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iRulu 10.1" Model AX105 with Android 4.2

Stopping or Unloading Applications

When I first started using the iRulu, I found that applications that I had recently used remained on the "recently used" display until I rebooted the machine. I did not find an X on the screen to close an application or to remove it from the "recently used" display.

I did some googling and reading on the subject, and found some interesting discussion about the philosophy of Android 4.2 which is to not stop / unload / suspend / swap / close applications when not being used.

It was particularly interesting to me because it seemed to incorporate some suggestions I had made once upon a time to the developers (at some level) of Linux. Because I am somewhat (or maybe grossly) narcissistic, I will discuss some of that below.

Since then, though, I've found that applications can be removed from the "recently used" display by simply dragging them offscreen. This solves the only problem I really saw with the Android 4.2 philosophy.



Older rough notes about the Android 4.2 approach to stopping applications

My complaints about the approach

  • (Aside: It is very similar what I tried to suggest at one time for Linux--but I gave up.)
  • The "recently used applications" screen can fill up and thus be annoying to search through for an application you have open. (When you shut down the tablet, that screen is cleared, so... (I'm not sure that also works if you set it up to do a "quick boot" on startup (but I suspect it does).

Advantages of the approach

  • Bundles save the state if an application does have to be killed to make room for a new application
  • If a currently not used application doesn't have to be killed, restarting from the point you left off is very quick and easy
  • If a currently not used application does have to be killed, it will (or should wink resume from the point you left off, but it may take a little longer (for some definition of little).


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