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Old KoalaSkinDev page

This page hold the old contents of the KoalaSkinDev page, for the 1.x version of the KoalaSkin. It is obsolete, please do not edit it anymore

-- ColasNahaboo - 25 Feb 2003

Colas, here are some problems I am having: -- JonReid - 12 Mar 2002

Layout is off when viewed in Netscape Navigator 4.
I suppose this could be a Navigator bug with cascading style sheets.

When creating a new topic using IE on Windows XP, I get the following error:

A Runtime error has occurred.
Do you wish to debug?
Line: 11
Error: 'document.main.text' is null or not an object
The problem does not occur with IE 6 on Windows 2000, so it could be a Javascript bug in the IE that ships with XP.

In a book view search, it's still hard to read the topic names because of the colors.

I am seeing a rather nasty bug where the TEXT metavar is rendering improperly, resulting in topics looking like this: text_render_bug.gif (click to enlarge)

What would cause this problem? I haven't changed the templates, but I'm seeing this.

-- DavidWeller - 12 Mar 2002

You need to apply the ParentSuffix.patch from the PostfixArgToParentMeta topic (item 5 of the install instructions of KoalaSkin)

-- ColasNahaboo - (clarification explicited here on 16 Jun 2002)

Just another follow-up to the bg I just reported... it appears the META{"parent" prefix="
<table border=0 ... } tag is NOT working for me. That means that I haven't installed a patch (although the ThisWebNameMultiple and PostfixArgToParentMeta patches are definitely installed). I also modified the bin/view file to add the $viewMeta variable, but that seems to have no effect. I'm open for suggestions.

While I'm on this subject... it seems to me that the templates from the KoalaSkin are NOT XHTML compliant. In particular, there is a colossal number of places there TR and TD elements are not closed. I originally thought this was the culprit, but noticed that the meta tag was causing a LOT of headaches.

So... has anybody else seen the META("parent"... problem? If not, it's something wrong on my end. However, I really think the XHTML compliance thing should be done. I thought that was a "universally agreed to" stipulation about plugins and skins (and before anybody think's I'm "holier than thou", please bear in mind I haven't verified if my plugins are XHTML compliant either smile ).

-- DavidWeller - 12 Mar 2002

v1.8 12 Mar 2002

  • To Jon:
    • Netscape4: actually, it is the table rendering in netscape 4.x which is really broken. I managed to get only graphic glitches, in that the layout is not very nice, but it still works. Maybe it is possible to get better results, but I didnt succeed. But Netscape is a dead product. Let it rest peacefully in its grave, use Mozilla/NS6, or opera, conqueror, galeon, skipstone...
    • IE6 XP. It worked for creating a Topic in the test web at: http://koala.ilog.fr/wiki/bin/view/Test/WebHome in IE6 on XP.(IE6 US, v6.0.2600.0000, update versions: Q313675 & Q316059
    • book view: are you sure you have the latest version? I thought I fixed this in 1.6 (did you re-run the script to regenertate templates after unpacking?)
    • PS: Set TOPIC to nothing in your TWiki.TWikiPreferences to get rid of the %TOPIC% string...
  • To david:
    • Peter will include the PostfixArgToParentMeta patch in the next release, but with "postfix" replaced by "suffix". I modified KoalaSkin to anticipate on this in v1.7 (see last point on v1.7 notes), but you need to change your lib/TWiki.pm
    • On xhtml: my position is that one should use HTML or full XML + tag definitions in CSS. XHMTL is the worst of both world: like XML, it was not designed to be authored by hand, and it isnt extensible, like HTML. See XhtmlConsideredHarmful. We should keep clear of XHTML for systems authored by hand.

-- ColasNahaboo - 13 Mar 2002

Hi, I am having friends using Netscape 4 that crash their machine (a Mac) on some topics when in KoalaSkin!!!

(anyway, Netscape 4 crashes also on Linux on KoalaSkin)

-- AndreaSterbini - 14 Mar 2002

Well, basically, NS4 crashed very often, especially on sites using authentification like TWiki. I re-checked, but KoalaSkin seems OK on NS4 (only glitch is that items in the navigation bar and title are centered instead of left-justified)

-- ColasNahaboo - 14 Mar 2002

Perhaps some templates are not generated? (e.g. oopsnoweb.koala.tmpl ?)

v1.9 18 Mar 2002

-- AndreaSterbini - 26 Mar 2002

This skin looks really good, and I'm going to install it locally as soon as I get a chance.

I also wanted to note that all three(?) required patches for KoalaSkin are now in TWikiAlphaRelease: ThisWebNameMultiple, PostfixArgToParentMeta and RefreshEditPage (latter has some rather obscure cases that should be handled but will probably not affect anyone). However, the latest TWikiAlphaRelease is not quite stable yet, so you may be better off using separate patches on top of Dec 2001 code for now - of course, you are very welcome to grab the alpha and help to test it!

For anyone using IE and concerned with usability - have a look at InternetExplorer for the simple setup required to use the JavascriptBasedEditor (part of Dec 2001 code).

-- RichardDonkin - 26 Mar 2002

I agree the JavascriptBasedEditor is very cool, we have been using it internally for several months. However, it doesnt really fit well with other skins. Ie. The way it is implemented makes it a mutually exclusive decision on whether or not you use iejs or koala (for example). Granted you can go in and tweak things such that you create something like koalaiejs, but thats really ugly. Internally I think we need a better way to do conditional rendering in skins. That way people turn on or off things like iejs while at the same time still using their favorite skin.

-- JohnCavanaugh - 26 Mar 2002

Well, as I am using Opera or Mozilla under linux, I havent really be impressed by the JavascriptBasedEditor smile

-- ColasNahaboo - 27 Mar 2002

v1.10 28 Mar 2002

Some quick thoughts.

KoalaSkin, as implimented at http://koala.ilog.fr/wiki looks really good. I look forward to adopting all or part of this when I go back to work in June. However there is one factor which bothers me: there are pages which "fall outside" of the layout/navigation scheme. For example Koala.WebIndex is a member of the Koala parent web, however by looking at the top navigation bars it looks as if it should be a member of one of the subwebs (Projects, Batik, etc.). Without study, I find myself confused about the heirarchy.

I'm not sure what the fix is. Maybe the title of parent web pages should appear in a row above the sub webs? Or the second row, containing the subwebs, should disappear when viewing pages which belong to the parent web?

Or better yet, there should be no parent web pages at all. Instead each super web would contain an admin/meta/home subweb to house these pages.

-- MattWilkie - 04 Apr 2002

You are right, this is a design issue tough to handle properly. We toyed with a design with empty superwebs at first, but very soon people wanted to put info (topics) in it also. My personnal opinion is that there is no "optimal" user interface design per se: the best design is something where users will feel at ease, and users are accustomed to other web sites. By looking at some well-known web sites (amazon...), we found out that most used "super webs", with some content in them.

