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A table of the Nedit standard [key | keyboard] [bindings | assignments | shortcuts | macros].

Please do not modify this page except as described under notes.

Hmmm, I made this table in order to see what keyboard shortcuts were available for my own use. Looks like working in the standard <ctrl>, <alt>, <shift> "namespace" is a major minefield, yet the Win(dows) key, and the combinations with <ctrl>, <alt>, and <shift>, look like virgin territory ...




  1. This table applies to Nedit version 5.3.

  2. Please do not modify this page:
    1. except to correct errors, or
    2. unless you (are a Nedit developer and) are making a permanent modification to the Nedit program in fact, in that case, we should create a new version of this table

  3. Otherwise, feel free to create your own page similar to Nedit53KeyAssignmentsRhk for your own key bindings — you can copy and paste the raw version of this page to start your new page.

  4. If you do edit this table, maintain two spaces on either side of each entry to maintain center alignment. It doesn't always work, but it should.

  5. At least some of these definitions can be overridden. I created Macro menu macros (for test) and assigned them to <Ctrl>1 and <Ctrl>2 — they overrode Close Pane and Split Window, respectively.

  6. The headings like "A C", "S C" are intended to be abbreviations for multiple keyboard modifiers. For example, "A C" should be interpreted as <Alt><Ctrl>. "Win" is intended to mean the typical Windows &tm; key.

  7. I debated in what order to show multiple keyboard modifiers. Then I saw they were not consistent in Nedit. (At least not in version 5.3 — for example, Edit -> Paste Column is shown as Ctrl+Shift+V, while Edit -> Lower-Case is shown as Shift+Ctrl+6.) When I recognize the standard, I may change this table accordingly.

BTW, AFAICT, Nedit does not support multikey shortcuts / bindings (like the typical <ctrl>k, d in Wordstar and relatives) — I see that as a shortcoming, my mind seems to work much better if I can group a bunch of similar shortcuts under a common prefix key.

Keyboard Assignment Table

Key <Ctrl> <Alt> A C S C A S C A S <Win>