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Just wanted to mention and talk briefly about the need to rewrite WikiLearn.

Many pages need rewrites, and then (or before really) reorganization of the (grouping) of pages.

Since I'm also hoping to move WikiLearn to a permanent site soon, I tend to think about rewriting pages as I move them. Sort of a fresh start -- develop a framework on the new WikiLearn, then bring pages over one at a time with an appropriate rewrite.

Several things to think about:

  • Will I really find time to do that?
  • It's sure to be an exercise in frustration -- I see the need to rewrite now because I've learned a lot since I started some of these pages. There's more to learn -- after I learn some more, I'll surely feel the need to rewrite again. Or, I could wait to do any writing until I've learned it all wink (which means I'll never write anything).
  • But here's another question -- if moving pages to a new WikiLearn site is an effective way to accomplish reorganization, is that what I should do periodically? (That was sort of a rhetorical question -- really, the question is, what can I do to reorganize and rewrite when it's necessary without moving WikiLearn. Some possibilities:
    • Maintain a "scratch" and "published" WikiLearn -- work in progress stays on scratch until I feel comfortable with moving and rewriting it. (Of course, I might still need to rewrite stuff I move to "published" as I learn still more.)

Thought about calling this WikiLearnFuture, but that gets me into too many other things.


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