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If you run "konsole from the panel/kicker, it will freeze kicker and when you exit konsole, you will get an error message about not being able to run "konsole-noxft".

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From jipe (Re: [expert] KDE 3.0.1 and konsole-noxft; 24 Jul 2002)

> It is a known monstrous problem in KDE 3 that if you try to run the
konsole > from the panel/kicker, it will freeze kicker and when you exit konsole,
you > will get an error message about not being able to run "konsole-noxft".
GAH! >
> I tried several things to destroy this nonsense, from changing the real
> konsole-noxft to another name and then symlinking konsole-noxft to plain
ole > konsole, editing the properties for the konsole icon on the panel so that
it > runs "konsole" instead of "konsole-noxft" (but this only lasts until your
> next login), and finally, when nothing worked, I flat-out deleted
> konsole-noxft (because I NEVER want to run without xft damnit!) and that
> worked...for a while. I quite getting the error message and konsole
started > just fine from kicker (you do not get any problem if you run konsole from
the > kmenu (??). Then, and suddenly, I lately found that I couldn't run
konsole > from the kicker icon at all because it started complaining about not
being > able to find "konsole-noxft". Duh, I deleted it and it was all perfectly
> fine for about a month.
> Has anyone come up with a permanent fix for this that does NOT involve
the > very sad and repulsive suggestion from the KDE people of deleting the
kicker > konsole icon and just putting a konsole icon on the desktop? I will not
do > this. My desktop is clean and pristine and there will be no nonsensical
> icons on it. At the moment, I have replaced the konsole icon with one
for > eterm but there is no antialiasing possible with this.
> Anyone find a better fix than the KDE-suggested one?
> praedor

here is a solution given on "débutant". the newbie french list. edit this file: /opt/kde3/share/applnk-mdk/Terminals/konsole.desktop so that it looks like the following. just adapt your locales smile

[Desktop Entry] Name=Konsole Comment=Konsole Exec=konsole %i %m Terminal=false Icon=konsole.png

Encoding=UTF-8 DocPath=konsole/index.html Terminal=0 X-KDE-StartupNotify=true GenericName=Terminal Program X-DCOP-ServiceType=Multi X-KDE-AuthorizeAction=shell access Type=Application Name[fr_FR]=Konsole Name[fr]=Konsole


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