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  • /etc/hosts.allow, and
  • /etc/hosts.deny
are two files that help control network access to a machine on a network.

I think they affect only those network services controlled by inetd (??) or xinetd.

I'd like to contrast them to a firewall:

  • /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny control access at the source — a firewall is more of a filtering solution that can be applied anywhere between the source and the destination
  • (consequently), if you don't own/control the source (if you can't make changes to the /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny files, you can't use them to limit access — you can use a firewall




AFAICT, the /etc/hosts.deny file is processed first, so a typical way to set the files up is to:

  • first deny access to all services for all destinations in /etc/hosts.deny by adding the line "All: All"
  • then allow access to the services and destinations you wish to allow in /etc/hosts.allow by adding appropriate lines. Some examples (note that allowing the localhost is required in many (all??) cases — at this point in time I cannot explain why):
    • All: # Allow access to all network services from
    • All: 192.168.0. # Allow access to all network services from any machine on subnet 192.168.0.*
    • I presume you can specify specific services, like telnet, ssh, ... but I haven't done that.


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So far, I haven't found a man page for either file, and they are not discussed on man hosts. Maybe on man inetd or man xinetd — nope, not even on the long man xinetd.conf page. Probably need to do a Google search.

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