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iRulu 10.1" Model AX105 with Android 4.2

iRulu Safe Mode



Safe Mode

Yesterday (20150331), for the first time (iirc), my iRulu Model AX105 went into safe mode.


  • "Safe Mode" appeared in the lower left hand corner of the screen, overlaid on the background
  • I could not access all the applications on the iRulu--if I had to guess, I'd guess that I could access only factory installed applications, not any of the applications I had installed
  • Not sure if this is a symptom of safe mode or some other problem: I could not start the Chrome browser--whenever I clicked on the icon to start it (from one of the start pages), it did essentially nothing (well, except that the X appeared at the top of the screen such that I could have dragged and dropped the icon on the X to delete it (iirc).

What caused it

  • I don't know--maybe it happened because I shut down and then restarted the iRulu possibly faster than I ever had before--I mean, I shut it down, and almost as soon as the screen went black, I pressed the On button to restart it. I did that quick restart because the Chrome browser would not start for me (see above) and I thought maybe a reboot would cure the problem. See the discussion below about the stand I built for use with videoder using plywood and metal brackets--it seems that Chrome does not work when it is in the stand--I will have to work on finding some non-metallic brackets to replace the metallic brackets on the stand. (And maybe the entire episode is related to the metal brackets on the stand, in an intermittent fashion.)

How I "fixed" it

  • I shut the iRulu down, left it off for a good period of time (15 minutes?) and then restarted it--I don't know if the 15 minutes helped, and I don't know if this will always work.


Note: I did do a little googling on [iRulu "safe mode"] and found pages where others asked about how to get out of safe mode. Some of the recommendations there (I didn't read much) (not necessarily just for the iRulu--some were in general for any Android tablet (or phone)) included things like doing a hard reset. Apparently those things didn't always work.

I guess I should think about iRulu safe mode as something like the Windows safe mode that I occasionally got into on rebooting Windows computers in the Win 95 thru WinXP era--it was sort of like sometimes Windows got slightly confused during bootup and put you into safe mode so that you could look into a potential problem (iirc, they didn't give you any useful hints) and fix it before rebooting. IIRC, most often (for me) there was no real problem, and just rebooting without changing anything often got the computer to boot into Windows fine. Occasionally, iirc, there was some more serious problem that I had to fix. ATM, I can't remember a typical problem--just guessing, maybe a critical file got damaged or lost, or some (critical) hardware device had failed.

So, I guess, for the time being, if I get into safe mode, I'll first shut the iRulu down, let it "rest" for a reasonable period (at least a minute, longer if that doesn't work), and if that doesn't work, I'll try a hardware reset. If that doesn't work, I'll do some serious googling and go from there.

Aside: Just to remind myself: I don't use the iRulu very often, especially if I am at home, but I typically keep it sitting on charge and in standby (i.e., with the screen dark but not powered off). Yesterday might have been the first time I used it in a month (just a guess). When I went to use it, I had various troubles, including:

  • the keyboard didn't work
  • the touchscreen seemed less sensitive

Stand to support the iRulu in portrait mode (with cables on the bottom) for Videoder

Because videoder (which I use occasionally) always appears in portrait mode, and further, because on the iRulu, the portrait mode that Videoder displays in is oriented so the various jacks are on the bottom when Videoder is right side up, I improvised a stand for it.

The stand includes a piece of 5/16" plywood a little bigger than the iRulu. I took some metal curtain rod hangers and bent them to make some brackets-- two sort of double ell-shaped (for the bottom two corners) and one ell shaped (for one side)--the other side is open. With this arrangement, I can slide the iRulu into / under those brackets such that the iRulu is supported in portrait mode with space at the bottom to plug the cables in without putting strain on them. That is, without the iRulu resting on the cable plugs.

The problem is, when the iRulu is attached to the improvised stand, the touch screen is less sensitive. That is probably because the touch screen works based on capacitance, and the metal brackets probably effect the capacitance in the vicinity of the touch screen. I'll keep my eye out for some plastic (or other non-metallic) brackets to replace the metal ones, and see if that restores the sensitivity like when the iRulu is not in the stand.


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