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iRulu 10.1" Model AX105 with Android 4.2

Downloading Videos

Just starting to collect some information on possible ways to capture Youtube (in particular) videos for later playback.

Summary and Conclusions (not so tentative any more)


I found Videoder a few weeks ago, and it meets almost all my needs. Primarily, I can download (Youtube and other) videos (at a speed faster than normal playback speed) and save the video in a file for playing later. There are three (minor) drawbacks at the present time:

  • Videoder is not available from the (Google) Play Store--here's a link to download it. Installation is easy--iirc, after downloading it, I just "clicked" on the file, and was prompted to install it. (Further note that the latest version is 7.1.0, but the download page still refers to version 7.0.0. I had downloaded and installed 7.0.0 some weeks ago, and recently, when I started Videoder, I was notified that an upgrade was available and given the option to upgrade--I did, and I'm now at 7.1.0.)) UPDATE: It is now at version 8.5.0, and it says so on the Videoder home page. I don't yet know if that new version addresses any of my complaints (next two bullets).
  • Videoder works (for me) as long as I'm connected to the Internet via WiFi. When I try to use my hardwired Ethernet connection, it does not work. I notified the developer of my problem, and got a reply that indicated that it was, indeed, a bug and that they would fix it in the next update. (I was at 7.0.0 at the time.) It still doesn't seem to work for me in 7.1.0--I didn't put much effort into trying to get it to work--I may be doing something wrong (although it's hard to imagine what). I have written to the developer again to try to get confirmation that the problem is fixed but have not yet received a reply.
  • Videoder persists in displaying in portrait mode, despite the fact that I do everything else in landscape mode, and that occurs even though I have set the system to not rotate the display. (So, I sit there with the iRulu in landscape mode, and then when I switch to the Videoder (download) display, I have to either rotate the iRulu (or my head wink ) by 90 degrees. Playback of a video (in some other application) does not exhibit this problem.

One particular nice feature of Videoder is that if you are in a browser and go to play a video, you will be given an option to use Videoder, which gives you the opportunity to view (within Videoder) or download the video. The availability of this feature may depend on your habits with the iRulu--so far, whenever I've been given the opportunity to choose an app to use to open a particular type of file, I've also chosen the option "one time only", which means I get the opportunity to choose the app each time. If I chose the option "always", I'm not sure what I'd have to do to get the choice again.

Update: That feature used to exist, but I haven't been given the option recently. I'm not 100% sure, but I think the feature disappeared about the time that I upgraded to version 7.1.0.

Another nice feature of Videoder is the ability to pick the desired resolution from a fairly wide range of choices.

Older UPDATE: YouTube

I downloaded an application named YouTube. It looked promising--it is an application to view YouTube videos, but it also promises to preload videos at "strategic times" (mcow--my choice of words) (like during charging) so that I can either watch them offline or online without pauses and stuttering. I will be experimenting with it to confirm that it does that--it did ok for one movie, but then I realized that it was a movie that had previously been watched on the iRulu, and I'm not sure that it hadn't somehow played it from a cached copy of the movie that was already there.

'll try to ramble as little as possible (for me)! wink

My main goal is to download YouTube videos for later playback while not connected to the Internet. That seems to be a difficult thing to do, and I am not alone in suspecting that Google / YouTube intend that it be difficult.

Many of the applications to download YouTube depend on old behaviors of YouTube--in particular that it used to cache a copy of the video somewhere on the downloading machine--on Linux, typically in /tmp. YouTube seems to be intentionally getting rid of that behavior.

Hence, I'm not very hopeful that there will be any way to download YouTube videos on a tablet (like the iRulu), or, eventually, probably not even on a PC.

Another behavior that some video download applications depend on is being able to find a URL on a webpage and recognize it as the address of a video file. I think that behavior was abandoned by YouTube even before they started abandoning the cache in /tmp behavior.

I don't know if the applications listed below would be useful in downloading videos from sites other than YouTube. I haven't done any intentional testing of them for that purpose.

I'm sure the YouTube behaviors have at least something to do with the need to protect copyrighted materials. (Aside: I'm not even sure whether if you pay for a YouTube video you can download it for offline viewing...)

Aside: One benefit of the ability to view downloaded videos is a saving in bandwidth when re-viewing a video. With my DSL connection, it is problematic to view even a 240p video without stuttering and pauses...

Older Notes

Of course, another alternative is to download videos on my desktop computer, load them to a USB storage device, and then take that device to the iRulu. (I assume that either a pendrive or harddrive would work.) Such transfer (sneakernet) is not my preference.

Oh, since both my desktop and the iRulu are on my LAN, maybe I can also transfer such files over the network--I'll have to think about that and give it a try.

UPDATE: See IRulu_Communicating via LAN




Some links that might help, but, realistically, I think there is very little in the following that will help anybody.

Summary: Easily download YouTube videos to your Generic Android 4.2 so you can watch them without loading or buffering.

TubeMate YouTube Downloader is the best YouTube Video Downloader for an Android Smartphone. The only problem with this app is that it is not available officially via the Play Store. But, we have tested it and it definitely works like a charm.