The solution could be for me to add in the engine some kind of "aliasing" so clicking on a superweb tab would redirect you to the admin/meta/home subweb. I was going to provide this kind of redirection for inter-wiki navigation (we will have webs shared beween different TWikis here at work). This way you could choose the best paradigm at will...

-- ColasNahaboo - 09 Apr 2002

I'm currently installing KoalaSkin on a hosted domain and am having some troubles. Some still remain and I'll address them shortly. However, first I want to ask why the "plugin" components of KoalaSkin are installed under the pub directory rather than the lib directory as with other plugins. This difference caused me a lot of problems with installation on the hosted domain (due to my inability to directly chown off & on "nobody" ownership). As a general suggestion for the ongoing development of KoalaSkin, I would encourage following the convention of keeping plugin components in the lib directory.

The problem I'm still having seems to have to do with the DIR variable (see KoalaInstallProblem). Once I figure out exactly how the DIR, data, and templates variables work (particularly to accomodate hosted installations), I'll be glad to add some clarification in the documentation.

As I mentioned in an comment I posted a few weeks back on KoalaSkin, I think that this type of skin is definitely the future for TWiki. Besides the enhanced usability, the sub-webs address a need I have and I'm really excited about getting it up and running. Thanks for the great work on this TWiki enhancement!

-- LynnwoodBrown - 09 Apr 2002

Ah, what is in pub is the things that must be gettable as URLs (images). This is mandatory, as for security reasons the lib/ dir must not be readable world-wide.

DIR and al are variables to hold local filesystem paths of the twiki install dirs.

I am very interested in your comments. Running the KoalaSkin in an hosted environnement is not something I had planned for, I'd glad to see what could be changed to help you.

PS: one of the drawbacks of using the KoalaSkin is that you wish it was installed standard on twiki.org (especially the direct save wink

-- ColasNahaboo - 11 Apr 2002

v 1.11 11 Apr 2002

Just installed it on one of my servers.

The skin is completely blue... I think it is because I don't have the compilers installed. I'll ask my hosting provider.

Looks good though on your site. I agree that TWiki.org could do with a makeover; I am of the opinion that TWiki.org really ought to be a showy showcase. The people where I last worked always complained until I replaced the look and feel.

-- MartinCleaver - 14 Apr 2002

Yes, the script bin/koalaskin-generate uses cc to compile 2 C programs to convert between RGB and HSV (something I wasnt ready to code in bash :-). you could:

  1. run the script on a local (unix or windows+cygwin) mirror, then upload the generated files to your hosting provider (the script is not needed at runtime)
  2. upload the compiled programs (/tmp/rgb2hsvhex and /tmp/hsv2rgbhex to your hosting provider, but I advise 1. smile

-- ColasNahaboo - 17 Apr 2002

I'm kind of stuck with the same problem DavidWeller - 12 Mar 2002 reported.

Traced it down to the point that apparently the construct

in view.koala.tmpl is not appended, i.e. the sequence does not show up in Topics but it works for Webs - any idea what could be wrong?

-- PeterH - 26 Apr 2002

It works for me now if I change suffix into postfix in view.koala.tmpl

-- PeterH - 26 Apr 2002

Same as david. You need to apply the ParentSuffix.patch from the PostfixArgToParentMeta topic (item 5 of the install instructions of KoalaSkin)

-- ColasNahaboo - 26 Apr 2002

*Feedback for Koala Skin Version 1.11*

RE: the left hand 'Topics' menu

Any particular reason "index" links to WebTopics while "topics" links to WebIndex? : )

RE: Usability

The titles of boxes, e.g. Search, Topics and Action, should not look the same as the websbar items. The websbar items are links while the box titles are not. Without using the mouse it's not possible to tell which is which.

RE: Main

Some people rename Main to Users or Home (see RenameMainWebToHome) because it makes more logical sense. KoalaSkin doesn't like this very much.

  • The "Main" web is hardcoded in some places. It should be using %MAINWEB% (which is set in TWiki.cfg).

RE: templates

There are 19 koala files in the main templates directory. Each group and web contains near duplicates of these same 19 files. Wouldn't it be more efficient, and easier to update, to use a variable for the changed items and use only one set of files?

RE: empty groups webs (as per my comment from a few weeks ago)

I discovered this can be fairly easily accomplished by: In the parent web:

  1. delete all topics except WebPreferences and WebHome
  2. in templates/Parentweb/ edit view.koala.tmpl and delete the table encompassing "### Global Topics ###" (lines 74 thru 99 for me)
  3. replace the contents of WebHome with the portion of the sitemap table relevant to this parent and child web grouping

Determined users could still create topics in the parent web, but the process is made difficult enough to make it unlikely. (Yes I know I could just make the web editable only by admin users)

-- MattWilkie - 13 May 2002

Problem with HTML tag "blockqote" and Koala Skin r1.6 with Netscape 4.72 and 4.78:

The contents of topics containing "blockquote" ... "/blockquote" is displayed with a large margin on the left side.

Examples (but only when shown with Koala Skin): ManagingTopics or

<blockquote> some text </blockquote>

For topics containing lines with about 600 characters and

<blockquote> some text </blockquote>
Netscape 4.78 doesn't display any topic text at all. With Netscape 4.72, the same topic causes a bus error.

IE has no problems with that topic. Using TWiki without Koala Skin, Netscape also has no problem with that topic.

-- IngoPhleps - 17 May 2002

Appendix to the "blockquote" problem:

My first analyze of the reason for the Netscape crashes was misleading:

But this doesn't change the fact that it is a Netscape problem.

Because Netscape 4.7x is a standard in our company, I would like to modify my local KoalaSkin code to replace the HTML blockquote tag by a tag for a paragraph with modified background color.

Please could You give me a hint where would be the best place in the KoalaSkin code to do this modification?

Thanks a lot for Your help!

  • See my answer blow near the 05 Jun 2002 "aera" of the thread - Colas.
-- IngoPhleps - 05 Jun 2002

I had a problem with renaming a topic that had references in multiple webs. It thought everything was in the Main web (where the renamed topic lived.) Seems that the problem was there were lots of references to %WEB% in searchrenameview.koala.tmpl that needed to be quoted %<WEB>% to get the right rename behavior. (I was renaming my user topic, which had lots of referers in different webs.)

-- MikeSalisbury - 23 May 2002

Reply to IngoPhleps 17 May post: Ok this is a Netscape 4.x bug. opera/IE/mozilla... have no problem. I tried to find a workaround but couldnt. I guess it is one more nail in netscape 4.x coffin... If somebody find a solution, I would gladly incorporate it.

