#8747; INTEGRAL
PICK If you paste the '∫' sign into the menuitem, instead of the string '\int', then the editor will insert the '∫' sign into your TWiki page.

Table 2.2 on the following page points to useful pdf files of mathematical symbols: http://www.unicode.org/reports/tr25/#_Toc24

A good general FAQ on Unicode is the following: http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~mgk25/unicode.html

ALERT! Note that the Character Encoding option of Firefox (on the View menu) must be set to Unicode, or you will not see the Unicode characters properly.

I will not tell you how to put icons into the menu. You can easily figure it out by looking at twikiOverlay.xul.

TIP The above method will work for other characters besides mathematical characters. E.g. It could be used to create a Greek alphabet, or a table of currencies.

TIP If you create a good new menu, why not upload it onto this page, so that other people can use it? If it looks generally useful, I could add it to the editor source code for you.

I will also point out that you could change the menus of the editor to be in Hungarian (or any other language), by editing the following files, in the same way as you edit twikiOverlay.xul:
Just replace the English you see on the menus, with your preferred language.

TIP If you create a non-English locale in this way, why not upload it to this page for others to use? Also, I could add it to the editor source code for you. -- NigelGreen - 22 Oct 2005


We are working on https://wiki.sch.bme.hu/bin/view/TWiki/FirefoxExtensionProject, I translated your text into Hungarian, i hope there will have some voluntaries.

-- SzokeAdam - 22 Oct 2005

Version 1.0


An initial version has been uploaded to the FirefoxExtensionAddOn page. It took me much longer to get this working than I expected. Some of that is due to the fact that there were a few firsts for me: I've never done JavaScript code or written a Mozilla/Firefox extension. The major sticking point, though, was that the version of the Wikipedia extension that I started from used command elements to reduce the amount of code embedded in the overlay and also to inherit things like labels for both the toolbar and context menu. Sounds great, but it didn't work at all with my browser (Firefox 1.0). I spent a fair amount of time wondering why every time I clicked the computer just sat there doing nothing.

Anyway, try it out and report back with how you like it. If there is something that doesn't work right, feel free to fix it - the code is in CVS. I already know of some rough edges; I'm sure the community can find more.

-- DavidBright - 11 Nov 2004

Feature requests

  • The "Paragraph" menu is mis-named. This mostly deals with section headings.
  • The "increase/decrease indent" on the Paragraph menu doesn't work. It is left over from the Wikipedia implementation. I don't think TWiki has an equivalent function.
    • there isn't an equivalent TML, but you could use <blockquote> .
  • There should probably be icons for all the choices on the sub menus.
  • The auto-selection of text is not very intelligent. For example, when doing a "promote" operation, if the current selection is a header line, it operates on only that header. If there is no selection, it operates on the whole textarea. This might make sense, unless you are currently positioned on a header line. In that case, the user probably intends to promote/demote just that line.
  • Character formatting needs more intelligence to make sure that there is space or punctuation before and after the format codes. Otherwise, you might insert *bold*_italic_ when you meant bold italic
  • The templates menu is not very useful. It should either be made useful or deleted.
  • The special characters menu is currently disabled. When enabled, it looks like it inserts Unicode characters into the text area (so you actually see the Euro symbol, not just an HTML entity). I'd like to have more feedback on whether this is going to mess up TWiki before it is turned on.
  • The list menu can only deal with first level lists and cannot handle numeric lists using anything other than arabic numerals.
  • The table dialog could get much smarter by implementing support for additional attributes supported by the TablePlugin. There is only a half-attempt to show that now; most of the dialog is left over from the Wikipedia extension.
  • Similarly, the image dialog could be improved. It would be nice if it was smart enough to handle TWiki attachments in an easy manner.
  • Preformatted and verbatim insertion could be smarter about new lines.
  • I'm sure there are other things. Add to the list. Even better, implement the improvements!

-- DavidBright - 11 Nov 2004

WOW. Great work David!

-- MartinCleaver - 11 Nov 2004

A thought or two on how I think things should work. Before I spend time implementing, I thought I'd put these forth as a proposal and see what others think.

