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WebDAV for TWiki

WebDAV stands for "Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning". It is a set of extensions to the HTTP protocol which allows users to collaboratively edit and manage files on remote Apache 1.3 web servers.

TWiki integration with WebDAV means that users can edit topics and attachments using an appropriate WebDAV enabled client program, such as Microsoft™ Word™ or KWrite.

Using the URL of a topic or attachment, it can also be opened directly from applications. Saving back automatically creates a new version.

By opening a Web Folder on a TWiki directory, users can drag and drop attachments into the topic, and they will automatically be versioned and added to the topic attachment table. Topics can be created in webs by dragging and dropping .txt files into the directory representing the web.

TWiki protections are honoured through use of a Plugin that caches protections in a TDB database, allowing Apache to rapidly test them when a file in a TWiki folder is being accessed.

The TWiki DAV integration consists of a customised mod_dav based Apache module, a bin script used for checking in, a bin script for refreshing the protections cache, and the plugin used to extract protections. The Apache module is based on mod_dav version 1.0.3 and includes all of the functionality of that module, so should be a drop-in replacement on Apache 1.3 servers.

  • Apache 2 servers are not supported.
  • Hierarchical webs are not supported

Note that webserver administrator access will usually be required to install this module.

Note: this version of the plugin is for TWiki-4 and later only. For the previous version of TWiki (released Sept 2004) see http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Plugins/WebDAVPlugin?rev=1.30


Different applications have different ways of accessing WebDAV folders. Many applications are DAV enabled; examples are:
  • The entire Microsoft Office™ suite
  • Microsoft Windows Explorer™
  • The OpenOffice.org suite
  • Konqueror

Windows Explorer

To import a WebDAV folder into Windows Explorer, select "My Network Places" and double-click on "Add Network Place". Enter the URL of the DAV folder for the twiki topic, twiki web, or the root folder. Now when you double-click on an a TWiki file it should bring up the appropriate application.


In the Konqueror "Location" bar, type the URL of the folder but instead of specifying "http:" use "webdav:" instead. Konqueror will open the folder as a file folder.

Other applications

If you are not sure what applications are WebDAV enabled, just try typing a URL that uses the Location described below into the Open dialog of the application until you find one that offers to let you save the file back to the URL, instead of to a local folder.

Installation Instructions

Note: You do not need to install anything on the browser to use this add-on. The following instructions are for the administrator who installs the add-on on the server where TWiki is running.

Important This plugin will not work with Apache 2.

These instructions apply to TWiki-4 and later only. For earlier versions of TWiki, please refer to http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Plugins/WebDAVPlugin?rev=1.30, and download the zip from there.

Installation is in several steps.

  1. Download and unpack the package,
  2. Build and install the dependencies
  3. Build and install the Apache twiki_dav module,
  4. Configure the plugin and Publish your directories

Download and unpack the archive

  • Download the archive from the Plugin Home (see below)
  • Unpack the archive in your twiki installation directory. Content:
    File Description
    tools/dav.pl Checkin script
    tools/dav_recache Protections DB maintenance script
    tools/dumpLockDB.pl Protections DB dump script
    data/TWiki/WebDAVPlugin.txt Plugin topic
    lib/TWiki/Plugins/WebDAVPlugin.pm Main plugin module
    lib/TWiki/Plugins/WebDAVPlugin/Permissions.pm Perl module
    lib/twiki_dav/autogen.sh Build support script
    lib/twiki_dav/CHANGES Documentation
    lib/twiki_dav/config.h.in Build support script
    lib/twiki_dav/configure Build support script
    lib/twiki_dav/configure.in Build support script
    lib/twiki_dav/dav_dyn.c Code
    lib/twiki_dav/dav_fs_dbm.c Code
    lib/twiki_dav/dav_fs_lock.c Code
    lib/twiki_dav/dav_fs_repos.c Code
    lib/twiki_dav/dav_fs_repos.h Code
    lib/twiki_dav/dav_fs_vsn.c Code
    lib/twiki_dav/dav_lock.c Code
    lib/twiki_dav/dav_opaquelock.c Code
    lib/twiki_dav/dav_opaquelock.h Code
    lib/twiki_dav/dav_props.c Code
    lib/twiki_dav/dav_shared_stub.c Code
    lib/twiki_dav/dav_util.c Code
    lib/twiki_dav/dav_xmlparse.c Code
    lib/twiki_dav/INSTALL Documentation
    lib/twiki_dav/libdav.module.in Build support script
    lib/twiki_dav/LICENSE.html Documentation
    lib/twiki_dav/Makefile.in Build support script
    lib/twiki_dav/Makefile.libdir Build support script
    lib/twiki_dav/Makefile.tmpl Build support script
    lib/twiki_dav/mod_dav.c Code
    lib/twiki_dav/mod_dav.h Code
    lib/twiki_dav/dav_twiki.c Code
    lib/twiki_dav/dav_twiki.h Code
    lib/twiki_dav/sdbm/sdbm.c Code
    lib/twiki_dav/sdbm/sdbm.h Code
    lib/twiki_dav/sdbm/sdbm_hash.c Code
    lib/twiki_dav/sdbm/sdbm_lock.c Code
    lib/twiki_dav/sdbm/sdbm_pair.c Code
    lib/twiki_dav/sdbm/sdbm_pair.h Code
    lib/twiki_dav/sdbm/sdbm_tune.h Code
    lib/twiki_dav/util/dbu.c Code
    lib/twiki_dav/util/fixvers.c Code
    lib/twiki_dav/util/lock.py Test code
    lib/twiki_dav/util/lockview.c Code
    lib/twiki_dav/util/Makefile Build support script
    lib/twiki_dav/util/regress Test script