I made a test page with the bug at http://koala.ilog.fr/wiki/bin/view/Test/TestTopic6

-- ColasNahaboo - 24 May 2002

Reply to MattWilkie 13 May post:

  • the left hand 'Topics' menu: This is just historical. WebIndex and WebTopics are the names used in TWiki distribution, but for more people, "index" means a terser list, so I changed. I guess the proper way should be also to rename the web pages themselves. In practice, people never paid attention to the title of the page, just to the contents.
    I do not see an obvious solution there.
    • To my mind the proper solution is to enter this as a usability bug in Twiki itself, though perhaps a permanent one since it appears a lot of things may rely on the names the way they are.

  • Usability You are right. Altough people never noticed this. Any suggestions for a change? A possibility could be to make title also links:
    • search ==> advanced search
    • topics ==> topics list (maybe sorted by date as it is the most useful view?)
    • action ==> I dont know... A help page? Detailed action page like "more"?

    • I wasn't refering to the names so much as the font style and colours. The titles shouldn't look the same as links.

  • Main Right. I overlooked this I chose to hide Main as a kind of "settings" web, my Wikis "front page" are not in the Main web anymore
    • I will use %MAINWEB% everywhere in next version (1.12)
    • mmm... for me, Main is where the site-dependent info is stored. I definitely do not

think it should be in TWiki or Plugins, as it would be overwritten in each upgrade of TWiki or KoalaSkin. I will make the place of the WebList topic settable in the script.

  • templates This is by design. I think we should minimize the work done when viewing a page. Re-generating the templates happen once a month! and moreover, the script does all the work when updating! This is a kind of compiling information at compile time to avoid re-doing this work each 5 seconds all year long...
    • many near-duplicate files per web is an issue for me on a hosted site where my total available space is limited. Admittedly mine may be a special case and most people should not have this problem. And I assuredly don't plan on regenerating templates once a month. Once every year or two will do {grin}
    • You need to regenerate on each web creation / modification, this happens at regular intervals on an intranet. I checked, the templates amount to 116k per web. As here we are more concerned by CPU use than space taken, we have different needs, but it should be possible to factorise more, I agree. However, I think I should resort to symbolic links in some cases. Can you use them?
    • Not unless there is a way to create them with command-line ftp. Or, create them locally (I use Cygwin) and upload as a regular file. This shouldn't be interpreted as a support request -- After studying KoalaSkin for a few days it gave me the courage to try to go all the way with CSS. : ) I'm currently only using a single set of templates. The result is SeeSkin, which should be considered in alpha. -- 28 May 2002
  • empty groups webs good suggestion. I will implement this for 1.12: you will just have to set a flag in the declaration of the web group in the WebList topic to have the generating script does all of this for you
Thanks for your remarks!

you're welcome, -- mw

-- ColasNahaboo - 24 May 2002


  • MattWilkie - 27,28 May 2002 : My responses are inline above.
  • ColasNahaboo - 27 May 2002 : Text in this style

What about rewriting the koalaskin-generate in perl? We are planning to use TWiki on Windows laptops, and I don't want to install more programs than needed. (And I know perl much better than bash). I have also found hsv2rgb functions implemented in perl in the internet. Another idea is to have a "regenerate" button in the WebList page that starts the script as a cgi.

-- StefanScherer - 28 May 2002

Well, I am a bit allergic to perl. I was thinking in recoding it in some cleaner language such as ruby, though. (Having choosen TWiki despite it being in perl shows how much I value the features and the co-development spirit of TWiki smile

Besides, how can one use windows without installing cygwin+XEmacs? (just joking)

On the regenerate button, I considered it, but the UID under which runs the web server whould have to have write permissions on the templates dir, which is not the default, and may induce security issues. I think it should be possible, but would like to really consider all the security implications before this

-- ColasNahaboo - 28 May 2002

I concur with Stefan's want for a regenerate button. I very often don't have access to the command line so having this available via CGI would make a big difference. Besides, isn't there an objective of ImproveTWikiAdministration? (I'm sure there is a better statement of this goal, but after 15 mins of looking for it I give up!)

-- MartinCleaver - 30 May 2002

To Ingo Phleps: (blockquote problems with NS4) By Googling this, I found that a lot of people had problems with BLOCKQUOTEs in tables in NS4, but saw no solution. The best thing in your case is to make the view script "fix" this by replacing the blockquote construct by a table to provide the indentation. See the attached patch: FixForNS4Blockquote.patch

  • version updated on 17 Jun 2002
Of course I would suggest not to apply this for normal situations. The real fix is to upgrade to NS6 or more. Or you can advise people to avoid blockquote and provide macros replacing it, as:
  • Set STARTQUOTE = <table><tr><td>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<td>
  • Set ENDQUOTE = </table>

-- ColasNahaboo - 05 Jun 2002

v1.12 05 Jun 2002

New release done. Changes:
  • 1.12 05 Jun 2002
    • [!] Terser signature patch used, but you must apply the http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Codev/TerserSignature patch to bin/edit
    • empty groups by declaration. Suggestion of Matt Wilkie. Put the word EMPTY at the start of the Web description.
    • cosmetic: attachements table left-aligned in view mode
    • %MAINWEB% everywhere, instead of Main. variable main settable in the script also.
    • Wiki Name syntax is checked on create topic by menu
    • CSS declarations trimmed (and bugfixed) to be smaller. Simple pages went from 50k to 13k.
    • new KSNOICONS variable for the Web List topic
    • non-clickable links are now not white to differentiate them visually from clickable web tabs
Will be done for next version:
  • add proper KoalaSkin look for emailed changes, currently uses the default one
  • menu entry for an external search engine
  • regenerate button (will execute bash, sed, etc... on the web server)

-- ColasNahaboo - 05 Jun 2002

FixForNS4Blockquote.patch updated to v2, contributed by Ingo Phelps to handle blockquote with attributes.
-- ColasNahaboo - 17 Jun 2002

v1.13 18 Jun 2002

New release done. Changes:

(but nothing serious will happen if you dont)

    • A way to re-generate templates from the web added
    • bugfix: the WebList template outputted with -i was buggy (the * EMPTY line was mistaken for a web declaration)
    • bugfix: when previewing a page containing html forms (such as the registration page), save buttons were inoperant Bug found by Samuel Tardieu.
    • bugfix: Internet Explorer rendered badly the sitemaps, workaround for this IE bug.
    • doc: which patches to apply are more explicit
    • announcements of the koalaskin@koalaPLEASENOSPAM.ilog.fr and koalaskin-announce@koalaPLEASENOSPAM.ilog.fr mailing lists

-- ColasNahaboo - 18 Jun 2002

I will be in vacations till 15 Jul 2002, so do not expect feedback on my part on KoalaSkin until then...
-- ColasNahaboo - 20 Jun 2002

I am experiencing a strange problem where the content of some topics ends up in the left hand menu. http://www.mrjc.com/twiki/bin/view/Redbourn/RedbournYouthClub is an example of where this happens. I have upgraded to the latest version. When return, can you please advise?

