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System90 is a computer that we are trying to set up as a testbox that we can quickly plug a monitor into to check the resolution it is capable of displaying.

I took it home this weekend to set up and spent far too much time with very little to show for it. See Notes.




Cryptic Bullet List of Problems:

  • Secondary ide controller, primary channel does not work (primary channel does work) do I have the right terminology?
  • A Western Digital 6.4 GB disk that worked fine in a few other computers would not boot (maybe I had the jumpers set wrong -- I learned that some Fujitsu drives have jumper settings that almost appear upside down from the decal — I guess you hold the drive looking at the decals and turn it over (end for end) to view the jumpers -- the jumper that is often sideways on the bottom on some other brands is on the top, and it looks like Western Digital, at least some drives, might be the same way)
  • I tried to install Knoppix:
    • On the hard drive by copying the image on the 6.4 GB drive. I found that I had to be in the source directory and do cp -a * /mnt/temp/ — if I was not in the source directory and did cp -a /mnt/linux/* /mnt/temp/ it copied only a few files and quit. Why?? Was it just a fluke of this drive or something else?
    • Aside: I should record somewhere (on the Knoppix site) that, even though the end result of a hard drive Knoppix install is about 1.9 GB, I had to do it on a partition well over 3 GB (I eventually used 4.5 GB, I'm not sure how much smaller (if any) I could have used — it definitely would not work on a 3 or 3.2 GB partition).
    • I tried the poor man's install (install cd image (or Knoppix file) on the hard drive) and it did not work. I believe the instructions are misleading -- after "step 2" (not numbered) I had a 9 byte link copied to the hard drive instead of what I think I should have had, the 730 GB Knoppix file. Put a note on the appropriate page of the Knoppix wiki. (Somebody did answer my previous question about using a static IP with Knoppix -- after I try it and confirm it works, I should dress up the question. One key to realize is that some of the files (like /etc/hosts, /etc/resolv, are copied to somewhere where they can be modified (like a RAM disk?) for a given Knoppix "session".) I also found the boot prompt -- I have my monitor set fairly dim (for my eye comfort) -- the boot prompt is apparently gray instead of white and I had no clue it was there.
  • I tried a number of video cards to try to get one that consistently achieved 1024x768 resolution. Put notes on all those I tried about what they could achieve. Finally found that the original one in the PC (based on a TGUI 9660 chipset) would achieve 1024x768 if booted up without a monitor and then a monitor attached. (At home, booted up with KVM switched to a different computer.) But, if booted up with the same monitor attached, it would not achieve 1024x768, usually just 640x480. Wierd! _Aside: If I booted up with the monitor attached, I could, at a certain point, use <ctrl><alt>+ to switch resolutions — by doing it twice I got down to 640x480 and could see stuff on the screen (occasionally saw an image at 800x600. Tried a different, much better monitor and got the same results. I do not understand.


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