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Related tags: access_control, admin_tool, ajax, automation, brainstorming, bugs, component, contrib, database, development, diagram, documentation, drawing, editing, email, forms, graphing, information_design, integration, javascript, linux, navigation, object_oriented, plotting, presentation, process, productivity, publish, quality, rendering, structured_wiki, tables, taxonomy, template_system, tracker_apps, translation, twiki_application, twiki_community, usability, user_interface, visualization

WorkflowPlugin in Plugins web 2013-10-16 - 00:32 - r39 PeterThoeny

WorkflowPlugin http://twiki.org/p/pub/Plugins/WorkflowPlugin/Flow.gif Introduction TWiki benefits from the fact that every user can modify a topic instantly...
Tags: access_control, documentation, process, quality, tracker_apps, twiki_application, workflow

MetaWorkflowPlugin in Plugins web 2013-10-16 - 00:31 - r10 PeterThoeny

MetaWorkflowPlugin Introduction This plugin defines a workflow based on updated meta data in a number of topics. It was originally written for use with the WorkflowPlugin...
Tags: tracker_apps, twiki_application, workflow

DirectedGraphPlugin in Plugins web 2014-07-01 - 20:04 - r39 PeterThoeny

Directed Graph Plugin Introduction Graph visualization is a way of representing structural information as diagrams of abstract graphs and networks. Automatic graph...
Tags: diagram, documentation, drawing, graphing, plotting, presentation, visualization, workflow

WorkFlow in Codev web 2008-10-28 - 04:27 - r26 JohnLundin

Just an idea ... For the moment I assume that WorkFlow means that we would like that some work flows through a series of steps, performed by different users with different...
Tags: workflow

WorkflowReportsContrib in Plugins web 2012-12-03 - 04:59 - r9 PeterThoeny

Workflow Reports Contrib Package Summary This package is an add on to the Workflow Plugin. See WorkflowPlugin for an overwiew of Workflows in TWiki. TWiki/Contrib...
Tags: workflow

AnsweredQuestions in Support web 2008-12-31 - 04:25 - r10 PeterThoeny

Answered Questions See also: MyRecentQuestions All SupportStatus categories: MyRecentQuestions Contributors: PeterThoeny
Tags: email, workflow

DocumentApprovalWorkflow in Sandbox web 2015-11-24 - 20:04 - r15 StephenBrown

Set REC %REC Set MCR MCR% Set RECMCR name %REC` Tags used in controlled topics Set WORKFLOWNOTICE This topic is under document control. Last...
Tags: workflow

BugsContrib in Plugins web 2013-10-16 - 00:30 - r12 PeterThoeny

Item Tracking system implemented as a TWiki Application This is a Tracking System implemented using TWikiForms. It has been implemented to be used in a web on its...
Tags: bugs, contrib, database, development, forms, productivity, structured_wiki, tracker_apps, twiki_application, workflow

FlowchartPlugin in Plugins web 2013-10-16 - 00:30 - r17 PeterThoeny

FlowchartPlugin Example Stop the mouse above each item and see the tag with the name in a bigger size. Each item is a link for the text block what was created...
Tags: diagram, graphing, rendering, visualization, workflow

CopyTopicTreePlugin in Plugins web 2015-06-24 - 08:55 - r10 PeterThoeny

Copy Topic Tree Plugin Introduction Using this plugin, developers can create TWiki applications that copy a whole topic tree as part of an application workflow. A...
Tags: admin_tool, automation, component, twiki_application, workflow

ChecklistPlugin in Plugins web 2013-10-16 - 00:30 - r45 PeterThoeny

Checklist Plugin ChecklistPlugin creates simple checklists. It handles the tags % CLI% (CheckList Item), % CHECKLIST%, % CHECKLISTSTART%, % CHECKLISTEND...
Tags: ajax, twiki_application, usability, user_interface, workflow

ChecklistTablePlugin in Plugins web 2013-10-16 - 00:30 - r10 PeterThoeny

ChecklistTablePlugin This plugin helps you to create a checklist with tables. A HTML form for a quick add of new entries and a table editor are also available...
Tags: editing, tables, tracker_apps, twiki_application, workflow

