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BUBBLESIG -- show bubble box and user signature with profile picture icon

  • Syntax: %BUBBLESIG{WikiName}% or %BUBBLESIG{WikiName - YYYY-MM-DD}%
  • The parameter can be either just the WikiName of a user, or by convention the WikiName followed by a dash and the date
  • Example:
    -- %BUBBLESIG{TWikiGuest - 2018-01-26}%
  • Expands to:
    -- TWiki Guest - 2018-01-26
  • Category: EditingAndContentUpdateVariables, FormattingAndRenderingVariables, UsersAndAuthenticationVariables
  • Related: USERREPORT, USERSIG, UserList, UserReports (this topic)

GEOLOOKUP -- lookup geo location by IP address or domain name

RECENTVISITOR -- show statistics of recent visitors to the TWiki site

  • The %RECENTVISITOR{}% variable is handled by the RecentVisitorPlugin
  • Most recent visit of an individual:
    • Syntax: %RECENTVISITOR{"user" name="..." format="..."}%
    • Parameters:
      Parameter Description Default
      "user" or
      Recent visit of an individual report (none)
      name="..." WikiName of person (currently logged in user)
      format="..." Format of report. Supported tokens:
      $date - date of last visit
      $time - time of last visit (GMT)
      $ago - how long ago
      $ip - IP address (only shown to non-administrators if enabled in configure)
      $n, $nop, $quot, $percnt, $dollar - standard FormatTokens.
      "Last seen $ago ago"
      notfound="..." Message shown if user is not found. "Never seen"
  • Report of recent visitors:
    • Syntax: %RECENTVISITOR{"recent" format="..."}%
    • Parameters:
      Parameter Description Default
      "recent" or
      Report of recent visitors (none)
      format="..." Format of each line of the report. Supported tokens:
      $username - login name of user
      $wikiname - WikiName of user
      $wikusername - WikiName prefixed with Main web name
      • plus above tokens.
      "   * $wikiusername last seen $ago ago"
      separator="..." Separator between lines. Standard FormatTokens are expanded. "$n" (newline)
      limit="..." Limit the number of lines. "10"
  • Examples:
    • %RECENTVISITOR{"user" name="TWikiAdminUser"}% - show most recent visit of TWikiAdminUser.
    • %RECENTVISITOR{"recent" format="| $wikiusername | $ago ago |}% - show 10 most recent visitors.
  • Category: AdministrationVariables, UsersAndAuthenticationVariables
  • Related: RecentVisitorPlugin (this topic)

USERREPORT -- show user reports with profile pictures

  • Show various user reports documented in UserReports
  • Syntax: %USERREPORT{ action="..." ... }%
  • Overview of actions with parameters:
    Report action= Parameters
    Show a simple list of registered users "user_list" search, limit, sort, reverse
    Show the profile picture image of a user "profile_picture" user, height, width, title
    Show slim, one line height user boxes "slim_box_start"
    "slim_box" or
    user, style
    users, style
    Show small, two line height user boxes "small_box_start"
    "small_box" or
    user, style
    users, style
    Show users in business card format "business_card_start"
    "business_card" or
    user, style
    users, style
    Show a selector to pick a user,
    for use in HTML forms
    "select_one_user" name, selected, users
    Show rows of checkboxes to select users,
    for use in HTML forms
    "select_users" name, selected, users, colums, style
  • Example: %USERREPORT{ action="user_list" search="jane" limit="5" }%
  • Category: AdministrationVariables, DevelopmentVariables, UsersAndAuthenticationVariables
  • Related: BUBBLESIG, SEARCH, USERSIG, UserList, UserReports (this topic)

USERSIG -- show user signature with profile picture icon

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