Install the dependencies

Note that administrator access may be required to install this module.

Install the TdbContrib package (available from TWiki.org)

Build twiki_dav

Note that administrator access may be required to install this module.

This module is an Apache extension module, and is installed either statically or using apxs. apxs is recommended if you have it. To build and install the module:

cd lib/twiki-dav
make install
Fuller instructions are given at http://webdav.org/mod_dav/install.html

Configure the Plugin & Publish Directories

Edit lib/LocalSite.cfg and add the following setting:

# **PATH**
# Set to point to the same directory as your DAVLockDB directive in httpd.conf.
# The protections database will be in a single file named =TWiki= and will be
# written to this directory.
$TWiki::cfg{Plugins}{WebDAVPlugin}{DAVLockDB} = '/var/lock/webdav';

Visit configure in your TWiki installation, and enable the plugin in the {Plugins} section.

To enable the TWiki-specific functions of twiki-dav, edit your httpd.conf and set up appropriate Alias entries to point at your TWiki directories (see example below). Add <Location> sections for your TWiki directories, and add the following directives.

  • DAVLockDB tells twiki_dav where to look for the TWiki permissions database, and must be the same as the {Plugins}{WebDAVPlugin}{DAVLockDB} setting in configure. It must point to a directory that already exists - create it if necessary, making sure the Apache user can read and write to it.
  • DAV is the standard DAV directive for enabling DAV on the directory.
  • TWikiDir defines the type of the directory (pub or data), and the server path to the directory after the URI has been resolved. It should be the same as the last parameter to the Alias directive.
  • TWikiScript defines the path to the checkin script on the server. The script is per-directory, so if necessary you can use different scripts with different directories.
For example,
DAVLockDB /var/lock/webdav
Alias /twiki/data/ /home/twiki/data/
<Location /twiki/data/>
   DAV On
   TWikiDir data /home/twiki/data
   TWikiScript /home/twiki/tools/dav.pl
   Options FollowSymLinks Indexes
   Allow from all
   # Set your auth appropriately. Authentication MUST be enabled for ALL
   # request types.
   AuthType Basic
   AuthName "Enter your wiki username"
   AuthUserFile /home/twiki/.htpasswd
   Require valid-user

Alias /twiki/pub/ /home/twiki/pub/
<Location /twiki/pub/>
   DAV On
   TWikiDir pub /home/twiki/pub
   TWikiScript /home/twiki/tools/dav.pl
   Options FollowSymLinks Indexes
   Allow from all
   # Set your auth appropriately. Authentication MUST be enabled for ALL
   # request types.
   AuthType Basic
   AuthName "Enter your wiki username"
   AuthUserFile /home/twiki/data/.htpasswd
   Require valid-user

Restart the Apache server.

Build your initial protections cache database by running the dav_recache script, which should have been installed in your twiki tools directory. This should build the database in a file called TWiki in the DAVLockDB directory. Dump the content of this database using the tools/dumpLockDB.pl script. In a normal TWiki installation this database will not be empty. The database must be readable/writable by the apache user.

Note that there may be other files in this directory, with .dir and .pag extensions. These are used by mod_dav to implement the LOCK method (nothing to do with TWiki).

To test the plugin, edit a topic in TWiki that should be controlled and put an access restriction in - for example, edit WebDAVPluginTest and put in the lines:

Save the topic, dump the database again and grep for Sandbox/WebDAVPluginTest. You should see two P: entries, one for ALLOW (:A) and one for DENY (:D).

Now attach an arbitrary file to that topic, preferably one associated with a WebDAV-enabled application e.g. a .doc file.

Open up the attachment directory using a WebDAV enabled application such as Windows Explorer, following the usage instructions above. If you used the example Location shown above in your httpd.conf, a URL such as http://localhost/twiki/pub/Sandbox/WebDAVPluginTest should work.