"Doing the right thing" with the selection

Word based markup (character formatting)

Some markup, like bold and italic, is word based. The markers have to be on word boundaries or it doesn't work. For instance, b*ol*d doesn't produce the word "bold" with the letters "o" and "l" rendered in bold. So, for these kinds of markup, I would propose that any existing selection be extended to the next word boundaries and then the markup applied. For example, say the following selection is made (I'll use ^ to mark the bounds of the selection):

   This is a li^ne with bo^ld text.
The selection should be extended to include the full words that contain the end points and then the markup applied, so the result would be:
   This is a *line with bold* text.
rendered as:

This is a line with bold text.

Similarly, when there is no selection, but the insertion point is within a word (or probably immediately preceding or following one), then it should be assumed that the user intends to apply the markup to that word. For example, clicking on the "Bold" button in all the following cases (where ^ represents the insertion point) would produce the same result, to place the word "bold" in bold face:

  1. This is a line with ^bold text.
  2. This is a line with bo^ld text.
  3. This is a line with bold^ text.
The marked up results of all three would be:
   This is a line with *bold* text.

So, the only time that the dialog requesting text to be placed in bold face would pop up is when the insertion point is surrounded by whitespace. Some cases to think further about:

  • The selection is contains only whitespace (probably want the dialog to pop up and replace the whitespace selection with the text input, ensuring surrounding whitespace).
  • Multi-line selection. This kind of markup only works within a single line. Trying to bold face each line would make future edits error prone. One option would be to reject the attempt. Another would be to use HTML markup. A third would be to introduce new WikiSyntax to handle multi-line character formatting.

Markup to which this section applies: Bold, Italic, Bold Italic, Fixed, Bold Fixed

Line based markup

Still to come...

-- DavidBright - 12 Nov 2004

I just implement a small idea with extension. Occasionally I want to copy a topic name from some page, but usually it is a link. When I try to double click and select the text, the browser navigates to the page.

My solution is to added "Copy Link Text" to the context menu on links. This copies the link's label text rather than the URL it is pointing to. Try it out from KaoruMaeda#CopyLinkText. You can incorporate this into your extension.

-- KaoruMaeda - 12 Nov 2004

Wow, what a great extension! Thanks David!

The outline for 'doing the right thing' with selections looks good to me.

One small bug: the Option to only show the twiki toolbar when 'edit' is in the URL doesn't work. The toolbar is on all the time.

-- MattWilkie - 12 Nov 2004

Installed with Firefox 1.0, it works fine !! To be more explicit, I have also some annoyances :

  • The Special characters choice doesn't work : the link and pulldown menu are not reachable, staying in light gray.
  • The TWiki option "only if URL contains" doesn't seem to work : nothing changed when selected.
  • The background colors don't appear in Table but I may be wrong ?
  • I don't try the insert image feature

An attached MS Word simple file works well but I didn't try directory delimiters Susan reported below. (Firefox is cool and very useful with RSS live-bookmarks).

-- BenoitFauvel - 13 - 14 Nov 2004

Wow! This is great. Thanks for the work. So far all seems to work well, although same bug as Matt has noted above - but very minor issue. The special characters doesn't seem to do anything - am I missing something?

On the Firefox front I've been having a problem with attaching files in Firefox. It places strange characters into the file path in place of the directory delimiters and then returns a "document contains no data" error message. Has anyone else had this problem? Other than that Firefox is fast becoming my browser of choice.

-- SusanLocke - 14 Nov 2004

D'oh - sorry David - just saw the note in the Features Requests section above that explains why special characters is not working.

-- SusanLocke - 15 Nov 2004

Nice extension - I really like Firefox and use it exclusively at home. Re the special characters feature - it wouldn't break TWiki to insert these &#1234; type strings, aka Numeric Character References or NCRs. They actually reference the Unicode character set, even if the browser is in some other character set.

However, because these NCRs are quite illegible, it's best not to encourage their use. So I would remove this feature, unless you can somehow sense the current browser character set and use characters from within that set only - e.g. if you are using ISO-8859-15 or EUC-JP for Japanese, it's much better to paste in characters using those character sets.

See InternationalisationEnhancements for more background and links on TWiki I18N.

