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I think outlining is neat, and should be a part of any word processing device. (This is based on many years of experience with collapsible outlining in Word.) This is just a page to mention a few things about outlining in Linux.

See AboutThesePages.



Dave Winer (Userland) is developing some product that uses outlining in XML. They (or someone) has developed a spec for representing an outline in XML, called OPML. (Try a Google search on [OPML spec outline Winer].)


See LiterateProgrammingWithOutlines (it may only be available on my private Wiki at this time)

Folding Editors

Folding is very much like collapsible outlining.


Once when I wrote to the Nedit mail list, they seemed very receptive to adding folding to Nedit. (I'm sort of behind the eight ball, someone asked (me) to propose a set of keyboard shortcuts to be used for folding, which I haven't done so far.


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