-- MartinCleaver - 09 Jul 2002

Martin have you applied all patches? I think I had the same problem but I had forgotten to apply the "ParentSuffixPatch" or something. Now everything works for me, check the screenshot in the middle of this topic.

Anyhow, I have another question! How does the Parents box work? In the left side I get this text in the Parents box : "Kontakt.%TOPICPARENT%". It looks a little odd, what is it and how can I fix it so it looks better?

-- ErikMattsson - 10 Jul 2002

Thanks. Very strange; yes, I had already applied it. Any other ideas?

I don't know the answer to your question, BTW.

-- MartinCleaver - 10 Jul 2002

I've implemented AccessKeys in SeeSkin, which uses KoalaSkin's savemulti script. Some editing of savemulti was necessary (beware the newbie!). See the diff attached to the main See Skin topic should you be interested in Access Keys for Koala Skin.

  • Throw this ugly hack out! smile It was a bad idea. I've figured out how to add akeys without having to get messy with scripts. -- MattWilkie - 02 Aug 2002

-- MattWilkie - 11 Jul 2002

Some explanations on how the KoalaSkin-specific scripts savemulti & searchmulti work in SavemultiCgiScript at the request of MartinCleaver

-- ColasNahaboo - 15 Jul 2002

For MartinCleaver problem, the problem seems to lay in the computation of the colors. If you look at the html, you see things in the CSS like:

   .webCell {background: #;}

meaning that the color hex digits were not generated: we should have something like #e0e0c0; instead of #;

These colors are handled by 2 C programs in /tmp: rgb2hsvhex and hsv2rgbhex . When running bin/koalascript-generate, if these do not exists, they are C-compiled from their source imbedded in the script. So:

  • check that these file exist after you run bin/koalascript-generate
  • check that they work OK:
    • /tmp/hsv2rgbhex 123456 should print 564b44
    • /tmp/rgb2hsvhex 123456 should print 94c956
I will include more checks for this in the next version

-- ColasNahaboo - 15 Jul 2002

Thanks, yes, I agree that the colours were screwed, so I've fixed that. However, even after I fix this I still get the problem. It looks like ParentSuffixPatch wasn't applied but it is definitely there.

I'll ask my hosting provider to restart Apache, that might make the difference.

Incidently I've attached linux versions of the two C programs; the machine I was working on didn't have a compiler and I figure they might be useful to someone else. Save them in /tmp and chmod a+rx.

-- MartinCleaver - 16 Jul 2002

On the Parents box : "Kontakt.%TOPICPARENT%" bug:

This is due to a bug of KoalaSkin (introduced in v1.13 I think to fix the problem with topics with html form code embeddd). The parent information is overwritten with %TOPICPARENT% when saving with the bottom save button from the preview view (and only from it, direct save works).

I will fix it in next release asap, in the meantime:

  • pages affected must be repaired by hand frown
    • search for affected page by doing a wiki-search of the string in all webs: %META:TOPICPARENT{name="%TOPICPARENT%"}%
    • do a diff to note what was the previous value of the parent
    • change the parent via the More... link
  • you must avoid using the bottom save button from the preview. You may want to just remove the line
    <input type="submit" value="Save" />
    from the file templates/preview.koala.tmpl, and re-generate the template by bin/koalaskin-generate
Sorry for this! <br/ >-- ColasNahaboo - 19 Jul 2002

I made a shell script to repair the damaged files with the %TOPICPARENT% bug: repair-topicparent (attached) Run this script as an user having write access to wiki data files (root or the apache UID), in the data/ wiki dir holding the Webs pages. If some pages are being edited, they will not be repaired and be signalled as such. Re-run till everything is fixed.
-- ColasNahaboo - 06 Aug 2002

Does this mean that a new release with the bug fixed may be occurring soon and you want people to be able to clean up the pages. Or is this a temporary measure until you can make a new release?

-- JohnRouillard - 07 Aug 2002

the new release is there smile

v1.14 07 Aug 2002

New release done. Changes:
  • [!] bugfix: when saving with the bottom save button from the preview view, parent field was overwritten by garbage with %TOPICPARENT%. You must repair the damage done to some pages, see: http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Plugins/KoalaSkinDev#topicparent You can either:
  • mail template redesigned.
  • Hints for writing KSICON
  • Tests /tmp/hsv2rgbhex & /tmp/rgb2hsvhex before using them
  • new %KSHELP% variable
  • %TMPL:INCLUDES are now expansed at generation time. Much slower at generation, but cuts disks access at runtime.
You are encouraged to upgrade to this release as soon as possible.

-- ColasNahaboo - 07 Aug 2002

v1.15 08 Aug 2002

Minor enhancement. Changes:
  • new option variable KSNOEXPAND for space-tight people, to use the same template/ space as 1.14 and before. (no need to upgrade if you do not need this option)

-- ColasNahaboo - 08 Aug 2002

There's a problem with searchmulti: The generated page has

 <style type="text/css"></style>
followed by the koala CSS, instead of having the css appear between the tags. I've examined the templates but have found no obvious place. ...The same is true for rdiff.

-- JonReid - 08 Aug 2002

v1.16 09 Aug 2002

  • bugfix: CSS was misplaced on some views (search, diff...) (bug introduced in 1.15 found by Jon Reid)
  • bugfix: some garbage could be seen in some views in the parents field on some pages.
  • bugfix: cleaning pass on html to pass W3C validator http://validator.w3.org/ .

Tested: view, diffs, changes. Work remains to do for other scripts (edit), but may imply more fixes to TWiki itself.

You are strongly encouraged to upgrade to this release as soon as possible.

-- ColasNahaboo - 09 Aug 2002

Colas, could you change the templates so they use variable names like %WEBPREFSTOPIC% instead of hard-coding the topic name as WebPreferences? I want to change my TWiki.cfg to use different names for the preset topics.

Also, BookView colors are messed up again.

-- JonReid - 13 Aug 2002

Ok. The sitemap view is also broken apparently (some webs are missing). Expect a new bugfix release soon (hope today).
-- ColasNahaboo - 14 Aug 2002

v1.17 21 Aug 2002

  • [!] add the line to your Site Prefs (TWikiPreferences), to be forward-compatible with the upcoming TWiki release.
    6 spaces * Set EDITBOXSTYLE = width: 99%
  • bugfix: names like WebHome have been replaced by their "meta" name, (e.g.: %HOMETOPIC%)
  • bugfix: sitemaps were broken in 1.16 (bad html comment syntax: -- is forbidden in comments, but browsers didnt mind before...)
  • bugfix: search result pages header colors were broken since 1.14
These are just bugfixes. Everybody should upgrade.