-- RichardDonkin - 15 Nov 2004

This is actually about another Firefox extention, one geared for developers. If you install Firefox and follow _T_ools -> _E_xtentions you can visit the page to download more extentions. Just out of itnerest I picked "Web Developer" and installed it.

It installs a new menu bar. One of the options is "Validation". It lets you make use of the on-line validation tools at W3.org. I ran this on TWiki ... and there were errors.

See for yourself: http://validator.w3.org/check?verbose=1&uri=http%3A//twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/TWiki/WebHome

It looks like these are errors in the template.

-- AntonAylward - 17 Nov 2004

I changed the "Install" link in the "Usage" section to be a link to an anchor at "Add-On Installation Instructions", so that users get a chance to read the blurb in that section before they actually install. I also took out the reference to the Mozilla browser, because the install for Mozilla is currently broken (needs an install.jar, like the Wikipedia model).

-- NigelGreen - 03 Jul 2005

I work for a construction company and the user base isn't the most adaptable to technology. However we are growing and have a need for a twiki in the office. One of the harder things to introduce is the Twiki markup. I've been looking at many WYSIWYG options and in page editors, but the conversion and accuracy is nothing compared to this plugin. This is by far the best solution that I have found yet. I hope to add a button for the standard icons.

Thank you for this plugin. -Jeff

-- JeffPelton - 09 Jul 2005

Version 2.0

-- NigelGreen - 09 Jul 2005

Introduction to 2.0

I must apologise for dropping this new version of the extension into place, without previously discussing it on this page, as recommended in the site guidelines. This is because I had already developed it for private use at a client site. However, I don't think that the changes are likely to be controversial. smile I have fixed most of the bugs mentioned in the discussion of version 1.0, as well as some others, and added some completely new features. I have jumped the version number to 2.0 because I think the extent of the changes justifies it.

What's new in 2.0

The following changes have been made:

  • Compressed toolbar by shortening or renaming captions, and rearranging them under icons. This allows room for new menus, and for insertion of standard Firefox buttons (Cut, Copy, Paste,...).
  • Renamed Templates menu to Insert, added icons and Twiki variables.
  • Added Fancy list function to List menu to format lists nested up to 6 levels, with different sorts of numbering.
  • Fixed list Remove function to handle all the above types.
  • Renamed Paragraph menu to Heading, added Fancy heading function to format up to 6 levels. Can do multiple headings simultaneously (useful for skeleton documentation).
  • Removed indentation functions from Heading menu, as they didn't work.
  • Reused indent icons to make functions to change the indentation of list elements.
  • Made new Links menu.
  • Moved Forced link to Links menu, and added option to create the link text as a heading.
  • Added an Anchor function to Links menu, with option to create the link text as a heading.
  • Added Make WikiWord function to Links menu. Not sure if this will be useful, it's a shot in the dark.
  • Added colours to Format menu.
  • Fixed various formatting functions (Bold, Italic, etc) to work across line endings and multiple paragraphs.
  • Enabled special characters menu, as it is harmless. (The decision as to whether these characters are readable enough is left to the user.)
  • Added toolbar tips.
  • Half-fixed problem that toolbar and context menu don't auto-hide properly. They will now hide or appear when they are supposed to, except that one has to right click to trigger the change.
  • Added various new icons, and rearranged menu items and separators.
  • Partly fixed keyboard shortcuts. Menu items in the toolbar can be selected with alt-{letter}, in the usual way, and items on the menus can then be selected by their initial letters. This works fine on Linux, but is partly broken on Windows 2000.

Known Bugs in 2.0

Some of these bugs are new, some are old, but not yet noted by anyone else:

  • Auto-hiding of toolbar and context menu still not quite right.
  • Keyboard shortcuts in general are still in a horrible mess. Shortcuts for Format, Links, and Special Characters are broken on Windows 2000.
  • Context menu shows rubbish keyboard shortcuts for List, etc.
  • Table creation function doesn't insert final "|" on each line.
  • Table creation function doesn't allow TablePlugin options, even when TablePlugin function is installed.
  • Image insertion doesn't do anything with the thumbnail options.
  • Mozilla install doesn't work (probably also affects early versions of Firefox).
  • Install throws "missing item" errors (only visible when Firefox has been started from a command window).
  • "Brackets" items in special chars menu don't work properly.

