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I keep getting frustrated with Linux. Maybe one way of relieving my frustration is to express it. This page may become a table of contents for my "standard" Linux rants.

Ok, this is something useful -- a discussion over on Slashdot about Teaching Linux/Unix Basics to Microsoft Junkies? -- didn't read the whole thing (I think I read level 2 comments and up, but I didn't even see all of these -- need to recheck my settings) but it was interesting because there were Microsoft advocates who successfully "defended" Microsoft, and there were Linux advocates who recognize that Linux is not perfect. Should read more thoroughly some time.

3 Feb 2003 UPDATE: Maybe I'm close to the end of my ranting -- there are at least some things I don't plan to ever rant about again (at least on paper) -- it's just a waste of my time and energy. See #Dead_Rants.

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And Recent Notes

  • 22 Dec 2002: Within the last week or so I learned that Linux up until now does not pre-emptively multitask -- it's used cooperative multitasking. Just another reason to feel like a sucker. (But probably not the reason Win95 outperforms Linux (/KDE) with far less memory as Win95 also uses cooperative multitasking.) I guess if I hearken to the people that've said Linux's target is the server, not the desktop, I'm even more surprised -- I would have thought pre-emptive multitasking would be more essential for a server than for the desktop.


Some of these exist on my private TWiki -- none exist on Wikilearn at this time. (So why do I even have this page here?)

My "Progress Reports"

Some of these exist on my private TWiki -- none exist on Wikilearn at this time.

There are other relevant pages on the Linux web of my private TWiki, like:

Dead Rants

Some things I plan to never rant about again (and, usually, why).

Linux Will Never Take Over the Desktop

Wrong! Linux will take over the desktop. Not in any particular next quarter, but come around and look for Linux in 2008. It will, inexorably, take over the desktop, and it's not worth my energy to argue with anybody that doesn't recognize that.

Linux Uses More Memory than Windows

Yup, it does, especially if you compare KDE 2 / 3 on Linux with Windows 95. (I got adequate performance with Win95 on a 486 50MHZ. laptop with 8 MB of memory -- many Linuxes can't even load with less than 32 MB.)

  • Some say that's not a fair comparision. I don't really care -- kde 2 / 3 gives me the functionality closest to the level of functionality I used in Windows 95.
  • It does add to the cost of KDE / Linux, but I don't care so much there anymore. To be callous, I can afford (or have afforded) the extra memory necessary. Also, there are efforts under way to optimize KDE in one way or another (something like the kde optimize project), and other people will take up the cause. For resource poor computers there are things like IceWM which aren't too bad.

Linux is Better Than Windows In Every Way

Absolutely untrue today. And I've got no more patience for the people who hedge with things like:

  • Linux is more [stable | powerful | frugal | etc.] if you stick with the CLI only (or don't consider a WM or DTE because it's not part of Linux -- if you feel that way, consider Windows without a WM or DTE, in other words, DOS). (Is the Linux CLI more powerful than Dos -- yes, by at least a little, but it is much more confusing.)

Linux Is Missing Many Features that Windows Has

Absolutely true, but they will be provided over time.

Another Linux Crash

(I may move this somewhere else, after I think of a good page title.)

Had another Linux (Mandrake 9.0) crash today, and lost a lot of good URLs I was in the process of reading | reviewing | recording. (One in particular was a nice set of illustrated tutorials for KDE 3, IIRC, based specifically on Mandrake 9.0 -- one other clue -- the tutorials were available free on the web site but the author was willing to sell a CD of them for $10 -- could be very good for the CFK if we could use KDE (instead of IceWM).)

My guess is that I ran out of swap. (This was not the more common Mozilla only crash (maybe because I ran out of swap while working in Konqueror??).)

All windows in the GUI were frozen -- I hoped it would free up while I ran some errands -- still frozen when I came home. I was able to switch to a virtual terminal, but there were a few EBKACs:

  • I should have immediately run top to confirm my hypothesis about running out of swap
  • I started killing tasks (kill <pid>) -- I thought I could guess and kill enough tasks to recover control of the system -- IIRC, I killed "autologind" and that was a mistake -- it shut down the entire GUI losing all the info I was trying to preserve. At that point I rebooted to get a "clean slate" to start over.

Things I should do:

  • Increase my swap drastically (as the disk I'm using was originally set upt to dual boot Windows I probably have at least 1 GB of additional unused disk space. (Just have to find the right commands to change that space to swap and make use of it.)

Things that should be done:

  • (Move, or copy, to my discourse on a Mozilla manager.) A tool like the Mozilla manager should also give me a way to recognize which pids are associated with which windows / tabs (oops, I guess there's only one pid) -- OK, start over -- the Mozilla manager should give me a way to close individual tabs / windows of Mozilla if Mozilla locks up in an effort to fee enough swap or memory that Mozilla can unlock. This should identify the tabs / windows by their contents, so I can decide which content I'm willing to sacrifice.

  • Similar to a Mozilla manager (and top) there should be some means provided to determine which pids are associated with which application windows (including their content -- like a URL for each browser window, a file name for things like kwrite, abiword, nedit, etc., so that, again, if the system (or GUI) is locked up, the user can attempt to kill enough tasks to unlock it, while deciding which tasks he is willing to sacrifice.


  • RandyKramer - 16 Apr 2002
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