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iRulu 10.1" Model AX105 with Android 4.2

Networking Anomalies

I'm currently rewriting the page Networking and expect that, when that page is complete, everything from this page will be covered there and this page will be deleted (or, at least, no longer linked from any other page).

Networking anomalies: I can (with varying amounts of effort or external devices) connect to my LAN (and the Internet via my LAN) via WiFi or hard-wired Ethernet. (I also assume (I know) that I can connect to the Internet (directly), by 3G/4G if I acquired the proper dongle.)

Some applications seem to work with with either WiFi or hard-wired Ethernet, some seem to work only with WiFi, and still others seem to work only with hard-wired Ethernet. This page is intended to record my experiences, and, eventually, I hope, an explanation and resolution.

Note: I have relevant notes on this page, on Communicating via LAN, and on my offline askSam / wiki like thing (I call it askRhk). At some point I will (should) consolidate these notes on one page.

(CRYPTIC) UPDATE: I got FTP Server to work over WiFi with an open (that is, no security) system. When I try it with WEP, WPA, or WPA2, so far, I have not got it to work. There is another oddity that I cannot explain and need to consider: it seems that if I change my WiFi service to have a different level of security, but assign that setup a static IP that I've already used for another level of security, WiFi won't work. (I think / thought I cleaned out enough old stuff to avoid any interference between the old level of security and the new, but apparently not.) I've found (accidentally) that problem doesn't occur if I let that WiFi service with a different level of security get a dynamic (DHCP address) it does work. So, there is something going on here that I do not understand.

I thought that, at least once, I had FTP Server working with WEP, but, the next day, when I tried it again, it didn't work, and I haven't been able to make it work since then. I think the next step will be to try to setup WEP with a new (previously unused) static IP and see if that works (and/or try a dynamic IP).

For the time being, I am running the WiFi service with no security, but with a hidden SSID and requiring that only WiFi devices with specified MAC addresses are allowed access. I've read that such "security" is not very reliable, so I do want to get something better. (Ideally, at least while at home, I want to use wired Ethernet, but I have one application that, at the moment, doesn't work over wired Ethernet--the developer(s) are aware of the problem, consider it a bug, and have promised to fix it in the "next" release.)

I've also written to at least one website to ask whether ftp can work with other levels of security--I would be surprised if it couldn't, but, if it can't, I don't want to spend a lot of time beating a dead horse.

UPDATE: The application that works (for me) on the hard-wired Ethernet but not on WiFi is FTP Server. The first time I set it up, the iRulu was on the hard-wired Ethernet, so perhaps I (or it) did something on installation that made it work on the hard-wired Ethernet but not on WiFi. I have looked at the configurations, both of FTP Server itself and the iRulu network in general, and experimented a little, but with no success. If I had root access one of the things I'd try is modifying the ARP table.

A more "fat, dumb, and happy" approach might be to uninstall FTP Server and then reinstall it while connected to the LAN via WiFi. Ok, tried that, no luck. I'll probably now have to tweak it to get it to work on the hard-wired Ethernet. By the way, it is by The Olive Tree, and, atm, it allows anonymous access and the username and password are the default (francis).

Note: I just realized that some ftp servers (or, at least, FTP Server) continue to stay active even if I "swipe" the application off the recent applications page. Thus, when I was experimenting with some other ftp servers, FTP Server may have been active (I don't really recall) and may have interfered with my attempts to use other ftp servers.

Some of the applications that work (or promise to work) on WiFi but don't via the hard-wired internet include:

  • Print Android
  • PrintBot
  • Some other print applications (I'll have to find those names again at some point)
  • Videoder

I've contacted at least some of those vendors who have made varying degrees of promise that it will work (some say it should work, some say they will fix it in the next version). Oh, and I suspect some may be "for pay" applications for which I've tried a free trial version--perhaps some features are missing.





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