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Saw a pretty good description of declarative programming and decided to capture it here.

from Programming Close to the Domain: A Conversation with Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas, Part VI; Bill Venners; April 7, 2003:

Declarative programming is really another example of programming closer to the user's domain. Look at SQL. SQL is a great example, because it is primarily a declarative language. With a typical select statement, you say, "Get me these fields from this table." You don't say how. Your don't say in SQL, "Chase down this pointer. Get this file off disk. Chase through this btree index. Optimize it." You don't say any of that. You say, "This is what I need. You go figure it out. Go get this for me." That's getting closer to programming the intent of the user: "I want this. I don't care how you do it. Just make it happen."

I've fooled with SQL, and looked at Prolog, and maybe ran into some other examples / attempts at declarative programming that I can't immediately recall. It usually was confusing for me.





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