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iRulu 10.1" Model AX105 with Android 4.2


This page is intended to discuss (or at least mention) applications I've tried and found useful, and, perhaps, applications I've tried that haven't been useful (at least, for me).

On the page Downloading Videos I mention or discuss various applications for downloading videos that I either briefly investigated (e.g., I found their page in the PlayStore and reviewed the statements and comments there) or actually installed and tried.



List of Applications

In alphabetic order:

  • AirDroid: I installed this in an attempt to allow access to files on the iRulu from a browser on my desktop PC. It didn't work for me, and I'm guessing it didn't work because I use a hard-wired Ethernet connection instead of WiFi. It is at least the second application that didn't work for me, apparently because I use a hard-wired Ethernet connection instead of WiFi or 3G.

  • AndFTP: Didn't work on first try--it didn't see any FTP servers--I probably don't have one running on my network atm.

  • AndSMB: Not tried--iiuc, is a Samba (i.e., Microsoft networking) client

  • Android Root User: as opposed to being an application that gives you root access, it tests whether you have root access. On the AX-105 it tells me that I have root access, but I can't su in Terminal Emulator to get the root (#) prompt. See Root_Access

  • Bash Shell X: Robert Nediyakalaparambil [Root]--see Root_Access

  • Bridge Solver (by John Goacher): seems to be a reasonable bridge (card game) tool to use for various purposes. It analyzes hands by the double dummy method, which I heard about today for the first time while reading up on bridge games. I plan to use it (initially) to enter hands from various bridge columns and then play them out for myself (especially, or maybe only) if the column doesn't quite make sense to me otherwise.

  • BusyBoxFree: loaded because I found some comments that indicated that I needed to use some variety of BusyBox to get access to the root prompt after getting root access. So far, no luck. See Root_Access.

  • Droid Civilization: Seems to be about like Freeciv--same tile set, same starting set of players, same limited options--well, except I think I found a few more options in Freeciv--don't remember how / where I found them, so I don't know if they're really missing or I just can't find them.

  • Evernote: An application to help keep notes (textual and audio), pictures, and files organized and easily searchable. (A little bit like askSam (and askRhk).) Some parts of it look nice, but there are a few things I don't like, the biggest being that any data I put in is stored on a (remote) Evernote server, raising questions in my mind of privacy and security.

  • External Keyboard (not required for use of the external keyboard, but, at first I thought it might be).

  • Freeciv: I used to like and play civ and freeciv. I don't care for this version (1.1.9)--imho, it's not full featured like the version I used to use on my desktop.

  • Ftp server: works--when it first came up, it wanted me to press the button to start the ftp server, but then it didn't start. I looked at its settings, apparently, by default, it was looking for a WiFi connection. I switched it to use an Ethernet connection--success--I can connect to the iRulu from my desktop using Konqueror with address

  • Gallery KK (loaded in an effort to make HDMI work)--my current problem might be external to the iRulu.

  • Google Search (20140314, 21.89 MB): I'm not sure of all the features of Google Search, but one is that you can speak search terms and Google will search on them. In addition, I wanted to try out some of the dictation applications (that is, voice to text applications), like ListNote (see below). Apparently all such applications use Google Search as the voice recognizer.

  • Google Voice: with Google Voice I can access my Google Voice account from the iRulu--seems to work fine, but I probably will unload it--I don't really want to access my Google Voice account (or my email accounts) from the iRulu, at least for the present.

  • ifconfig (loaded to find out about the network connections)

  • iPP Podcast (an application to play podcasts): this might work fine, but I couldn't get it to work--I didn't find instructions and it wasn't quite intuitive enough for me. I should say I've only very rarely used podcast software even on my desktop--it might be intuitive enough for others. wink See Podkicker, below.

  • Line:

  • ListNote: a dictation application, that is, you can speak to it, and it will convert your speech sounds to text. It needs Google Voice to work, as it serves as the speech recognizer. So far, I've only tried this with more background noise than I should have had, and I'm medium impressed. A fair number of errors, but until I try it with no background noise (and perhaps a better microphone), I'll withhold final judgement. It does seem that it capitalizes (i.e., upper case) the first letter of each word. I hope there's an option to turn that off.

  • Mobile VOIP:

  • Podkicker (an application to play podcasts): this was intuitive enough for me to make it work. Didn't look for instructions. Here's my experience:
I managed to use Podkicker to download the .mp3 of a show, then exported it so I could play it outside of Podkicker. (I didn't seem able to play it inside Podkicker, nor could I get the stream to play within Podcaster.) I forget exactly how I invoked the export function, it might have been a context menu on the downloaded file. After I exported it I could get access to it on the internal SD card under a folder named "Podcasts" using FileManager.

  • Presentation Pal (loaded in an effort to make HDMI work)

  • Root ADB: In my quest for root, someone suggested I see if I can get root access over ADB, so I installed this to try. Didn't help.

  • Root Checker Basic: installed because recommended somewhere as a way to check if I have root, it says I do, but I'm convinced I don't--I can't get the # prompt in Terminal Emulator, and when I try to do things that probably require root privileges, I get messages to the effect that I don't have the necessary privileges.

  • Shell Viewer: another application loaded in my quest for root.

  • SoundHound: an application that "listens" to some music and tries to get the name for it. It worked for me by recognizing a snippet in a recent "Sound Opinions" show as "Soul Finger" by the Bar Kays.

  • Superuser: installed in the effort to get root access--hasn't seemed to help

  • Terminal Emulator (loaded to give me a command line--but, it is missing a lot of commands, so now loading Bash Shell X to see what it does for me)

  • Titanium Backup * root (aka Titanium Track): atm, I'm not particularly interested in using this for its intended purpose. But, iiuc, it requires root--I'm loading it to see if it works which would be an indication that I do have root despite the conflicting information I have so far--see Root Access. BTW, it agrees that I don't have root access.

  • YouTube: looks promising--an application to view YouTube videos, but it also seems to promise to preload videos at "strategic times" so that I can either watch them offline or without pauses and stuttering. See Downloading Videos.

  • Viber: Last night when I installed this, I didn't think it works. Today, as I was getting ready to uninstall it, I decided to try it first and it appears that it might work. The rates for calls to non-Viber phones are more expensive than Mobile VOIP, and, since Mobile VOIP worked for me last night, I'll keep that and delete this for now. Aside: I'm uninstalling some applications to make room for others--some of these applications use a lot of space...I'm trying to install a 10.31 MB app and it won't fit with something like 40 MB available...


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