-- ColasNahaboo - 21 Aug 2002

v1.18 23 Aug 2002

  • bugfix: navigation bar was badly generated in some cases
Another bugfix. Please apply (as usual, just untar and re-generate)

-- ColasNahaboo - 23 Aug 2002

Merci Colas, I installed KoalaSkin.

First, I had to install bash on HP-UX, then I found that generate script failed in a sed invokation. As I could not spend too much time on debugging, I just stopped here.

I humbly suggest that KoalaSkin should not require other software than what TWiki requires for itself, bash+sed could be replaced by a perl script.

Anyway, by looking at the Koala templates, I think I would have to spend more time to merge with our own templates, that's another reason why I did not go further.

-- GaelMarziou - 09 Sep 2002

Gael, this type of feedback should go in KoalaSkinDev instead of here. (this was in SaveWithoutPreview) That aside I believe Colas' preferred development tools are other than perl - thus no perl solution. However I am sure he would accept a perl script which is functionally equivalent to the bash+sed solution.

-- MattWilkie - 09 Sep 2002

Yes, The non-perl situation is that I thought that the script would stay minimal, and I am not used enough to perl to be confortable with it. I will switch to perl if I have time to rewrite the script or if somebody does it for me :-). Actually, this may happen as more and more people use KoalaSkin.

For your situation, most probable problem is that HP-UX has some specific sed. Solution would be to install GNU sed and put it at the HEAD in the path. (it should work with solaris sed, but I had no HP to test, and HP and IBM unixes are quite deviant in some places from the traditional or GNU unix variants).

KoalaSkin makes use of bash, sed, and (g)cc.

Out of curiosity, if it is possible, what your templates look like? I would like to check the amount of work needed to make KoalaSkin be able to optionnaly support other looks.

-- ColasNahaboo - 10 Sep 2002

There seem to be a bug in the current version: if you preview, then save, the lock file is not removed. (You can force the remove by re-editing and directly saving). I have no fix yet, but will issue a new version when I find it.

-- ColasNahaboo - 11 Sep 2002

This is a wonderful skin. I are very happy with it, but have some comments based on experience with our users (I first mailed this to Colas directly, who rightly suggested I post here instead.):

  • Create topic needs to be somewhere other than in the Search area. A separate box?
  • Go to topic should also not be in Search, but I'm wondering how useful it is - can it be removed althogether?
  • The Topics box name is unclear - and it has a subentry also called Topics. Should the box be called Links? Detailed Index? Other??
  • I am wondering about the location of the Search and Topics boxes. Having them on the left causes problems for us where we have wide pages. So I'm thinking about moving them to lie along the top of the screen. I'm not saying it should be like that by default, but making it easier to do this kind of change would be good. Other opinions?
  • Top right has Home/Edit/Attach/SiteMap/Help. Users are a little confused here because the 1st, 4th and 5th items refer to the whole site, but the 2nd and 3rd refer to the page itself. Maybe Edit should be moved out from here into the page area itself? Also I think Attach is not so important that it needs to be up here in prime real-estate territory.

Given this, I'm thinking of customising my version of KoalaSkin to have another horizontal bar just below the webs bar that contains Search, EditPage, CreateNewPage and the renamed Topics box, all laid out horizontally. What do others think?

-- MartinWatt - 11 Sep 2002

bugfix: to repair the "preview before save leaves lock" bug, apply the patch to bin/savemulti lockremains.patch. This bug is present with all pre-1.19 versions, but only if you are using mod_perl.
-- ColasNahaboo - 12 Sep 2002

I have installed Dec2002-TWiki, some Plugins and KoalaSkin. Now I want to use the current beta. Is there anybody who has gone this way? The updates with TWiki are not simple and with some extension it will be terrible. Any hints or pointers to good documents about that? Will there be a more automated way in the future?

-- GuentherFischer - 12 Sep 2002

Well, it may amount to some involved work. The solution is to wait for me to publish an updated KoalaSkin once the next stable version is out. It will do it along the lines of what I detailed in UpgradingProcedures .

It may not be so hard, however, as I have taken care not to patch too much into the standard distrib, but providing replacement files/templates.

-- ColasNahaboo - 12 Sep 2002

I'd love to install this skin, except don't have access to Bash, etc. Could I implore someone to modify this so it can be done w/o shell access?

  • An easy way should be for me to provide a "web service": you upload your weblist via a web form, and downlaod a zip of the templates. I will try to make this service available soon - CN
  • CN, Sorry I don't "get" why you can't run your converter on the standard, Production templates, and provide that in your set of files. I thought the concept of a skin was that it say on top of the body, w/o requiring functional changes, no? Granted, you're changing the layout, but so does TigerSkin, w/o running a bash script. -- StewStryker - 05 Nov 2002

-- StewStryker - 13 Sep 2002

Dear Colas, first of all congratulations for the wonderful skin and sorry for the long silence. We are currently using koala for our internal company network, with a huge number of webs (>25), and it is just performing great! I have two issues: 1. In the automatically generated template for WebList, there is the indication that you can create multiple tabs lines: "If no webname, starts a new row of tabs (useful for webs too numerous to fit on a line)". Well: I tried many times but always unsuccessfully. You cannot simply insert (6spaces)*(space), because it will not be interpreted as an empty list item by the twiki shorthand. I tried to leave empty rows between some items of my web-list, I tried to insert "dummy words" (that cause koalaskin-generate to output an error because it does not find the corresponding "dummy web"). This could be a very nice feature, but how can you apply it? 2. I had a look to version 1.18 and it sounds very good. Unfortunately I cannot apply it to our site, because we need the possibility to have hidden webs, meaning webs not inserted in the tabs list, but anyway with the koala template (users access them via links we inserted in the left navigation frame). One of our software developers (as I am not such) made a "fast-and-dirty" modification to the koalaskin-generate script (v.1.13). It is not perfect, because useless pipe symbols are left were no web exist. But, anyway, it works. I successfully patched his modifications to v1.16, but I did not succeed to make the same with version 1.18. I send you koalaskin-generate.agenda: our "patched" v1.16 hoping that this will make more sense to you than me, and maybe this feature can be introduced in the next versions of koala. It works inserting the keyword "HIDE" after the hue indication in the WebList file, like:

    • Webname FF0000 HIDE your comment here.

