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A dynamic web site is a web site that serves data from a database or some similar store of data, and thus pages served vary as the data in the database varies. (My words -- can surely be improved.) This may or may not include the concept of user editable web pages -- see WikiAlternatives.

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See ResourceRecommendations. Feel free to add additional resources to these lists, but please follow the guidelines on ResourceRecommendations including ResourceRecommendations#Guidelines_for_Rating_Resources.


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Recommended for Specific Needs

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Recommended by Others

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No Recommendation

  • (rhk) Web Watch: Quixote: a Python-Centric Web Application Framework; July 22, 2002; Greg Ward -- "If you need to create dynamic web sites and don't want to learn the syntax and arbitrary limitations of yet another templating language, you should give Quixote a serious look. Quixote is a web application framework for Python programmers." Fairly long article, claim a different approach -- "PTL (Python Template Language), inverts the usual model by making it easier for Python code to generate long text strings such as HTML documents, rather than by embedding Python code in an HTML-like template language." Creating new documents is typically done with ordinary editors, not WYSIWYG HTML editors.

Not Recommended

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