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Just starting out with a letter I sent (tried to send -- since it was from my Linux box, I'm not sure it was sent successfully) to John Naughton, author of A censor in each ear. Well, there's progress, May 19, 2002, about the format of his footnotes page:


I think your articles and footnotes could be interesting. However, the footnotes page is very difficult to read on my 800x600 display (17") because I must horizontally scroll to read each line.

I would appreciate it very much if you could design your page so this is not necessary, and suggest that you even consider doing it so your pages can be viewed on 640x480 displays without horizontal scrolling.

Another related issue is that these long horizontal lines, even if they did not require horizontal scrolling on the monitor would seem to have a difficult to use height to width ratio -- even on a display large enough to display an entire line without horiizontal scrolling, I'm afraid I would be squinting to read the (small) type or, if I enlarge it to be readable, "scrolling" my head, neck, eyes horizontally for each line, which just plain makes it uncomfortable (and slow) to read.

On my private TWiki, I limit the line length to 90% (using a "div) of the screen width which solves the problem for me at 800x600 resolution. (Although I am working on a public TWiki, WikiLearn, it is currently at a temporary site that does not incorporate that limitation.

Thanks for your consideration.

regards, Randy Kramer

See AboutThesePages.

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