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Darn (or more wink ) — I must have hit <ctrl>w instead of <shift>w (while using konqueror under Knoppix 3.2) and wiped out the page I was working on (because I hadn't saved it yet). Another reason to do more offline editing with Nedit, and/or change some of the keyboard shortcuts (it's not a reason to stop using keyboard shortcuts, just to pick them more "rationally", including taking into account my own foibles and typical mistakes).

I'm starting a series of pages, prefixed with Pt, to record interesting programming techniques as I come across them. To give you an example of what I'm talking about, here is the first one I intend to record:

from LWN:


Read-copy-update (RCU) is a mutual exclusion technique which can operate without locking most of the time. It can yield significant performance benefits when the data to be protected is accessed via a pointer, is read frequently, changed rarely, and references to the structure are not held while a kernel thread sleeps. The core idea behind RCU is that, when the data requires updating, a pointer to a new structure containing the new data can be stored immediately. The old structure containing the outdated data can then be freed at leisure, after it is certain that no process in the system holds a reference to that structure. For details on the ideas behind RCU, see this LWN article, or (for many details) this paper. Just don't ask SCO, even though they claim to own the technique.

Incidentally, I don't endorse in any way SCO's claim of ownership for this technique: (being cryptic for the moment because I'm tired of trying to retype what I lost a few minutes ago -- will do a "checkpoint save" and take a break, then try to finish reconstruction)

  • I have a vague recollection of having seen this (or a very similar technique) being describe somewhere before.
  • I might re-invent independently -- my Nedit macros for folding (the multipass search and replace approach (not the replace \n with \f approach), are my own invention (thanks to the mother of invention) (see NmTWikiFold), and likewise the refinement to use stylesheets in AbiWord is an independent invention, even though I suspect that Word uses a variation of that approach in their recent collapsible outlining approach (since Word for Dos). I feel like I wrote this section better the first time — not eager to refine until I get closer to the original — this is most of the gist of what I said.



Programming Techniques

To add additional pages on (specific) programming techniques, simply create a new page using a name prefixed with "Pt"<NameOfTechnique>...

Note: The following list might not include all WikiLearn pages addressing programming techniques because it searches only for pages with a prefix of Pt.

  • Page Title: Summary

  • PtReadCopyUpdate: from LWN: `Read copy update (RCU) is a mutual exclusion technique which can operate without locking most of the time.` Note that this topic is used as an example on...


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