NamespaceManagerAddOn in Plugins web 2006-10-08 - 00:07 - r4 PeterThoeny

Namespace Manager Add On This addon serves two mutually exclusive purposes: Allows form fills to create new topics. It supports create and view, create and edit...
Tags: workflow

SynchroEditPluginDev in Plugins web 2007-03-13 - 06:29 - r6 KalleAlm

SyncroEdit integration Introduction The goal of this project is to integrate the synchronous editor SynchroEdit (http://www.synchroedit.com) in twiki :...
Tags: editing, workflow

SignaturePlugin in Plugins web 2008-12-12 - 12:02 - r8 SopanShewale

Signature Plugin This plugin supports a simple tag which appears as a button with the label given by the SIGNATURELABEL setting. When clicked, it is replaced by...
Tags: automation, component, twiki_application, workflow

ExecutePlugin in Plugins web 2016-01-08 - 01:51 - r5 PeterThoeny

Execute Plugin Introduction Use this plugin to integrate TWiki with other applications. TWiki serves as the user interface to interact with external applications...
Tags: admin_tool, automation, component, integration, twiki_application, user_interface, workflow

ActionTrackerPlugin in Plugins web 2013-10-16 - 00:29 - r110 PeterThoeny

Action Tracker Plugin This plugin provides support for tracking actions embedded in topics. Actions captured this way can then be searched from any topic in the wiki...
Tags: tracker_apps, workflow

ConsultantPaulReiber in Codev web 2012-10-07 - 22:37 - r6 PeterThoeny

Paul Reiber has been designing and developing software for UNIX and Linux (and Windows and the Web too) for approximately 25 years. Paul has significant experience...
Tags: ajax, brainstorming, documentation, information_design, javascript, linux, object_oriented, process, taxonomy, translation, workflow

IfThenActionPlugin in Plugins web 2015-05-26 - 05:03 - r20 PeterThoeny

If Then Action Plugin Introduction This plugin is intended to help automate workflows. Administrators can define if then actions in a rules table. For example, every...
Tags: admin_tool, automation, component, workflow

MakeCtrlTopicsListAddOn in Plugins web 2007-09-28 - 12:31 - r9 DetlefMarxsen

MakeCtrlTopicsListAddOn The TWiki:Plugins.WorkflowPlugin (ex TWiki:Plugins.ApprovalPlugin) is a great tool for adding quality management (QM) to a Wiki web. However...
Tags: navigation, quality, workflow

ChildTopicTemplatePlugin in Plugins web 2013-10-16 - 00:30 - r17 PeterThoeny

ChildTopicTemplatePlugin Introduction This plugin allows you to specify in a topic what template should be used when a child topic is created via TWiki`s red...
Tags: information_design, template_system, workflow

ApprovalPlugin in Plugins web 2013-10-16 - 00:29 - r11 PeterThoeny

ApprovalPlugin Introduction This plugin is a rewrite of the TWiki:Plugins.WorkflowPlugin by TWiki:Main.ThomasWeigert, which supports much the same functionality...
Tags: access_control, process, twiki_application, workflow

TWikiForBookAuthoring in Codev web 2006-02-14 - 20:58 - r37 PeterThoeny

TWiki for Book Authoring Moved MikeBarton`s text from MsOfficeIntegration to here. PeterThoeny 03 May 2001 Here`s and idea we plan to pursue. We`re going to prototype...
Tags: documentation, publish, workflow

WebHome in Codev web 2014-11-06 - 22:21 - r154 PeterThoeny

The Codev web is the main collaboration space for TWiki development, where the open source community discusses new TWiki features based on the TWikiMission...
Tags: twiki_community, workflow

HelpDesk in Plugins web 2006-09-20 - 21:52 - r2 PeterThoeny

Help Desk Plugin Has anyone thought of adding helpdesk functionality to TWiki? Just an idea for some possible brainstorming at this stage. It could be interesting...
Tags: brainstorming, email, tracker_apps, workflow

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