Important notes

If you rename a TWiki topic manually (i.e. by moving the folder from the shell command line, rather than from TWiki or from Explorer of Konqueror) then the protections cache for that topic will not get updated. This is only relevant if the topic contains protections statements such as DENYTOPICVIEW. To avoid this issue you should always rename from within a dav-enabled file browser, such as Konqueror or Windows Explorer, or rename only from within TWiki. If you do rename from the shell, then you can correct the protections cache by one of the following methods:
  1. Edit the destination topic in TWiki and save it again,
  2. Use the script dav_recache to update the protections cache. dav_recache must be run by a user who has write access to the protections database, such as the apache user.
  • From the command line, it takes one parameter, the twiki path name of the web or topic to refresh - for example,
    dav_recache Main
    dav_recache Main.SecretTopic
  • From a CGI query, the parameters are passed in the CGI parameters web and topic.
  • Where no path is given it will refresh the whole twiki; if only a web is given it will refresh just that web.


The most likely reason for any problems is permissions; the DAVLockDB directory, and all files within it, must be writable by the Apache user. Check the TWiki warning logs and the Apache error logs.

Small memory leaks will occur when topics with protections are renamed frequently, so it is good practice to regenerate the cache for the whole twiki at regular intervals (say, monthly). The easiest way to do this is to set up a cron job that deletes the cache, and then runs the dav_recache script to regenerate it.

Error and warning messages may be generated in the Apache error_log. Tracing may be enabled so that you can monitor the DAV transactions from messages in the Apache error_log. Tracing is enabled using the global Apache directive DAVMonitor, which takes an integer representing a bitmask where

  • bit 0 (1) switches on tracing of method calls (GET, POST, etc)
  • bit 1 (2) switches on resource resolution tracing
  • bit 2 (4) switches on permissions tracing
  • bit 3 (8) enables a dump of the entire permissions DB for each access (liable to overflow error_log with a large DB)

Note that if you have non-default permissions set in your TWiki, then you must require valid-user on all requests on the DAV directories. This is because the TWiki permissions check requires a username, and the only way to get that information is to be authenticated by Apache. If you have used .htpasswd login this is straightforward to do (see the example Apache configuration above).

If your Apache is sending wrong Content-Type headers, this indicates the files requested are being handled by twiki_dav, but they should not be. You should access your DAV enabled directories through another path. For example instead of the configuration above, use:

Alias /dav/pub/ /home/twiki/pub/
<Location /dav/pub/>
   DAV On
Now only requests to http://your.domain/dav/pub/somefile get handled by twiki_dav.

You may want to add a new DAV-edit-link to your attachments table.

   * For the WebDAV edit link in the attachment tables we need the DAV-path, which is the PUBURL with twiki replaced by the alias set in httpd.conf:
      * Set WIKIDAVPUBURL = http://%HTTP_HOST%/dav/pub/
  • Change your templates/attachtables*.tmpl to include the following after the manage-link:


    • Set SHORTDESCRIPTION = Support for a set of extensions to the HTTP protocol which allows users to collaboratively edit and manage files on remote web servers.

Plugin Info

Plugin Author: TWiki:Main/CrawfordCurrie http://c-dot.co.uk
Plugin Version: 10617 build 11:06:53 16 June 2006
Change History:  
10617 Moved TDB to a separate Contrib
10434 Cured problem with attachments going to zero bytes
9756 Ported to TWiki-4. Added TDB. Incorporated doc improvements made by Marius Reiner.
5248 Improved debug and documentation, and added tab conversion
5048 Cairo readiness
5023 Udates for Cairo, bug fixes grokked from WRS installation
5001 Corner-case bugfixes
5000 Merging changes made in live sites
4991 Documentation fixes
4990 Added back .exp and other PC build files. Added yet more tests. Updated documentation.
4989 Range of tests for topic handling
4988 Added first version of topic manipulation
4982 Minor correction
4981 Added curl-based server tests, and extended documentation. Renamed recache.pl to dav_recache.
4974 Fixed rename, and respected locks
4973 Cured nasty bug when drag-dropping to DAV dirs in Konqueror
4970 Depends on shared
4958 Changed tests to use shared fixtures
4949 Changed to use shared code build process
4948 Moved build process to SharedCode
4940 Fixes for drag and drop, and checkin script. Tidied up debugging and added more tests.
4939 Fixes for minor probs and docs
4937 Added protections mechanism and tests
15 Sep 2004 Improved authentication handling
16 Aug 2004 Minor bugfixes
22 May 2004 Support for topics added. Production release.
14 Apr 2004 Initial very very early access release
Other Dependencies:
TWiki::Contrib::TdbContrib>=10616Required. Trivial database module, available from TWiki.org
Perl Version: 5.005
License: GPL
Plugin Home: http://TWiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Plugins/WebDAVPlugin
Feedback: http://TWiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Plugins/WebDAVPluginDev


Related Topic: TWikiPlugins, TWiki:Codev.WebDAV

-- TWiki:Main/CrawfordCurrie - 11:06:53 16 June 2006

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