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Once upon a time, I used rsync to correct a 650 MB ISO in about an hour. Now a friend is attempting to download a complete SuSE tree using rsync.

Here's what I've learned so far.

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The rsync command

The command (on SuSE mirror ibiblio):

rhk@system5:~/my_work$ rsync -avr 
rsync://distro.ibiblio.org/suse/suse/i386/8.2/\* /home/rhk/downloads/

The above command seems to work for me. (The reason I say that is after I issue the command, I get a response from ibiblio and then a message "receiving file list", and am starting to get files under /home/rhk/downloads/suse -- I don't want to download the tree, so I've interrupted the transfer.)

I used commands like the following to determine where the files I wanted to download were — issue that command, after seeing the results, append directories to the path as appropriate — end the command with / to see the contents of the directories_

rsync rsync://distro.ibiblio.org/

/home/rhk/downloads should be your local path where you want the downloaded files to go.

I'm not sure why you need the second rsync (rsync://).

I'm assuming that the (escaped) wildcard will get all the files in the 8.2 directory.

If rsync is interrupted be careful with whatever options you choose when you restart. (All my previous experience with rsync was downloading one large file, so I have notes about how to recover if the rsync dies partway through (on RsyncingALargeFileBeginner or RsyncingALargeFileReminder) -- I'll try to do a little reading to see what to do if rsync dies before completing download of a group of files.

If the Transfer is Interrupted


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