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A Brother HL-630 laser printer (received from Val Haring), haven't tried to use it on Linux yet.

I was told it jammed. I did have a jam during an early test, noticed that the next pages to feed (after a print job) were partially advanced, and curled up (possibly from heat?). There is a dos TSR program that comes on the driver disk that you can use to set a lot of things on the printer, I changed the (default) 15 minute standby time to 5 minutes, and turned the paper over (and changed the default print "quality" to economy. I've only printed on the order of 10 pages since then, but so far no jamming.

Brother recommends the use of "long grain" paper, presumably to help reduce jamming. (I wonder what someone at Staples will say if I go in and ask for long grain paper?




Toner and Drum Assembly

Recording some sources and prices for toner and cartridges and drum assemblies. (According to some notes in the manual, the drum was replaced on 10/20/99 — I've no idea how many copies were made since then. The toner alarm light has been flashing since I turned the printer on, and prints are quite light on the left hand side, so I suspect I will need a toner cartridge soon.

IIRC, the drum is rated for something like 15,000 prints and lists for ~$180, an OEM toner cartridge is rated for 4,000 copies at 4% coverage.


Powered Up at All Times

The printer is powered on all the time it is plugged in. When not in standby it goes into a sleep mode which uses about 10 watts. I assume the 10 watts keeps some of the internal parts warmed up (but there is a warm up time of up to 1 minute when you call for a print and the printer is in sleep mode. (I don't recall seeing the same warning as the Canon BJC-3000 (ink jet) about not turning it on and off with, for example, a power strip.)

Drum Can be Damaged by Light

The drum (assembly) can be damaged by too much light. When changing (or removing) it for maintenance, protect it from light, and protect the printer itself from direct sunlight.


Keep the printer in a non-dusty area (and no sunlight, strong magnetic fields, corrosive gases, etc.)

When you replace the toner or drum assembly clean the inside of the unit (see the manual) and a filter under the louver on the right side of the printer (louver snaps off)

Print Density Adjustment

In addition to the normal / economy quality setting by software, there is a print density adjustment screw on the rear of the printer (clockwise to increase).

Some Sources of Toner and Drums

Checked around 6/24/03.

  • Inkdaddy: TN100HL Brother HL 600/630/645/650/655/660 Compatible Laser Toner Printer Cartridge; PN: CT100HL; OEM PN: TN100HL (this is not an OEM cartridge -- it is rated at 3000 pages at 5% coverage and "we guarantee that it meets or exceeds all specifications for OEMs. We guarantee your satisfaction 100%"); Price: $16.95 plus, IIRC, about $4.00 shipping. (They also have a Panasonic toner cartridge that might be the right one for my Panasonic laser printer.) (They might also sell drums -- one of the sites I looked at did, for about $150 IIRC.)

  • Toner Refill Kits sells kits to refill toner cartridges. The page listed here is a FAQ, it looks like a good idea, and something I'm sure I could handle. IIRC, they want to sell two kits for the Brother for about $13.95 each, plus shipping — at that price, I'll probably try the inkdaddy cartridge first.

  • Just because I came across this while searching for Brother stuff: I found a Compatible Panasonic KXP451 Premium Toner Kit for $39.95 (and OEM for $43.95), and (OEM) drum for $128.95 (didn't check shipping) (I think (but need to double check) that my printer is a Panasonic Model KX-P4420)


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