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Just listing some ToDos for TWiki setup and maintenance: around the next revision, I will move completed items to a list of completed items

  • done, by dann, around 11 Dec 2002 Switch TWiki registration from "intranet" to "Internet" logins -- see comments under Discussion, below
  • Set up a back up procedure (unless dann has something that backs up the entire server -- then just make sure TWiki is included)
  • Set up cron job for WebStatistics (I forced an update just to confirm statistics work in general, but many TWiki sites automatically update the page once every 24 hours).
  • Set up cron job for WebNotify (so people can subscribe to get a list of pages changed in, for example, the last 24 hours)
  • Test all features and see if there are any problems (often due to permissions) and fix them
  • Consider whether we want to install any plugins -- start a list of desirable plugins:
  • Consider changing the "look and feel" templates? (We don't have to have the Buck Rogers Twiky robot, etc.)
  • Add the modifications to SPAMBLOCK email addresses on the TWiki
  • Activate (or start using) the feature that let's you link to foreign sites or TWikis with a shorter link (forget what it's called, I'll have to look for it)

One question -- I presume you installed the December 2001 version, or was it some more recent alpha or beta version?

Aside: I plan to add something like a done, dropped, or similar on each of the above points as it is addressed. If somebody has short comments about the points above, they could be included above in italics -- longer comments should be moved to an appropriate heading under Discussion, below, perhaps with a note like "_see comments under Discussion, below_".


Modifications to SPAMBLOCK email addresses

I think there are two changes that can be done, that might be incorporated in the next release of TWiki -- we might wait until that is released -- I do have a list of some relevant pages on TWiki but I need to reread them to understand the current status and what we might have to do to implement the changes:

Intranet vs. Internet Logins

done, by dann, 12 Dec 2002

I recommend we switch to what I've called Internet logins. The way it is set up now is only good for people who are on an intranet (and maybe if they login on dann's server via ssh -- I might try that if I remember how).

If we keep it that way, AFAIK, all pages created while not signed in will be attributed to TWikiGuest.

If we switch it, the first time somebody tries to create a page (after having registered at TWikiRegistration), they will be prompted for their password. It is normally saved during a browser session, so subsequent edits on the same session will not require another login.

I'm making a partial list of what we have to do to change it (partial because I'm not sure I'll remember without rereading the documentaion):

-- RandyKramer (added manually)

-- TWikiGuest - 11 Dec 2002

Topic revision: r1 - 2003-03-17 - RandyKramer
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