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Junk unsolicited e-mail is called SPAM e-mail . It got that name due to the fact that SPAM became internationally famous as the symbol of cheap unavoidable junk food from America. Now some unsolicited e-mails that we receive may actually contain some useful information. But mostly the junk SPAM e-mails in our e-mail inbox is like the junk mail we receive through snail mail, which has a tendency to annoy us.

Due to the cost of sending an e-mail, which is only the monthly fee you pay to your Internet Service Provider versus the cost of sending snail mail, there has been an increase in the number of SPAM e-mails . Many Internet sites have now stopped sending SPAM e-mails due to the aggressive online fight against this unsolicited mass mailing with so many Internet users have refused to visit these web sites.

There are now, however web sites that cater to or encourage the sending of SPAM e-mails . There are more laws being passed all the time to make this SPAM e-mail more restrictive. SPAM e-mails can be illegal and get you put in jail.

One way for you to combat the onslaught of SPAM e-mails is to use filtering methods using the return address of the e-mail spammer or the name of the spammer's host computer, or by using keywords. In Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, filtering is done by the "rules" function. If you do not know how your e-mail program filters SPAM e-mails , send an e-mail to your e-mail provider for instructions. Perhaps you should consider changing e-mail providers if you are unable to filter out the SPAM e-mails . Click on the link below to see a list of keywords suggested by Microsoft's Assistance Center.


However there are ways that the spammer can get around filtering or rules that can be set up by us. One way is by using a different e-mail address for sending of the SPAM e-mails . Another way is to forward the SPAM e-mails through an unknowing intermediary source.

One of the ways to get on these mass mailing lists is to try and enter every contest or sign up to receive freebies or whatever, because when you enter your e-mail address, you have probably just been added to many SPAM e-mail lists. (Also never give any personal information on an unsecure site. We will cover this at a later time in the course.)

If you have to give an e-mail address, try including the words "NOSPAM". Another user should know to take out the words "NOSPAM", however an automatic SPAM e-mail server will not know this. When it tries to send you SPAM e-mail ,it will come back with a no such e-mail address error.

Another way to get on these lists is to respond to a SPAM e-mail , even if it is only to ask to be removed from the mailing list, which is at the bottom of SPAM e-mail . What you have actually done instead is just confirmed that your e-mail address is a valid e-mail address.

Also if you do not use e-mail address groups and forward a lot of jokes, etc, keeping all the valid e-mail address visible in your e-mail, this gives another opportunity for a SPAM e-mail server to intercept and add e-mail addresses to the SPAM e-mail lists.

You can contact your e-mail service provider or write your congressman if you have information on a SPAM e-mail server. There are pros and cons with the government making laws, they may actually make e-mail harder to use, and still not solve the problem.

The best advice is to use some common sense when giving your e-mail address to any website on the Internet. As you become more familiar with pyramid schemes and chain letters (which are also illegal), you may want to create more than one e-mail address, using different e-mail addresses for registering for free software, etc if you suspect a SPAM e-mail server may be involved.

See ResourceRecommendations. Feel free to add additional resources to these lists, but please follow the guidelines on ResourceRecommendations including ResourceRecommendations#Guidelines_for_Rating_Resources.


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