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Getting to the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. I had some other notes on my home wiki, but had a hard disk crash (not backed up, for reasons I don't want to talk about). frown

These directions and information are neither tested nor warranted in any way, do your own double checking before relying on anything on this page.

I'm going to try the ferry from Weehawken, it sounds fairly easy and gets me closest to Javits Center with a minimum of trains, buses, transfers.

As for most WikiLearn pages, this is not a finished product and I can use your help. If you can correct or clarify anything, please do, and if you have suggestions for alternate parking locations or whatever, please add them even if you can't provide all the details — maybe the next person can help fill them in.



To Avoid Driving in NYC

IIRC, the Jacob Javits Center is around 34th Street. Some ways to avoid driving into New York City (starting from Bethlehem, Pa., but you can choose a different starting point):

by Ferry

park at Weehawken

There are definitely some errors here, and I'm disappointed in AAA who gave me a wrongly marked-up map. Later I'll revise these more neatly, but just to hit the highlights:

  • 45th Street is the wrong street to turn right on (it is one way onto JFK Blvd. on both sides of the street)
  • 60th Street (probably) works, but I wandered through Weehawken and asked directions, so didn't directly turn from JFK onto 60th — at the "bottom" of 60th Street turn right, drive some distance (1 to 2 miles) until you find parking lots on the left for the ferry. If you park in the North parking lot there is a free shuttle bus which takes you to the ferry. (There is no free parking, the parking that appeared to be free was for construction workers on a local job, I suspect that if I had parked there my car would have been gone (towed) by the end of the day.)
  • Parking was $7 and round trip to midtown was $10, for a total of $17 (vs. the $14 ($5 plus $9) mentioned by AAA. I also paid a total of $2.75 in other tolls (2 x $1 on the NJT, $0.75 to cross the Delaware (they let you into Jersey for free, but charge you to get out wink ). Add about $10 for gas (real close, but I didn't fill before I left and again on my return, I filled in Phillipsburg for $12 and had more gas when I got home than when I left (could have cost as little as $8 or 9).
  • Some other gotchas / frustrations to mention when I revise the page:
    • In addition to two (parallel) NJTs (E + W), and the NJT Extension, there is also the Garden State Parkway to cause potential confusion.
    • It is fairly easy to stay on the East NJT — there is a place where you go one way to 15E - 17E (and the Lincoln Tunnel, IIRC) (to the right, IIRC) and another for 15W - 17W (and the <something bridge?? IIRC, although I could have the Tunnel and bridge reversed).
    • New Jersey seems to have a weird penchant for having parallel roadways with similar / same names (the NJT east and west, mentioned above) and, there is JFK Boulevard and JFK Boulevard East (or JFK East Boulevard??).
    • As I was exiting from I495 to JFK Blvd, I noticed a sign saying something like "to ferries" which might have indicated that I should have stayed on I495 for at least one more exit — maybe that would have taken me to JFK Boulevard East (??) and maybe I would have seen signs pointing to the ferries (I saw nothing at 45th Street, and IIRC, the next several streets (46 - 48 th) were also one way the wrong way.
    • I should (perhaps?) describe what I'll call New Jersey's wierd underground "cloverleaves"? I495 is at a much lower elevation than JFK Blvd. To get, say, from JKK to I 495, as you approach the cross over there is a ramp (in my case (always?) in the center of the roadway. You follow this ramp down to a "roadway" at an elevation about midway between JFK and I495. At this elevation there is a (short radius) circle and stop signs where all the downward leading ramps converge and lead you to other downward leading ramps leading to I495. The circle allows you to enter from any direction and leave in any direction (i.e., you can even, IIUC, do a U-Turn on that circle (although I didn't so I'm not 100% sure you can do that (either physically or legally).

The original directions:

  • I78 east
  • New Jersey Turnpike (not the NJT Extension) north
  • At a certain point, IIUC, the NJT splits into two separate 4 (??) lane roads), if you get a choice, stay on the eastern (rightmost). (IIUC, the exits on the eastern branch all end in E, those on the west all end in W.)
  • Exit at 16E (from eastern NJT, or 16W from western NJT) for I495
  • I495 east (north?) (i.e., toward the Lincoln Tunnel).
  • John F. Kennedy Blvd. north
  • 45th Street east (right turn)
  • follow 45th to Weehawken Park. (Look for parking / ferry signs.)

As of 1/20/04, parking is $5/day and the ferry is $9 round trip. I understand that during much of the day the ferry runs every 10 minutes.

park at Liberty State Park (Liberty Science Center)

  • I78 east
  • Continue on I78 east after you pass the New Jersey Turnpike "entrance". You don't want the NJT, but I78 may also be known at that point as the NJT Extension. Follow I78 / NJT Extension across Newark Bay (a "bridge", or is it just a long elevated roadway on "stilts"??)
  • Watch for signs for Liberty State Park and/or the Liberty Science Center and exit there, watching for additional signs for the ferry / parking.

IIRC, the parking may be more like $10/day here, and the ferry gets you to the lower end of Manhattan, quite some distance from the Javits Center.

You can take a subway, bus (??), or taxi to the Javits Center.

by Train (Subway)

The trains cross the Hudson (via a tunnel??) and become subways in Manhattan.

park at Newark (Penn Station)

  • I78 east
  • Garden State Parkway north to exit 143A (?)
  • Springfield Avenue (NJ(?) 124) east
  • Market Street to Penn Station (around the intersection with McCarter(??) Highway or Raymond Street (two different roads))

No "public" (authority??) parking, parking is available from commercial entities like Edison (973/643-2884)

The Trains:

Run every 5 minutes during rush hour (hours not known (to me)), every 10 minutes at other times except every 30 minutes after midnight.

Take two trains:


  • PATH train (marked "PATH" IIUC) to 2nd stop, cross platform
  • train for 33rd & 6th (marked??), take to last stop, you are within walking distance (for most people, in reasonable weather) of the Javits Center which is somewhere around 34th and ???

IIUC, the (two) trains cost $1.50 each way (I assume you get a transfer with or on the ticket for the first train), so round trip is $3.

by Subway

park at Shea Stadium--no longer an option

I did this several years ago, and since then someone told me that you could no longer park at Shea Stadium to ride the subway (this was near Christmas, so not because of a ball game). Maybe something new since 9/11? If I wanted to do this, I'd try calling 1-800/234-7284 and ask if it was still possible and how much parking costs there. (The subway is fairly cheap, maybe $1.50 each way?)

Of course, driving to Shea Stadium does require that you drive through either Manhattan or Brooklyn and Queens.

The recommendation I've been given recently is to come into NYC on I80 instead of I78 / I278.

I80 Route (through Manhattan):

  • I78 east
  • Pa(?)33 north
  • I80 east
  • I95 (east? north? (not south?) toward George Washington Bridge (NYC)
  • I87 (Deegan (?) Expressway) south
  • Grand Central Parkway south(?) (east?) (across Triborough Bridge (toll?))
  • past La Guardia Airport, you should find Shea before you get to I678

I78 / I278 Route (through Brooklyn and Queens):

  • I78 east
  • I278 east (across Verrazano Narrows Bridge (toll))
  • Grand Central Parkway east(?) (south?) (away from the Triborough Bridge)
  • past La Guardia Airport, you should find Shea before you get to I678


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  • 22 Jan 2004: Fixed directions to Weehawken by changing one instance of "I95" to "I495", some clarifications and typo fixes.
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