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%SECTION{summary}%Family Tree Maker is a genealogy program, by, at least at one time, Broderbund. My dad owns a copy of it and is currently having some problems with it. This page is intended to be a record of what I can find/fix.



Recent History and Current Problem

I forget exactly how it started, but some of the problems have included:

  • For some reason, he felt the need to reinstall. He had some trouble reinstalling 8.0, so he switched back to 7.0. After he switched back to 7.0, he got messages like "The file you are trying to ?? is from a newer version of Family Tree Maker ..." (and cannot be opened).
  • Maybe his first problem haed to do with getting a message like "ftw.exe linked to" blah, blah, blah (he wrote some of it down).
  • Then he may have attempted his first reinstall without removing the current copy.

  • I went over, deleted the old stuff and reinstalled 8.0. When I tried to open his best / most recent file (kramerall), I got the same message he got "The file you are trying to ?? is from a newer version of Family Tree Maker ..." with 7.0. I did some things like:
    • tried other, less recent files — they work fine
    • reconfirmed that help says the version is 8.0
    • tried to restore that file from a backup (same result)

Strange clue: although his main documentation (book) is for 7.0 or 8.0 (I forget which), he also has a "quick install" brochure for 10.0. He has CDs for 7.0 and 8.0, and maybe other older copies, but no 10.0. — Maybe 10.0 was an online upgrade (that he was eligible for as a "gold subscriber") but he forgot he upgraded (or he had the CD, upgraded, but lost the CD)?

The two possibilities at this point:

  • the file is corrupted
  • in accordance with the "strange clue", maybe we need to upgrade to 10.0??

He talked to them by phone, his subscription comes up for renewal next month, and he will get an automatic upgrade to 11.0 — the question is: will that solve the problem?

Some numbers:

Sales: 1-800/548-1806

Support: 1-801/705-7601

Website: http:\\www.genealogy.com

I called support and they were quite helpful. They were able to identify my dad's account readily and feel quite confident that the problem is due to an old version of the software, and that he probably had a 10.0 disk at one time.

My dad will think about resubscribing immediately (instead of when his subscription expires in about two months) in order to get an 11.0 disk immediately. (I didn't talk to sales, but I presume he could pay his one year subscription fee and get a one year addition to his current subscription, i.e., about 14 months.) (Aside: They apparently no longer have copies of 10.0, but suggested we might find one in a bargain bin somewhere.)


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