Here also the problem is that, although these webs actually belong to a group (and therefore the hue is not relevant), you must anyway insert it to have the HIDE properly functioning.

See if the whole make some sense to you and let me know. Otherwise I fear we must stay with version 1.16, because this feature is essential to us.

Tanks a lot

-- FabioSpreafico - 17 Sep 2002

v1.19 18 Sep 2002

New release:
    • Support for Navbar Plugin: See KSNONAVBAR variable To enable Navbar support, install the plugin, and re-generate
    • some macros in templates/ks_boxes.koala.txt to do text boxes in the color scheme of the web
    • bugfix: lock remained when previewing before save with mod_perl
    • new feature: option HIDDEN possible on sub-webs to save navigation bar space. (contributed by Fabio Spreafico and Fabio Wenzel, Biomax)
This is a quick release for offering the bugfix on the lock, and the HIDDEN option, as I had other people than Fabio requesting it. Expect another release next week with features for Martin Watt.

Fabio, please note that this is not your exact patch:

  • The option name is HIDDEN, not HIDE
  • It is settable on subwebs only, not on groups (thus no need to add unused hue)
  • There should be no bug of extraneous vertical bars |

-- ColasNahaboo - 18 Sep 2002

Hi Colas, thanks a lot for the new release. I'll test it asap on our server. Please note a simple correction: maybe I left in the script some false comment, but the author of these patches was actually Wenzel Kalus, and not Fabio Wenzel! Sincerely


-- FabioSpreafico - 19 Sep 2002

While I like the look of koala skin and placing "controls" down the left side of the page, there is a problem when a topic has a parent with a ReallyLongWikiWordName. We have a lot of topics like this due to what seemed like a good idea at the time - we use constructed names like SomeProjectSomeFeatureSomeTaskTask to ensure uniqueness. I had considered trying to change the rendering of the parent topics to include the non-standard but widely (?) supported <wbr> tag between words in a wikiword but this would make it hard to tell which rows were separate topics and which were wrapped. Maybe my only option is to resort to some form of scrollable field (not sure how to do that - html authoring is not my thing). Any other ideas or suggestions? Is this an issue for anyone else?

-- DarrylGreen - 23 Sep 2002

That is an issue. What we could do:

  1. add perl code to cut or font-scale the topic in the %META{"parent" ... expansion. This may be tricky if we want to keep this generic.
  2. For KoalaSkin, go for a "breadcrumbs" approach like SettingParentTopicToNone I will have to add the parents horizontally in the top banner
The 2nd one is my preferred solution. I didnt implement it at first because I was afraid of the visual change between parent-less topics and the ones with parents.

I will try to come up with 2) in the next release.

-- ColasNahaboo - 23 Sep 2002

Great. Thanks for the quick reply!

-- DarrylGreen - 24 Sep 2002

One little UI enhancement would be to have tooltips for the UI. In particular it would be good for the websbar - you could have the web comment (the comment provided in Main.WebList for each web) pop up when you mouse over that tab. So imagine the following is a tab bar for the webs and hover the mouse over each link:


I tried hacking koalascript-generate to pass this info to the group_tab method but my bash skills are not up to it frown

-- MartinWatt - 26 Sep 2002

I have made a separate page, KoalaSkinTodoList, to give a summary of features being considered for the next release, to summarize things as this page keeps going bigger. Thus I can give you better feedback on my advances, and you can check if I missed to note a requested feature.

-- ColasNahaboo - 27 Sep 2002

I created a page KoalaSkinPrettyTabs to ask about different looks for the UI.

-- MartinWatt - 09 Oct 2002

v1.20 11 Dec 2002 - layout changes, CSS

Major new release:

Warning: [!] denotes actions you MUST perform when upgrading from previous version

  • 1.20 11 Dec 2002
    • [!] Apply the patches NoWebHome.patch and NoWebHome2.patch from: TWiki:Codev/SettingParentTopicToNone (it is only cosmetics, will not break if not applied)
    • [!] define the variable %CSS% in the TWikiPreferences to nothing.
    • [!] define the variable %TOPICSTOP% in the TWikiPreferences to nothing.
    • New %CSS% TWiki var to override CSS per web
    • New global Koala Skin KSCSS var to define an additional external style sheet local to the site
    • New layout:
      • left margin is smaller
      • left margin do not depend anymore on web/topic names (long names could ruin the layout before)
      • "breadcrumbs trail" to give the hierarchy at the top instead of the left margin
    • New global variable KSNOMARGIN, and per-web option NOMARGIN to specify a different layout with no left margin for webs having wide contents.
    • New option KSFILEPERMS (= ALL for all users, or unix group name) at Martin request.
    • New options to set position of TWikiForms per web: FORM_LM, FORM_TL, FORM_TR, FORM_BL, FORM_BR, and global variable KSFORM_POS for the default.
    • checkbox labels are clickable, see TWiki:Codev/FormsUseLabelTags
    • New link to directly create a new topic, via new template oopscreate
    • Cleaner layout (skin) for printing.
    • textarea {width: "90%";height: "60%";} removed from style (bug in IE 5)
    • fix: quoting of "%TOPICPARENT%" in savemulti by Esteban Manchado
    • -r option to script to uninstall
-- ColasNahaboo - 11 Dec 2002

v1.21 17 Dec 2002 - tooltips, accesskeys

[!] denotes actions you MUST perform when upgrading from previous version
    • [!] You should apply the Patch TWiki:Codev/ViewUseCssInKoala
    • tooltips to all the tabs and links in view mode
    • bugfix: background color for sitemap was omitted.
    • docfix: TOPICSTOP was not documented
    • script now checks that the needed variables are defined in TWikiPreferences, and issue warnings on missing ones
    • default css for html tags <b> and <i>, and twiki __ constructs are rendered in a colored ink. Note that this is not the case for the twiki * and _ constructs as they are mapped to strong and em tags
    • Access keys supported, on mnemotechnic letters. Disablable via the KSNOACCESS variable
    • favicon.ico supported
-- ColasNahaboo - 17 Dec 2002

I have tried to install the Koala Skin as per the instructions on Win2k with Cygwin and I am experiencing two problems:

  1. koalaskin-generate give the follwing error:
           $ ./koalaskin-generate
           Koala Skin generator, v1.20
           sed: -e expression #2, char 2: Unterminated `s' command
           ERROR: /tmp/rgb2hsvhex incorrectly compiled!

           Looking through the script I did find one occurence of sed -e s'...  
           this looks wrong as I thought the quote should be before the s: sed -e 's...

  1. Some of the variables are not showing up on the screen. This looks like the substitution is not working for koala varaiables. These could be linked, but I just do not know.
-- MartinRoberts - 18 Dec 2002

Mmm... I will have to check on a cygwin distrib. (the s' ou 's is irrelevant, both forms are OK. This is shell quoting, not a string declaration of a programming language). The 2 seems definitely related to the 1, however.