Future Directions from 2.0

I am planning do more work on this extension, unless anyone else really, really wants to do it (in which case, please contact me to stop anyone wasting time on duplicating work).

Stuff I intend to do in future updates

Unless some one else does it first, of course... smile

Like the changes made in version 2.0, the following list is partly based on the discussion of version 1.0, above.

  • Code cleaning.
  • More menu rearrangements.
  • Fancy Heading and Fancy List should remove any existing heading/list formatting before applying new formatting.
  • Non-list Indent functions, based on <blockquote>.
  • More and better icons.
  • Enhanced colour formatting.
  • Enhanced variable insertion.
  • Enhanced icon insertion.
  • Finish fixing the function which hides tool bar & context menu.
  • A basic Help function.
  • Standard editing functions - Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalise, Find/Replace, etc
  • More intelligence about selecting whole words and lines - see DavidBright's proposals for Version 1.0.
  • Basic Table function editing, independent of TablePlugin
  • Fix short cuts.
  • Look into KaoruMaeda's proposal for incorporating a "Copy Link Text" function.

Stuff I might do in future updates

  • Auto-update notification if simple enough, or if I can hack in someone else's code.
  • Fix up table formatting stuff based on use of TablePlugin, but only if I can hack the relevant code easily out of the Wikpedia editor.
  • Install doesn't work for mozilla suite.
  • Improved Image function.
  • Function/option to create empty (skeleton) lists.

Stuff I don't intend to do

  • Non-US locales (but am willing to help, if anyone wishes to just do the translations).
  • Auto-update notification, if very complicated.
  • Big icons (but am willing to help any volunteers).
  • Additional special chars (but am willing to help any volunteers).

Version 2.0.1 - Bug fix update to 2.0

Version 2.0.1 does not introduce any new features. It is purely an update to fix some of the more obnoxious bugs in 2.0.

  • Removed rubbish keyboard shortcuts from List menu, etc.
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts which were broken on Windows 2000.
  • Greyed out non-functional elements of image pop-up (thumbnails).
  • Greyed out non-functional elements of table pop-up (TablePlugin stuff).
  • Fixed missing trailing "|" in basic table function.
  • Fixed "Quotation Marks" functions in special chars menu, so that they bracket entire blocks, instead of every line in the block.
  • Fixed release number and changed accompanying description (Thanks RickMach).

It turned out that the keyboard shortcuts which were broken in Windows 2000 conflicted with some TWiki shortcuts (e.g. Alt-p), which don't seem to be documented. I have changed the letters which select menus to avoid all conflicts with either Firefox or TWiki shortcuts. This explains the rather eccentric choice of some of the shortcut letters. All menus now work as intended in both Red Hat 9 and Windows 2000, i.e. Alt-{letter} selects a menu, and the first letter of each menu item selects that item.

The elements which have been greyed out from the Image and Table pop-ups seem to be left-overs from Wikipedia. They have been disabled until they can either be replaced with a TWiki equivalent, or dropped altogether.

Basic tables are now created correctly, instead of losing the final column.

I have added an update.rdf file to the FirefoxExtensionAddOn page, in an attempt to fix the broken update function. This is not yet working correctly, for reasons which may be beyond my control. See MimeSupportForFirefoxExtensionUpdates for details.

-- NigelGreen - 23 Jul 2005

Version 2.0.2 - Bug fix update to 2.0

Version 2.0.2 does not introduce any new features. It is a trivial update to allow the extension to be installed on Firefox 1.5.

The current Beta 1 version of Firefox 1.5 seems generally to work OK with the add-on, but it has broken a few things:

  • Keyboard shortcuts for List menu (alt-L) and Insert menu (alt-I) have stopped working, presumably because Firefox is now using them for its own purposes.

There may be more, that's all I've detected so far.

-- NigelGreen - 13 Oct 2005

Version 2.0.3 - Bug fix update to 2.0

Version 2.0.3 does not introduce any new features. It is a minor bug fix to allow the extension to be installed on Mozilla Suite and SeaMonkey.

Mozilla Suite 1.7.8 and SeaMonkey 1.0 alpha seem generally to work OK with the add-on, but it has broken a few things:

  • Keyboard shortcuts for List menu (alt-L) and Insert menu (alt-I) have stopped working, presumably because Mozilla/SeaMonkey is now using them for its own purposes. (Same problem as with Firefox.)