Head over to TubeMate. Once you are there, the best place to download is from the android freeware.

Once you download the .apk file. Click on it to install it. You may get a security warning, as by default you cannot install apps from unknown location (that is apps which are not from play store). For installing these types of apps,

Head over to Setting Options>>and then to Security. Look for an option which says ?Allow installation from unknown source?. You can ignore this for TubeMate YouTube Downloader. Check that Allow Installation option box to allow the installation.

You may also revert back to original settings after installing the Tubemate, because we assure you of this app that it will not cause any problem but other may so it?s better to keep the settings which came with your device.

Once the app is installed, open it. The UI of Tubemate, resembles the YouTube Website Mobile Layout. You can see new videos and can also search for videos you want to download.

  1. Once you have any video which you want to download. Look for a green arrow button on the top or below and click that.
  2. It will present you with some pre-downloading options, like which video quality you want to get your video in. You also have the option to save it as MP3 file so no need to convert separately. Once everything is selected according to your choice. Tap on green arrow again to download.

Here's where the magic happens.

    1. The video's URL should be in the URL field. Place your cursor directly after the "www." and type in the word "pwn" before "youtube.com"

The resulting link should look something like "http://www.pwnyoutube.com/videocode"

So far, this hasn't worked for me on either the iRulu or my desktop. It has been rather confusing to me to understand what it is trying to do. At the current time, I believe what it does is let you enter a URL and then let you choose links to jump to various other sites which will actually do the download. (But, the two I've tried so far haven't worked.)

Pvstar is great. Works well in conjunction with Shazam, I simply tag songs I hear on the radio in Shazam, go to the youtube video option then open it in Pvstar instead. From there you can quickly add them to play lists which can be played normally/arranged/randomly, add free, with your phone locked or in the background while your using it. Another great feature is that it will play youtube videos that aren't allowed on mobile devices, I browse reddit on my phone usually so this is very helpful.

Android Applications I've tried

On the iRulu, I went to the (Google?) PlayStore, and did a search on [download youtube video] and then started looking at (and trying some of) the applications that were displayed.

Aside: I'm making cryptic pencil notes at the iRulu while doing this, then going to my desktop to enter my observations. Many of the application names are very similar, and, especially in this first go round, I might have got some of them wrong. Further, I might have done something wrong in installing or using them, thus my observations may be incorrect.

Some general observations:

  • even though I have my screen locked in the landscape orientation, several of the applications managed to rotate my screen to the portrait orientation. (My iRulu is in a holder that (physically) holds it in the landscape orientation--trying to view things in the portrait orientation is problematic. wink
  • several of the applications displayed a message like ~"Network not available". (My iRulu does fine in browsing the web and other things that require Internet access--I happen to have installed a USB 10/100 Ethernet adapter (dongle) to get hardwired network access.) I'm beginning to suspect that some of the applications have been programmed to look only for network access by WiFi or via cell phone provider (need to learn the better name for that).
  • Several of the applications stated that they could download from quite a few sites, but not Youtube--because I am most familiar with Youtube, I want to be able to download Youtube videos.


  • My tests and observations are being made around 20140302. I have not recorded the version numbers of the applications that I tried. Later versions may be improved.
  • If I have not tried the application myself, I may have relied on comments by others on the PlayStore "page" for the application. In that case, I have no first hand knowledge as to whether those comments are valid or not.

Videoder - Video Downloader (1): Rahul Verma

Update: I saw enough success stories about the use of Videoder that I decided to try again. I found out that it will work on WiFi, but not on my hard-wired Ethernet connection. I wrote to the developer(s?) (well, actually, their "support" iiuc, and they agreed it was a problem and promised to fix it in the "next release").

Installed and tried--no success:

  • got a message like "no network available"
  • rotated screen to portrait mode (despite having set the iRulu to not automatically rotate the screen--I've run into several other applications that do the same thing) (an annoying behavior with my iRulu in the keyboard / stand it came with which holds the iRulu in landscape mode)


HD Video Downloader (2): New Essence

Didn't try because a commenter said ~that if your Internet connection fails, the download is cancelled and discarded, instead of paused and resumed later. Worried me.

AVD Download Video Downloader (3): MBFG

Didn't try based on commenter complaints--don't recall what they were.

Video Downloader (4): Jenna Wallaby

Installed, wouldn't start, uninstalled.

Video Download (5): nnc

Didn't try, sounds like it works only with certain sites, not including Youtube.

Video Download (8): Think Online

Didn't try, sounds like it works only with certain sites, not including Youtube.

Video Downloader Video DL (9): Techtechapps

Installed. Adware. Seems to work for some videos, but the three I tried were problematic--the first was a video of Part 1 of a movie on Lincoln, but it seemed more like a slide show--still pictures displayed for significant periods of time, and no sound.

2nd video I tried to download was a 90MB video (which was listed as something like 5 minutes)--I didn't want to wait that long so I cancelled it.

