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I rant -- sometimes I run across other people's rants -- I'm collecting links to a few of them -- some because they are interesting or whatever, some just because they're there.

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See ResourceRecommendations. Feel free to add additional resources to these lists, but please follow the guidelines on ResourceRecommendations including ResourceRecommendations#Guidelines_for_Rating_Resources.


  • (rhk) really bad attitude; 1998; Jamie Zawinski -- interesting -- among other things how the "law" forced him to reveal posts on the Netscape mcom.general, mcom.humour, and mcom.bad-attitude newsgoups which he had promised to never reveal.

Recommended for Specific Needs

  • (rhk) [[][]] --

Recommended by Others

  • (rhk) [[][]] --

No Recommendation

  • (rhk) Attitude; Stephen J. Turnbull; viewed 8 Oct 2002 -- "Disclaimer: I think it's worth saying these things, but they don't reflect my ``official'' position at any given time. Some are drafts, and some are ... attitude." Collected this (with links to five more) just because Stephen contributes to the FSB mailing list. Read a few, forget whether there was anything noteworthy. The other five are:
    • Why I Must Leave TLUG. Nothing personal, you see.
    • TLUG Posting FAQ.
    • Irresponsible sysadmins: the system you fuck up may not be your own.
    • Elitism is the belief that some people are incapable of competent or responsible conduct. Advocating competence and responsibility is not ``elitism.''
    • More on arrogance and snobbery.

Not Recommended

  • (rhk) [[][]] --


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