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See http://donkin.org/bin/view/Main/OCamlLanguage

Does OCaml stand for Object CAML?

From http://donkin.org/bin/view/Main/OCamlLanguage:

OCaml is a functional language that also supports object-oriented programming, and has a large library of modules for things such as file access, GUI support, etc. It is a dialect of the ML family of languages, and in particular is upward compatible with Caml Light, its non-OO predecessor. OCaml runs on virtually any Unix/Linux, as well as Windows (natively or via Cygwin).

OCaml includes an interpreter and a native code compiler, with good performance - depending on how you weight CPU, memory and code length, it's one of the top languages for CPU and memory efficiency, with concise code, in the Great Programming Language Shootout, which includes lower-level languages such as C and C++.





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