3rd video I tried to download a Youtube video (the first two were not, iirc), and every time I tried, the application didn't find a video to download.

It took me a little while to understand the general concept of how this works. You start with a Google search box which will (obviously) search the entire web for whatever you put in. Eventually I realized what it was, and then entered search strings like [site:youtube.com U2 Gimme Shelter] which succeeded in finding only (or mainly) videos on Youtube.

Then you click on a "DL" icon in the upper right corner of the display. The application then searches the Google search results currently displayed for downloadable videos. When it searched Youtube URLs, it did not find videos to download. When it searched (some) other URLs, it did find videos to download.

Thus, I strongly suspect this will not work to download Youtube videos.


Video Downloader (12) First Three LLC

Not tried as it says it doesn't support Youtube.

YTD Video Downloader (14) S. C. Greentree Applications SRL

Not tried: Comments say Youtube is an unsupported site.

Video Web Download

Not tried--might try later: says it supports sites that have a "video tag in HTML text"--I suspect that is not the case for Youtube.

AVD Download Video Downloader (33) MBFG

Not tried. Not free ($2.99), negative user comments, and no positive statement that it handles Youtube.

My Video Tube - Video Download (36): Soanesoft

Not tried. Mixed comments, no positive statement that it handles Youtube.

Easy Video Downloader (37): Toodolooapps

Not tried, but might. Positive comments. No positive statement that it handles Youtube.

Download Video:DL Media (43): Appsbluecolors

Not tried, but might. Positive comments. No positive statement that it handles Youtube.

Movie Download (49): Think Online

Not tried. Negative comments, adware. Mentions several sites that work but doesn't mention Youtube.

Free Video Downloader (51): New Essence

Not tried. Some Engrish seems to say that it won't download from certain sites--my guess that would include Youtube.

Video Downloader (53): Impression Apps

Hmm, sounds like I might want to try.

BaDoink Video Downloader (54): CM Productions LLC

Says it downloads anything, for playback on XBox. Mixed comments, some say recent changes have made it worse. Might try.

Android Download Manager (55): Mobildev

Says it won't work on Youtube due to policy.

Video Downloader (56): Switchpro

Positive reviews, no mention of Youtube, but I'm beginning to think none of these apps will deal with Youtube. Disappointing.

FVD - Free Video Downloader (57): Sharklab Mobil

Youtube not supported.

Easy Video Downloader (62): BEC Apps

Says any video, mixed reviews.

Multi Video Clip - DL videos (70): Locustapp

Downloads everything quick?? Mixed comments, mostly good.

HD Video Downloader (80): Maanvardhan

Youtube not supported.

Video Download Manager (93): Toucancom

Negative comments, one says Youtube not supported.

Music Video Clip Download Free (99): Iskndr2013 Tech

Negative comments.

DLV: Video Download Downloader (104): Apkthunder

Mixed comments.

Grab Tube Video fast download (109): Movil Sland

Negative comments.

Tube Video Downloader (116): Batman

Negative comments.

Youtube Video and MP3 Download (121): Akcoder

Just based on the name, I guess I'll have to try...

Media Clip - Video Downloader (126): Weevilapp

Some positive reviews, it apparently supported Youtube at some point in time, not any more...

Yokee: Sing Karaoke on YouTube (130): Yokee

Not what I'm looking for (atm), but sounds nice--I was thinking about an application that would start a music video and find and overlay the lyrics (ideally with a "beat marker")--I wonder if this does anything like that. Apparently some costs involved (needs "coins"), and some negative comments about noise.

DL Clip - Video download tool (132): Impalaapp

Nothing negative. Could be worth trying.

VDZ - Video Download Z (134): Jackapp

Supports specified websites, not Youtube. Quite a few, though, maybe I should try some of these sites...

Free videos downloader mp4 (146): Mabela

Very positive comments. No mention of Youtube.

Video Tube Downloader DL (150): Takashiapps

Positive comments.

More to look at, by number:

MP4 Video Downloader: media (166: ): Mobiletellu

Some hint that it does (or did) work with Youtube

Fastest Video Downloader (167): Buggs2k Software

Youtube not supported.

Free Video Downloader Plus (170): inko.com

Mixed reviews.

Keek Video Downloader (173): Bravoo

Works only with Keek videos??

Video Downloader (178): Nondustapps

Positive comments, no mention of Youtube.

MP4 Video Download: DL Movie (192): Kerriaapp

Sounds like a general purpose downloader with positive comments. I guess I'd have to find suitable URLs by other means...

Free Video Downloader HD (211): Apkproducts

Positive comments, I won't even mention Youtube anymore, seems like a dead issue.

Download videos -downvids.net (217): Muhammed Demircioglu

One commentor says it worked to download low quality Youtube videos, so I guess it is worth trying.

Best Opencourse Video (233): Video Team

Access the (video) lectures from places like Yale, CMU, MIT, UCLA, ... Mixed coments.

BaDoink Video Downloader PLUS (240):

$1.99. Says downloads any video. Negative comments.

Well, that's the (first??) 250 listed on the Play Store


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