PS: there are some minor bugs (some CSS colors), expect a bugfix release ~ Fri 20 Dec... I will also add accesskey mention in the tooltips.

-- ColasNahaboo - 18 Dec 2002

I checked, 1.20 & 1.21 work with cygwin. I have a fairly recent cygwin version, you may want to upgrade. Your message seems to imply that the compilation of the hsv2rgbhex.exe program may have failed. Try to unzip into your cygwin /tmp the following zip:

  • rgb-hsv.zip: hsv2rgbhex + rgb2hsvhex cygwin binaries intel

To all: I will issue a last small bugfix release (1.22) this year tomorrow (Fri 20), then I will go in vacation.

-- ColasNahaboo - 19 Dec 2002

Colas, I have found the line that is being thrown our by sed and it is line 1114 where I find the following:

      parse_options "$@"
      if [ -n "$do_weblist_template" ]; then weblist_template
      elif [ -n "$do_generate_distrib" ]; then generate_distrib
      elif [ -n "$do_remove_files" ]; then remove_files
1114: else sed -e 's/ /=/g' -e 's/
      //g' $weblist | main

It seems to be the newline character that causes problems. I have changed the file command to 's/\n//g' and things seem to be happening. It now works! Enjoy the Holidays.

-- MartinRoberts - 19 Dec 2002

  • Ah, be careful to decompress via cygwin's tar. Winzip is quite buggy and can corrupt files. -- ColasNahaboo - 19 Dec 2002

IDEA! - It would be good to be able to manage the Webs directly from the TWiki. Woud it be possible to create a new Web and generate the Koala Templates from a form in TWiki?

-- MartinRoberts - 19 Dec 2002

It is possible. Look at To enable generation of templates via the web in the docs. Creating a new web is more tricky. I wouldn't allow it for my users, otherwise I would have now thousands of webs smile

Anyways, I uploaded the script I use to create webs (from the shell): NEW_WEB

-- ColasNahaboo - 19 Dec 2002

Another problem is occuring on this cygwin build. I am getting two types of error in the apache error log from savemulti.

One is occuring on evry line that has the value $saveaction :

[Fri Dec 20 11:54:22 2002] [error] [client] [Fri Dec 20 11:54:22 2002] f:\indigo\htdocs\twiki\bin\SAVEMU~1: Use of uninitialized value in string eq at f:\indigo\htdocs\twiki\bin\SAVEMU~1 line 158.

When I look in the source code to find the problem I see that save action is set by the querying the action field. However in the HTML source all the input values are quoted but not the name=action part. does this mean that saveaction is not set to the correct value?

The other apache error is :

[Fri Dec 20 11:54:18 2002] [error] [client] [Fri Dec 20 11:54:17 2002] f:\indigo\htdocs\twiki\bin\SAVEMU~1: Name "main::wikiUserName" used only o nce: possible typo at f:\indigo\htdocs\twiki\bin\SAVEMU~1 line 194.

I have no idea what is going on here?

-- MartinRoberts - 20 Dec 2002

These are just warnings and should be no problem. Does your wiki works normally? Unquoted values are legal in HTML (unlike XML)

The other warning is some TWiki legacy code that should also pose no problem.

-- ColasNahaboo - 20 Dec 2002

1.22 21 Dec 2002 bugfixes

    • bugfix: Wiki Words in web description messed up tabs
    • bugfix: some wrong title colors in search results pages
    • hidden webs are indented a bit more in sitemaps

1.23 21 Dec 2002 accesskeys in tooltips

    • WARNING does not work on cygwin. please use 1.22 on cygwin (it triggers a bug in cygwin: "cannot fork"...)
    • doc: all accesskeys documented in tooltips ([Alt-E]...)

With this release, it seems my shell script has reached a size where it triggers bugs in the cygwin bash version. So, if you run my script on a plain unix or linux, use this 1.23. Otherwise, stay with 1.22 until I can find a workaround... But this may be the signal that I need to rewrite it in perl (or ruby? will it pose problems if I rewrite it in ruby, which is a much nicer language than perl)

I am going for one week vacations where I wont have internet access, so this will be the last 2002 version. Next will be the upgrade of the KoalaSkin to the next stable TWiki release, scheduled for Jan 1st...

-- ColasNahaboo - 21 Dec 2002

I'm trying to install KoalaSkin for the first time, and I keep getting an error with koalaskin-generate:

declare -x webs_start_break="<table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2  width='100%'><tr class=webCell><td class=webCell width=10><td><table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2><tr>"
/bin/sh: parse_web_options: line 24: syntax error near unexpected token `('
/bin/sh: parse_web_options: line 24: ` FORM_@(LM|TL|TR|BL|BR)$s*)'
/bin/sh: error importing function definition for `parse_web_options'
Webs: 0 in 0 groups:

Can anyone help? I'm not sure where to even start looking for what I did wrong...

-- ChristaChewar - 22 Dec 2002

I seem to have no ACCESS Keys on the Verion 1.21 on Windows under cygwin. I have not used the KSNOACCESSKEYS so they should work. Can you help?

-- MartinRoberts - 03 Jan 2003

Since the forthcoming BeijingRelease has some InternationalisationEnhancements, it would be good to see KoalaSkin support these, enabling use of international characters in WikiWords, and more - the changes are very easy, see InternationalisingYourSkin for details.

-- RichardDonkin - 05 Jan 2003

  • To Christa: Be sure to unzip with gygwin's unzip. Winzip is quite broken and can fold lines.
  • To Martin: If you tested with IE, IE does not do Access keys directly. Access keys just position the focus to the control, you will have to hit "enter". For instance, to edit, with IE you must type Alt-E + ENTER, but Alt-E will suffice on all other browsers.
  • To Richard: thanks for the pointers. It will be part of the work I will do to adapt KoalaSkin to the BeijingRelease (I will then bump the rev number to 2.x then).
    I suggest you provide a "code freeze" period for authors of plugins/skins/addons to adapt their code to the new release. One month would be nice.

-- ColasNahaboo - 06 Jan 2003

A code freeze for plugin authors would be a good idea, but I think delaying BeijingRelease further would not be popular. Worth raising in BeijingRelease, perhaps this can be done for a followon release.

Currently, the changes necessary are in a state of flux, which I realised only after posting my comment, so hold on for now until the final URL-encoding syntax is in...

-- RichardDonkin - 07 Jan 2003

I use Ark, not WinZip, and I still get the same error, even with 1.21. Any other suggestions? I've rechecked all of the install instructions a few times...