There may be more, that's all I've detected so far.

-- NigelGreen - 28 Oct 2005

Version 2.0.4 - Bug fix update to 2.0 NEW

Version 2.0.4 does not introduce any new features. It is a minor bug fix to allow the extension to be installed on Firefox

It also works with Mozilla Suite and SeaMonkey 1.0.

In addition to the Mozilla/SeaMonkey keyboard shortcuts problem, mentioned in the note on Version 2.0.3, above, these browsers also rearrange the toolbar, making it a little larger than it ought to be, and blur a few icons. Apart from that, the extension seems to work exactly the same as on Firefox.

A beta version of the next release is also available: see here.

-- NigelGreen - 13 Feb 2006

Version 2.0.5 - Bug fix update to 2.0 NEW

Version 2.0.5 does not introduce any new features. It is a minor bug fix to allow the extension to be installed on Firefox 2.0.

It also works with Mozilla Suite and SeaMonkey 1.0.

-- NigelGreen - 31 Oct 2006

Feedback and discussion on 2.0

PICKPICKPICK Please mark bug reports with ALERT!, and mark proposals for new features with TIP. You can make these marks using the Insert menu!

Your turn...

-- NigelGreen - 09 Jul 2005

OK, so call me a liar, it's still my turn. I 'd like to make a few proposals for changing the FirefoxExtensionAddOn web pages.

TIP I think the name Firefox Extension Add-On could be improved. I think people browsing the list of AddOnPackages might easily overlook it, because it isn't instantly clear what it's for. "Extension" and "AddOn" are just technical details, which don't tell you about what it does. So I would propose something like one of these:

  1. Firefox Twiki Editor
  2. Firefox Twiki Editor Toolbar
  3. Firefox Twiki Toolbar

I prefer the first one. I'd be interested to know what other people think. Presumably the final decision would be up to DavidBright, as the editor's owner.

TIP I think it would also be a good idea if someone were to organize a place for the extension on Mozdev, with a link to FirefoxExtensionAddOn. This would give people who could use the editor an extra chance of discovering it.

NOW it's your turn...

-- NigelGreen - 10 Jul 2005

ALERT! I have noticed a minor bug. I had the previous version installed and I installed the new version over it first. I also tried a remove of the extension and a reinstall. In both cases, if you go to Tools->Extensions, the item listed is TWiki Firefox Extension 0.1. This is exactly the same as the previous version. This needs to get updated so people can verify they have the correct version installed (though by the look and functionality it is clear I have V2.0 installed). I am running Firefox 1.04 on Windows 2000.

-- RickMach - 13 Jul 2005

TIP I agree a more descriptive name would be better. I like the Firefox TWiki Editor or Firefox TWiki Editor Toolbar suggestions. I think it is important to have Editor in the name. Now if there are plans are to extend to other browsers then you might consider a name without Firefox.

-- RickMach - 13 Jul 2005

Thanks for the bug report, Rick. I have fixed this in version 2.0.1

-- NigelGreen - 23 Jul 2005

ALERT! The  __NOTOC__ (Omit table of contents) item in the Insert menu seems to be left over from Wikipedia. As far as I can tell, it doesn't have a meaning in TWiki. Unless anyone tells me otherwise, I propose to eliminate it from the menu in the next version.

-- NigelGreen - 23 Jul 2005

TIP The new version persists in displaying the TWiki toolbar, which I think is really annoying. Is it possible to have only the context menu in the edit box, without this toolbar taking up display space?

-- PeterHuisken - 25 Aug 2005

It persists because I haven't actually tried to eliminate it. As I understand it, the editor was always supposed to show or hide the toolbar and context menu simultaneously, and the bug was that it didn't hide either of them. Suppressing the toolbar altogther is a new suggestion. Offhand, I think it should be possible, but it will have to be a new option, as some people (like me) may prefer the toolbar to the context menu. So there should be an option to allow the user to choose toolbar only/context menu only/both togther. I'll put it on the list of things to do.

stargold.gif In the meantime, the new version does at least allow you to get rid of the toolbar when you're not actually editing a TWiki page. Just choose the option to only display the editor when the URL contains the word "edit", then right click when you're not on an edit page, and the editor will disappear until the next time you right click while editing. stargold.gif

-- NigelGreen - 09 Sep 2005

The extension update mechanism now seems to be working, if one tests explicitly for available updates. I would be interested to know if anyone has received an unsolicited notification that a new update is available.

