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Create a new tag - then add it to a topic.

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Existing tags: abcde, access_control, accessibility, admin_tool, advocacy, ajax, anrufbeantworter, archive_me, attachments, authentication, automation, awesome, backup, benchmark, bibliography, blogging, brainstorming, bugs, build, caching, cairo, calendar, cas_tom, case, centos, changes, chemistry, ci, classification, coding_style, collaboration, comment, community, compatibility, competition, component, configuration, contrib, cookbook, cpan, cpp, creativity, cruft, css, customer_focus, dakar, database, database_store, date_time, debian, definition, delete_me, deployment, dev_essential, development, diagram, discussion, documentation, drawing, duplicate, easy_install, edinburgh, editing, email, entrepreneurs, export, extract_doc, extract_idea, extract_stuff, facilitator, faq, features, findability, foobarbaz, forms, gaseee, gateway, general, geolocation, governance, graphing, gun, html5, igloo, images, import, important, information_design, installation, integration, interaction_design, internationalization, javascript, joshua_bjornn, knowledge_base, knowledge_transfer, latex, ldap, learn, linking, linux, localization, mac, marketing, math, media, menu, meta_data, mod_perl, my_test, navigation, notification, object_oriented, openid, opinion, pattern_skin, pdf, performance, persona, pilis, plotting, plugin, plugin_api, poll, preferences, presentation, process, product_management, productivity, publish, quality, r, rating, redirect, registration, release, rendering, replication, rest, scalability, scheduling, search, security, sharepoint, shell, skin, skin_consolidation, social, software, solaris, sorting, spam, spanish, spelling, spreadsheet, sso, stale_content, statistics, store, structured_wiki, style, syndication, syntax_highlighting, tables, tag1, tagging, task_team, taxonomy, template_system, test333, time, timeline, tips, tl1_project, topic_template, tracker_apps, transformation, translation, tree, twiki_application, twiki_brand, twiki_community, twiki_form_field, twiki_func, twistyplugin, upgrade, url, usability, user_interface, users, variable, version_control, visualization, voicemail, web_application, web_design, web_services, windows, workflow, wysiwyg, xml

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