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A working page to think out loud (on paper) about how best to get copies of WikiLearn .txt, .txt,v, and attachment files several times for several reasons:

  • To transfer the Csic pages on WikiLearn to the TWiki server (under construction) in the church school. (In a few weeks (~1 Nov 2002 as the class starts 3 Nov) and perhaps sooner and multiple times as the material is revised.) Previously I had written here "with no connection to the Internet" but that didn't really make the point I intended to make, and may have confused the issue -- the point was that putting material on the TWiki server at the church school does not make it publicly available -- it does not replace having the material on SourceForge / twiki.org. The fact that the server has no access to the Internet is not a problem as far as getting the material -- I can download it to a machine at home and transfer it from there to the church school TWiki server (using "tirenet" wink ). By the way, for this purpose I can do without the .txt,v files and attachments (as I don't think there are any attachments on the Csic pages).
  • To maintain my own backups of all the content on WikiLearn (Not sure this is necessary -- I've assumed Peter has been doing something, but maybe I should check the assumption.) In this and the next case I'd want to backup the .txt, .txt,v, and attached files (and TWikiDraw sketches, if anything extra is required for them).
  • When (if?) I manage to set up a TWiki to be the "permanent" home of WikiLearn (indeterminate)

Peter Thoeny (presumably) has changed some of the permissions on twiki.org -- on at least one previous occasion, I simply logged on under my sourceforge account, went to the TWiki project area, and copied almost all those files to WikiLearn as a quick and dirty way to set up my own TWiki. (I never fully completed the effort.) Now that the permissions have been changed I can no longer do that, and, before I seek help, I'll try to think of (and look for possible alternatives).

UPDATE: Peter Thoeny has confirmed he changed the permissions on twiki.net (SourceForge). I learned that I can set the permissions on subdirectories of wikilearn to world writable, and Peter may try copying the Wikilearn files to subdirectory data (or data/pub and data/data).

See AboutThesePages.


Potential Approaches


The following is at least a little misleading. The real case is that I probably tarred and gzipped files from twiki.org to copy them to WikiLearn on SourceForge, but I've also used scp to transfer files from my home computers to and from SourceForge accounts.

That is (presumably) the way I downloaded files before the permissions were changed (perhaps by tarring the files and moving them to my sourceforge home directory first?). Anyway, there is a very slight chance that maybe I can scp some txt and txt,v files from twiki.org if I knew the exact path. (That I think this is a possibility is a reflection of my lack of Linux knowledge -- the current permissions on the /home/groups/t/tw/twiki/ directory are drwxrwx--x -- I (as part of "world" can't read the directory, but the x means I can search it??) -- I'll have to try some experiments.


I should be able to use wget to get copies of the content -- if I find a way to specify the web pages with the "?raw=on" parameter, I should get it almost like the content of a .txt file and could then perhaps use a regex in Perl, nedit, or something similar to strip off the garbage (i.e., headers, etc.) I don't want, then resave as a .txt file (with just the content with TWiki markup). I won't get the ,v files this way (or not without a ridiculous amount of trouble) but they aren't absolutely essential in this case.

Increased Permissions on twiki.org

Perhaps Peter can (and would be willing) to do something to give me increased permissions on twiki.org (but I'm not sure he can do that -- IIRC, SourceForge will not add people to things like the twiki (or wikilearn) groups. I'm probably mixing something up here.

Search on TWiki

Search on TWiki for other alternatives -- perhaps the HTML plugin (that converts pages to HTML, iirc) might be useful -- or just search for discussions of backup on the Codev, Support, Plugins, and TWiki webs.

Backup Script on TWiki

See Codev.BackupScripts -- ColasNahaboo describes a scheme where he wrote a (cgi?) script, copied it to his TWiki bin directory, and runs it regularly as a cron job. I need to review the page again, but perhaps it is a workable approach, and maybe:

  • the copy could be to wherever it is most convenient for Peter Thoeny, including either my personal account on SourceForge, the WikiLearn account on sourceforge, or my computer at home (no, that probably won't work -- my LAN does not have a registered domain, is on a dial up, etc., etc.) (I make the reference to Peter Thoeny because I suspect I can not set that script up totally myself -- will need some amount of help from Peter or someone else (both for permission issues and for (my) lack of technical knowledge).
  • the backup could either be by a cron job or maybe the script could be callable by me, in which case I could make a backup on demand.

See what SourceForge recommends

I will read https://sourceforge.net/docman/display_doc.php?docid=6840&group_id=1 (from the "logon" message on SourceForge) to see if they have any helpful recommendations there.

Ok, I had read this before, and had noted that SourceForge (after some disaster like a year ago or so) had changed (or restated) their policy of not providing backups for project level purposes but only for site wide SourceForge issues. Anyway, rereading this was a good reminder, but their recommendation for backing up "project web space" is via scp or rsync, which would be doable, except, AFAICT, I don't have the necessary permissions.


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