-- ChristaChewar - 07 Jan 2003

I have uploaded all the distribs in .tar.gz format at http://koala.ilog.fr/koalaskin/ . Try these...

(uncompress via tar xfvz under cygwin)

To Richard: On the opposite, taking some time to iron out the last wrinkles (and installation / upgrade issues) become much more important when there is only one release per year. Especially if changes are still in a state of flux...

PS: On many Open Source projects, things got organised often in 3 kind of releases:

  • the main stable releases
  • the bleeding-edge alpha version (daily CVS)
  • and some "mods", set of easy-to-apply (and to revert from) patches that some individuals maintain: basically they pick and choose interesting patches, to get so usable version.
The mods system works quite well: it allows for testing different ways to do things. The plugins/addon/skin system is a beginning of this. It would be nice to promote it better.

For instance, we could have also a "mod" addon, which would be just a set of existing patches/addons/skins/plugins to apply, maintained (the list) by an individual that would basically say: "if you apply all of these blindly, you will get a working system more geared towards this goal". I say this because that is what I ended up doing with KoalaSkin, and I think this is done also by other skins authors (providing a complete set of enhancements, not just the skin)

-- ColasNahaboo - 07 Jan 2003

The syntax for skin changes in BeijingRelease is now finalised, see InternationalisingYourSkin for the links and overview. We will take the time to make sure everything is stable, I was only suggesting that an additional one month code freeze for skin development was unlikely (this time at least).

-- RichardDonkin - 08 Jan 2003

Well, I finally got KoalaSkin up & running (it is a very nice skin), but it took stepping through koalaskin-generate to discover WebList.txt bullets are specified by a '=*' or '==*' (rather than the normal three or six spaces, as implied by the instruction list). After using that syntax, everything worked fine. I'd recommend clarifying the instructions.

-- ChristaChewar - 12 Jan 2003

I am having problems with some webs that seem to be not searchable. Can you please look in the Support request : WebChangesAndWebIndexFailure. (seems fixed - ColasNahaboo)

-- MartinRoberts - 16 Jan 2003

To Christa: Well, then I think I understand what went on. koalaskin-generate definitely uses the 3-or-6 spaces syntax, not the =* or ==* syntax. But: TWiki stores 3-spaces-* and 6-spaces-* as TAB-* or TAB-TAB-* on disk, so for easier processing koalaskin internally converts TAB-* to * before processing them (the =sed -e 's/   /=/g' construct on line 1238, the char between the fist two slashes being a TAB, not a space).

So if it works by replacing spaces-* by =-*, it is because your unpacking program corrupted the file by replacing the TAB chars by spaces...

on cygwin, do not use winzip, which is quite buggy and can corrupt files. Use cygwin's tar xfz .

-- ColasNahaboo - 21 Jan 2003

A nice to have would be a page which shows examples of how the hue two digit codes map onto rgb codes. I have randomly chosen hsv numbers and am not sure how this all work. Secondly the WebList says you can use RGB but I have not been able to make this work. Any pointers? Any joy with 1.23 on Cygwin?

  • For RGB, see sample on http://koala.ilog.fr/wiki/bin/view/Main/WebList (* People 008e8f...) . For the hue, I use the first 2 digits of the HSV value of a color in my favorite paint editor (gimp, but it must be available on all). But the hue is more to use as: "I have 7 web groups, just divide ff by 7 (24 in hex) and use it as delta, giving hues 0, 24, 48, ...) -- ColasNahaboo - 07 Feb 2003
  • On cygwin, I have few hopes. I think it will be time to rewrite in perl/ruby/java... -- ColasNahaboo - 07 Feb 2003

-- MartinRoberts - 24 Jan 2003

Is there any information on steps necessary to get KoalaSkin to work with a CVS checkout of twiki? Alot of the patches seem applied or partially applied, and it's not clear what has to be done to get it to work.

  • Thats why I will do this work only for the stable releases. But KoalaSkin includes (or requires you to include) the most important patches to the stable that the CVS brings you. -- ColasNahaboo - 07 Feb 2003

-- NathanNeulinger - 01 Feb 2003

I managed to get it working. Found a major typo in Docs though: You say to define the "TOPIC" variable in WebPreferences. This makes the edit page VERY unhappy. That should say TOPICS.

  • oops. thanks, will be fixed in next release -- ColasNahaboo - 07 Feb 2003

Other than that, seems to work pretty nice.

-- NathanNeulinger - 03 Feb 2003

We added a TOPICS_WEB and TOPICS_USER to the leftbar to allow easily adding to the topic list in per-user and per-web preferences, instead of completely overriding it. This might be a worthwhile added feature.

-- NathanNeulinger - 14 Feb 2003

Yup. note that TOPICS_USER will only work if your TWiki is configured to require authentication even on viewving. I will addd it for next release.

Expect a next release this week (up to 21 Feb), that will bring compatibility to Beijing / 01 Feb 2003 stable release.

-- ColasNahaboo - 15 Feb 2003

I've got the "fork: resource unavailable" problem (cygwin) also with KoalaSkin 1.22 when I have more than 16 webs. I did some googling and found that this is a limitation of cygwins fork implementation: A process can't have more than 63 child processes (http://www.cygwin.com/ml/cygwin-developers/2001-02/msg00037.html)

-- BeatDoebeli - 21 Feb 2003

I would like to try KoalaSkin as there seems to have been a good deal of thought put into it. I have the Beijing / 01 Feb 2003 stable release running on RH8 machine.

There seems to be a problem with generating KoalaSkin. I get:

Koala Skin generator, v1.23
ERROR: I could not find the topic WebList. Did you create one?
      If you did, I cannot find its file at data/Main/WebList.txt
      Please check and edit the variables at the top of the bin/koalaskin-generate
      script: DIR, data, templates, main...
      Or execute the script from your wiki install dir!
I have created
and am executing from twiki/bin. Do I have to create
as a topic? If so, where?

Ah, I see where I went astray; I was reading the KoalaSkin page. In delving through the subdirectories and files I came upon a text file with elaborate installation steps that could answere my questions about WebList.

I have used KoalaSkin for some months and all was well - Since I upgraded to the new Bejing release of TWiki (the update procedure is not very comfortable), I now have some trouble with KoalaSkin. You wrote that you expected to make a new KoalaSkin release available 21.2.2003 ... I await the next release smile -- GuentherFischer - 22 Feb 2003

Sorry for the delay. I expect it to be ready later today.
-- ColasNahaboo - 25 Feb 2003

-- ColasNahaboo - 25 Feb 2003

This page hold the old contents of the KoalaSkinDev page, for the 1.x version of the KoalaSkin. It is obsolete, please do not edit it anymore, edit KoalaSkinDev

-- ColasNahaboo - 25 Feb 2003

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