-- NigelGreen - 15 Sep 2005

Version 2.0.2 is now available - see release note above.

-- NigelGreen - 28 Sep 2005

wow, looks good. You've made a lot of changes since I last looked at this. One problem so far: how do you get the "only show toolbar if url contains xxxx to work?" For me it's always on. Nevermind, I finally understood the 'r-click' instructions above.

-- MattWilkie - 29 Sep 2005

Hi, your extension looks like great! We will use it for our TWiki at http://wiki.sch.bme.hu/bin/view/Infoalap/WebHome to write some guidelines for the Subjects.

It will be nice if the Extension could be use the TIP Special Caracters TIP of https://wiki.sch.bme.hu/bin/view/TWiki/MathModeExamples If it is possible please contact me at my mail! Regards from Hungary.

-- SzokeAdam - 13 Oct 2005

I think the answer to this question may interest other people, so I shall reply on this page.

Short answer: I think it is possible, but you will have to do most of the work yourselves.

Long answer: see here

PICK The answer tells how to make a private, site-specific version of this editor. It is relevant to anyone who might want to make local modifications to the Special Characters menu for any purpose (not just maths), and it is also relevant to anyone who would like to translate the editor menus into another language.

-- NigelGreen - 22 Oct 2005

Version 2.0.3 is now available - see release note above.

-- NigelGreen - 28 Oct 2005

I think we need a new version, since 2.0.3 is not compatible with the new Firefox Release frown

-- MichaelSchmidt - 02 Feb 2006

Can install with FF by hacking the install file. Toolbar seems to work, but right click does not - it closes the toolbar and does not provide any plugin menus in the context menu.

-- DarylGordon - 09 Feb 2006

Version 2.0.4 is now available - see release note above. My apologies for the delay.

Daryl, I don't think the editor is broken. I suspect that you have switched on the option to hide the context menu when the URL does not contain the word "edit", and this is misleading you. Try right-clicking when you are editing a Twiki page, i.e. while you are actually changing the text, and see if the context menu reappears. See the note above, which I have marked with gold stars.

-- NigelGreen - 13 Feb 2006

Had a problem with the text I had in the URL matching field. Also works with PortableFirefox no worries.

-- DarylGordon - 16 Mar 2006

TIP I have a need to save a TWiki page, with attachments, and rewrite the links in the page html so the attachments open from saved file when clicked. As I have never written a firefox plugin, and it is still TWiki specific functionality, maybe adding it to this plugin is appropriate. If not, I'll look at making my own some time. Cheers.

-- DarylGordon - 16 Mar 2006

I like this extension very much. Thank you! I'm looking forward to even more useful functions.

-- ShuanLo - 28 Mar 2006

This extension is great!. Thank you very much.

-- ArrieBranders - 25 May 2006

I'm willing to do a translation into German, if you tell me, how to do that. I have already downloaded and unzipped all files and located the "locale"-folder within the distribution. I've created a "de-DE"-folder underneath and copied all files from "en-US" into it. But which file do I need to edit now? There's a lot of them and all seem to hold the same content at first glance. And how do I publish the translation when it's ready? -- JoachimBlum - 19 Jul 2006

I added a SHORTDESCRIPTION to the "Add-On Info" section so that this add-on is represented properly in the AddOnPackage topic and query topics. Please feel free to take this into the next release.

BTW, does this add-on work on TWiki 4? If so, could you fix the "tested on" form field?

