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Note: This was uploaded from my home TWiki and is very much based on TWiki version 20010315. It probably needs to be updated -- I wanted to upload it before starting to revise it.

Some desires or suggestions that I have for TWiki, that may not be shared by enough other people or that conflict with some other direction set by TWiki and thus may not be appropriate to implement in the "main" TWiki. (On the other hand, maybe some of them do not conflict, or can be set up as configuration options.)


Arbitrary Links with Spaces, Embedded Punctuation, and Leading Lower Case

Allow arbitrary links, created by surrounding a word or phrase with tildes (~) (instead of [[]]), and displayed exactly as specified in the topic title (with spaces and leading lower case letters). (Consider how a Window server's lack of case sensitivity vs. a Linux server's case sensitivity impacts the user experience.

Display Links with Visible Webname

Related to previous item. Display links with the webname visible -- I usually don't want to go to any page named IfThenElseStatement, I want to go to the one for C, Cpp, or whatever. In many cases the web I want will be obvious, in some cases it is not. (Maybe that's partially because I have too many webs -- there is overlap and the potential for confusion with Wikilearn, Wiki, TWiki, Main, Wikiengines, and Swiki.)

Reconsider Multilevel Web Naming and Storage

  • There are pros and cons to having a different naming convention for webs and topics:
    • PRO: You can type the name of a web without having it displayed as a link.
    • CON: You run into the situation I've run into with WikiLearn -- creating confusion by having a site named WikiLearn with a web named Wikilearn

  • Think about how those pros and cons might change if all links were created by surrounding arbitrary text in tildes, and webnames were delimited by periods:
    • Con: I could not use arbitrary file names with extensions in a link (like hdpback.sh Script) -- maybe a delimiter other than a period -- two periods, a slash, a colon ??

  • Should I dump all pages in one large directory (or "namespace")

Help Screen for Editing

Add a help screen for editing that can be called from the edit screen and, for example, provides you with a sample document with TOC, plain and numbered headings (and H vs. h), bulleted and numbered lists, nop and verbatim, various links and anchors, includes, etc.

Include discussion of tabs and spaces, and that for users familiar with other wikis, TWiki needs an exact multiple of 3 spaces for lists, etc.

Start with the expanded template I made for starting a topic (maybe twikinotedited.tmpl or something similar??) -- delete the stuff from there and make a sample page -- maybe the sample page explains the editing rules.

Develop a list of Desirable Colors

(Google search on color standard ivory hex helped! -- see http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-color)

Get (make) a list of desirable colors and their hexadecimal "numbers":

  • White -- #ffffff
  • Gray -- #c0c0c0 -- Editing background
  • Ivory -- #fffff0 -- Preferred default background
  • Skyblue -- #87ceeb -- Preferred web background (which really means the colored bars)
  • Cornsilk -- #fff8dc -- One of the default web backgrounds installed with TWiki

I think there is a list of these colors somewhere on twiki.org

Personal Bookmark, "Favorites", or Starting Points System

A workaround is creating a personal page (maybe in each web) with my "favorites", "recent changes", "work in progress", "starting points", "reading in progress" and similar categories.

The default home page in Main (hopefully eventually Users, Readers, Contributors, or ??) could work, if it didn't have to be deleted to allow a new registration. (Confirm that it does have to be deleted -- maybe I've just been doing that out of bad habit.)

If it wasn't done as a personal page (or maybe even if it was), what features would I like to have:

  • Drop down menu with shortcut key to add "bookmarks" to the list.
    • List shows the categories mentioned above and allows me to define additional categories.
    • Dropdown menu lets me choose which category to insert the bookmark into, maybe even the sequence. (Default sequences might be alphabetical, most (or least) recent, several options, user selectable.)
    • Shortcut keys to drop down menu and to choose category.
  • Similar dropdown menu (or the same one with additional options) to allow me to view and choose one of these bookmarks to jump to.
  • Possibly separate bookmarks for each web, possibly stored as UserName topics, possibly with a master (Main.Username) as a main or top level list.
  • Allow deletion (or archiving??) of bookmarks with similar drop down menus and shortcut keys.
  • Would all of this be mute if TWiki had better search capabilities? (ToDo: Investigate searching with regular expressions -- I have the impression I can do a boolean search using regular expressions.)

Two Spaces after a Sentence

  • Overcome most browser's control of vertical whitespace -- automatic insertion of nbsp tags on rendering?

Better Control of Vertical Whitespace

  • Equivalence of vertical (and horizontal?) whitespace betweeen edit and view
  • Overcome most browser's control of vertical whitespace -- automatic insertion of extra p and /p tags on rendering?

Navigation: After Editing go back to Previous Topic

Often I go to a page, view, edit, preview, and then view it, and at that point I want to go back to the previous page. The normal browser back button takes me back to preview, edit, view (of this page), (and repeats if I've edited multiple times). I'd like a simple shortcut that takes me back to the previous page, the page before the page I just finished editing.

This might be extended to a little drop down box which shows me the last x pages viewed, so I can easily jump back to any of those.

Maybe this kind of capability is a real stretch for a browser -- if so, I'd at least like to discuss it and try to find some alternatives.


  • RandyKramer - 26 Jul 2001 (Uploaded from my home TWiki on 20020130)
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Topic revision: r1 - 2002-01-30 - RandyKramer
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