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DennisNewbie could only get the Canon BJC-610 to work under Mandrake 8.2 by using a driver from Turboprint. (Turboprint is commercial but free to home users, IIUC.)

If you have other experiences with the Canon BJC-610, either with Mandrake 8.2 or some other Linux distribution, please consider adding them here. If the discussion becomes too much, it may be moved to another page, titled PolCanonBJC610PrinterDiscussion.

For reports on other printers on Linux, see PrintersOnLinux.

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Mandrake 8.2

Worked for DennisNewbie only after installing a driver from Turboprint.


DennisNewbie's Experience

On Mandrake Linux, Version 8.2.

Coming from the world of Windows, we happened to have a couple of printers already.

I decided to try installing one of them on my Linux machine. Originally, I tried the Compaq IJ200 model, to no avail. Researching it showed it to be a "Win Printer", so I just gave up and dusted off our old Canon BJC610.

I figured it was old enough to be a "real printer", and began the process of installation.

Mandrake did find it, and showed it installed as a Canon BJC 610, but I couldn't get it to work at all, regardless of how I set it up. The Printer Utility Program showed it as a Hewlett Packard model. The CUPS WWW. Admin Tool displayed it as something different, (I don't remember now as what).

Figuring that I would need drivers, I went to the Canon site. Here, I spent probably over an hour looking for drivers, information, or some help. Finally, I sent Canon support an e-mail concerning this issue, and asking if they had any sort of recommendation.

It's been over two weeks, and I still haven't gotten a reply from Canon.

Turning to a resource that I knew wouldn't disappoint me, I posted a message to a Linux Newbie Mailing List. In short order, Someone suggested that I go to www.linuxprinting.org. I did so, and found drivers for my printer.

I was unable to get them to work however, and was soon again posting to the group.

Another kind soul suggested that I try Turboprint. It's a commercial package, but available for free to home / private users.

I downloaded Turboprint, and logged in as root (this is necessary to install Turboprint).

It installed effortlessly, and quickly configured my printer. Not only that, but it printed all the former jobs that I could not get to work.

I logged back into my user account, wondering if Turboprint would work. It worked flawlessly! You can manage the printer, and it's operations through CUPS WWW. Admin Tool as well.

DennisNewbie's Recommendation

I would recommend to anyone who wants to install a printer in Linux go to http://www.linuxprinting.org before doing anything else.

If you are going to purchase a new printer, all the more reason to do so. Check out which vendors support Linux, and those that do not. Support those that do.

If you have an existing printer, such as myself, and nothing seems to work, try Turboprint.

DennisNewbie's Rant

Coming from the Windows world, one statement I always heard was - "nothing works in Linux", or the equivilant. I'm sure most newbies, and oldbies have heard similar. This is probably one of the reasons why people don't try Linux. Another would be the percieved difficulty. (Obviously people do not remember editing their autoexec.bat, or .ini files).

The reason things do not work in Linux isn't because Linux is crap, it's because the hardware manufacturer's do not write drivers for Linux.

I think it's great that people generously give their time, expertise, and efforts to write drivers for older, or "obsolete" hardware, and willingly share them with everyone.

As a newbie, I especially appreciate this, since Linux is all new to me, and writing drivers isn't something I know anything about. I do not feel that anyone should have to continue doing so for new, or current products however. This is the job of the manufacturer, not the end user.

I've heard the stats that Linux comprises 1% of user's, (or whatever number was pulled from the hat today), and so it just isn't "prudent" for manufacturer's to write drivers for Linux. I would argue that 100% of Window's users are not going to buy Product X from Company Y, (this discussion I had with Hewlett Packard, but that's another story), so it seems to me that it would be "prudent", to offer all potential customer's the opportunity to purchase your product.

If Canon does not,and will not support Linux, Then I have no reason to buy Canon anything.

I will support only those companies that support my operating system of choice.

There are enough Linux user's to impact change here folks. We do not have to tolerate such shoddy customer service.

As a suggestion, if you are in the market for a new whatever gadget, check them out to see if they support Linux, or if some user had to write a driver to make it work.

E-mail the company with something like:

I was checking out your latest, greatest whatever product, and I noticed that you choose not to support my operating system. How unfortunate, because I really did want to buy your product.

But hey don't feel bad though, it all worked out because right next to your product was Company Y's, and Company Y valued me enough to support my operating system. They were very pleased to have my business.

And I was pleased to give it to them. So pleased in fact, that I decided to recommend them to all my friends, fellow Linux user's and business contacts.

Oh, I also went to twiki.org and posted my experiences both with you, and them, just in case I might have missed a few people somewhere.

I just want to add that, because Company Y decided to support me, I figured they deserved all my future business as well.

If you find a manufacturer that supports Linux, E-mail them. Thank them and encourage them to continue doing so. And also post them here so the rest of us can support them as well.

Hardware manufacturer's who do not, or grudgingly support Linux will get an e-mail message similar to the above, but not my money.


See ResourceRecommendations. Feel free to add additional resources to these lists, but please follow the guidelines on ResourceRecommendations including ResourceRecommendations#Guidelines_for_Rating_Resources.


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