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A page to consider and work out the mail lists for cfk.

See CfkMailListsActual to see what has actually been done so far.


What's Driving This?

Participants in CFK should not have to address a letter to up to 50 people (count the names under [[][List of People to Add to Lists]] to communicate with fellow CFK participants, with concommittant worry about leaving someone off the list or sending something to someone who is not interested. (These lists will probably not always solve the problem of receiving something that is not of interest.)

Not all of the appropriate people have signed up on the original cfk@thelinuxlinkPLEASENOSPAM.net mail list (which may have originally been intended to serve the purposes described in this section). Just to mention a few (without intending offense), key people like Cherrylee Plessor, Linda Bolasky, and Robert Friedrich are not signed up on that list.

So, it is intended that some people will be assigned to these new lists — people who wish to have the "honor" of being on the BOD should be subscribed to an appropriate mailing list, people who wish to be involved in the management should be subscribed to an appropriate mailing list, perhaps there should be a mailing list for VIPs who we need to announcements out of courtesy, there should be a mailing list for volunteers, and perhaps for different categories of volunteers.

Tentative Plan


dann created fewer lists than I expected (which is Ok for the time being). As I played around with lists of names, trying to see who belonged where, it seemed there were:

  1. people who might actually participate on the board of directors and/or active management of CFK should I divide this into two lists, people who "actively" manage CFK and those who actively manage volunteer efforts
  2. a list of VIPs who should get announcements of "major events" (like bod meetings, even though they would be unlikely to attend)
  3. interested people, who might like to get announcements of "major events" including bod meetings, work parties, distributions, classes, LV3C meetings, even though they would be unlikely to attend all of them
  4. volunteers

There are probably more categories as we go forward in time (users, members of whatever it is, the lv3c, etc.)

Tentative Plan

Assignment to Lists

Based on what I've seen, I plan to have people appear on duplicate lists:

People in category 1 will be put on the cfk-bod list.

People in category 2 will be put on a cfk-vip list.

People in category 3 will be put on a cfk-ann list.

People in category 4 will be put on a cfk-vol list.

Directing Mail to Lists

Then, when you mail something out:

If it's an announcement for a bod meeting, send it to the cfk-bod list, and possibly the cfk-vip and cfk-ann lists.

If it's an announcement of interest to everybody, send it to all four lists.

If it's a volunteer / work related "announcement" (scheduled event, etc.), send it to the cfk-vol and cfk-bod lists (this is so: the BOD (or a management board) is aware of what's going on, and people who aren't interested in this "service" by the BOD move off the BOD list to the VIP list).

If it's a volunteer / work related "discussion item" (trying to schedule an event, discussing a work procedure or technical issue), send it to the cfk-vol list (only).

Ignore the Rest of this Page

Ignore the rest of this page for now -- it was a "scratchpad" to figure out how to separate people on to lists, and, after I went through that effort, I came to the tentative conclusions above. The rest of this page needs to be adjusted appropriately based on the above, if we come to a reasonable consensus.

An Early List of Lists Planned

  • cfk-bod -- board of directors
  • cfk-dev -- developers
  • cfk-ins -- installer volunteers
  • cfk-lgr -- "lugger" volunteers
  • cfk-day -- volunteers that are generally available during the day
  • cfk-edu -- for classes, etc.
  • cfk-ann -- announcements (not sure of the scope, might be for clients and volunteers and classes, or might be something less)
  • cfk-user -- for clients?
  • cfk-lv3c -- ?? for the new user group??

Lists Created (so far?)

  • Cfk (the original list)
  • cfk-volunteer
  • cfk-bod
  • cfk-edu

Administrative Stuff

Administrative URL

Password: Yes, there is one.

Make bulk subscriptions on the Membership Management page

Current Settings

  • postable only by members
  • non-member posting requires approval (like moderation, I presume)

Archive URLs

General Information URLs

Subscribe / Unsubscribe URLs

List of People to Add to Lists

Taken from a combination of recent "mass mailings" by Randy Plessor and the people subscribed to the cfk list.

"Allan Johnson"
"Allan Metzler"
"Ann Rogers"
"Art Brown, LCTI"

"Asa Dickinson"
"Barb Kiechel"
"Bill (Computers For Kids) Dunning"
"Bob Coulsey Computers For Kids"
"Brad & Maxine Waldman"
"Bud Daneker Computers For Kids"
"Cherylee Plessor"
"Daniel Washko"
"Daniel Washko"
"Dave Mathias" <dave-mathATjunoDOTcom>
"Dr.John McAdams"
"Dr.Karen Angello"
"Dr.Tina Belardi, Principal"
"George Roberts"
"Jackie Guerrero"
"Jeff Zartler"
"Jerry Shea"
"Jim McQuillan"
"Joe Simpson"
"Joseph DiGerlando"
"Linc Fessenden"
"Linda Bolasky"
"Mare Shaffer"
"McNeish, Michael FDOT"
"Randy Kramer"
"Randy Plessor"
"Robert Daneker Jr."
"Robert Friedrich"
"Ron Vincenty"
"Sam Hiser"
"Sandra Stecker"
"St. Luke's church"
"Sue Willams"
"Terri Knechel"

ametzler at anadigics.com bobvoron at rcn.com dann at thelinuxlink.net erinw at thelinuxlink.net fingolfin at thelinuxlink.net jab at fast.net jacaz at fast.net joe.simpson at starband.net linc at thelinuxlink.net (pdavila at thelinuxlink.net) rhkramer at fast.net rplessor at phillipsfeed.com skal1 at earthlink.net tomshome at bellatlantic.net ttec at enter.net vze25c6c at verizon.net

ametzler at rcn.com jonmcn at fast.net linux at vinephoto.com randyp at fast.net

Suggested for the Original (Major Announcement) List


Suggested for the bod List


Suggested for the volunteer List


Suggested for the edu list



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