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A table where CFK volunteers can indicate their availability for WorkParties or whatever. This is intended to be used as a guide, not a commitment -- it is recognized that even though you may say you are generally available on a particular day of the week, there are situations where you won't be available.

Please sign up for days when you are usually available and willing to volunteer some time. For, now, we do not anticipate WorkParties on a Sunday, and your signup on a weekday should be considered as volunteering for an evening WorkParty. Weekday volunteers may be needed at times -- if you are available some weekdays you might add a note to that effect in the Notes column.

It would be helpful if all volunteers would register on TWiki and publish a valid email address and perhaps a telephone number on their home page. Like Main.RandyKramer, but I don't have my phone number there (and not sure about an email address). If many of us have concerns about an email address or telephone number being published on TWiki, maybe we'll find a repository to keep a list that is available only to other CFK volunteers or "coordinators".

There are some things that will affect large numbers of volunteers, for example, LVLUG meetings are on the second Tuesday of the month. For now, I don't anticipate listing those in the table below, but instead keeping them as notes to the table, below:

  • 2nd Tuesday of the month: LVLUG meeting

Please insert your (TWiki) name in alphabetic order, use X to indicate your availability, O to indicate you are unavailable (this is not required, just makes the table "render" more "nicely"). (Signing up for multiple days is not intended to indicate your willingness to volunteer on all of those days, but a willingness to volunteer on one (or more) of those days at some frequency (once a week, twice a month, whatever).

Volunteer Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Notes
RandyKramer O X X X X X X For now, generally willing to volunteer twice a week, sometimes more, currently also available weekday afternoons and specific periods on weekday mornings (~8:15 to ~10:15, or after ~11:15)

TWiki can total these columns (like a spreadsheet. It might require a plugin. When I find out more, I may change the X to something else (a 1?) to facilitate totaling -- after all, the usual key will be to pick an evening where we are likely to have an appropriate number of volunteers.




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