-- PeterThoeny - 07 Oct 2006

Thanks for the good Addon.
TIP I call this feature SmartLineBreaks I'm often in the need to paste Emails in to the twiki, because not everyone is using twiki. Main Problem with that: simple line breaks are ignored by twiki, and the text gets messed up, difficult to read. My workaround until now is:

   * Open MSWord
   * replace ^p (Paragraph mark) by <br>^p
   * replace <br>^p<br>^p (originaly 2 line breaks) 
      by ^p^p (for having better readibility in edit mode)

So the feature idea is:

  • Select a text within the text area
  • click on "Smart-Line-Breaks" button
  • The text is modified as indicated before

-- BrunoHeufelder - 25 Oct 2006

  1. Ok maybe I'm just lost and wandering around, but why can't I download this from the Mozilla site as a Firefox add-on? Finding it at the bottom of the page seems like not quite the right place for it to be. I'm pretty sure I would always by default go look on Mozilla for an extension before looking on the TWiki site.
  2. Firefox 2.0 is out now... I bumped the version on a local copy of the XPI so it would install, but that change would be nice sometime

Besides that, as a first time user--this is great.

-- JoshuaJohnston - 26 Oct 2006

I tried to modify the one in subversion but ran into two things:

  1. the one in subversion appears to have a version of 2.0.2 where the latest version is 2.0.4 according to the page - does anyone know where the latest source code is?
  2. if I just modified the version of firefox expected in the intall.rdf and update.rdf files, it installed and worked but none of the icons were there on the toolbar. I know nothing about firefox developement, does anyone know the cause?

If anyone has the latest code or knows how to resolve these issue but does not have svn access, let me know and I can get them submitted.

-- RickMach - 27 Oct 2006

In reply to various comments above:

Peter - yes, the add-on works with TWiki 4. In fact, it can be expected to work with any version of TWiki, as long as TWiki retains the original non-wysiwyg edit mode, because the editor is entirely independent of TWiki internals. All the code is internal to the Firefox browser, and the editor will work on any editable HTML page, though obviously it won't be useful except on a TWiki page. I'll update the "tested on" field.

Bruno - no promises, but I'll look into adding your SmartLineBreaks feature, when/if I get time to do the work.

Joshua - I totally agree, the editor ought to have some sort of home on the Mozilla site, as well as on the TWiki site. I just haven't got around to organising it yet. I was going to change the name of the editor, and also resolve a problem with the Subversion repository at the same time, so this change is not quite straightforward. I have fixed the version number to work with Firefox 2.0, and I'm testing it by using Firefox 2.0 to edit this page. I'll make the new version official very soon.

Rick - the code in Subversion got corrupted during the migration from CVS, that's why I stopped using it. I raised this as a support problem, but it seems that it is not possible to remigrate the code from CVS, so I gave up chasing it. It could be finagled, but I don't see any point in doing so, since the code is all interpreted, rather than compiled. The xpi file contains all the source code, and is versioned by TWiki itself. Using Subversion for this particular add-on is therefore superfluous work. I have fixed the editor to work with Firefox 2.0, and will put the new version in place ASAP.

-- NigelGreen - 30 Oct 2006

Version 2.0.5 is now available - see release note above.

-- NigelGreen - 31 Oct 2006

I got a report by e-mail that the download link in AddOnPackage does not work. Indeed, there is no FirefoxExtensionAddOn.zip file. The AddOnPackage index topic and other query topics link to <name>.zip. Could you package the add-on also as a zip file?

-- PeterThoeny - 09 Nov 2006


-- NigelGreen - 09 Nov 2006

Unfortunately the AddOn does not work with Firefox 3.0!

Error Message: "TWiki Firefox Extension" wird nicht installiert, da es keine sicheren Updates anbietet

I try to translate: TWiki Firefox Extension will not be installed because it doesen't provides secure updates...

-- ManfredPuerro - 05 Aug 2008

A co-worker has updated the AddOn for FF 3.

To get it working:

  1. Type about:config in Firefox
  2. Add a new setting extensions.checkUpdateSecurity and set it to false
  3. Install the XPI FirefoxExtensionAddOn_FF3.xpi

-- VickiBrown - 2009-05-11

Note on highlighting Bug Reports and New Feature Proposals

PICKPICKPICK Please mark bug reports with ALERT!, and mark proposals for new features with TIP. You can make these marks using the Insert menu!

-- NigelGreen - 09 Jul 2005

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Unknown file formatxpi FirefoxExtensionAddOn_FF3.xpi r1 manage 36.6 K 2009-05-11 - 22:18 VickiBrown Modified for FF 3
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