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Links and resources on program testing.




_Aside: In reading Bruce Eckel's 5-2-03 Strong Typing vs. Strong Testing (and some stuff linked from there), I find a growing realization that unit testing may provide an alternative to strong typing (to strongly typed languages) — good unit tests (combined with an interpreted language that provides fast programmer feedback) may solve problems better and with less interference / confusion to the programmer than strong typing.


See Resource Recommendations. Feel free to add additional resources to these lists, but please follow the guidelines on ResourceRecommendations including Guidelines_for_Rating_Resources.


  • (rhk) FitNesse.RunningAcceptanceTests; ; — this is a wiki page that automatically (in response to clicking "Test") runs some tests and reports the results on the page. The wiki seems to be devoted to programming topics, so could be a useful resource for other things. The site was created by Robert C. Martin, IIUC, that is the Robert C. Martin (that wrote so many books and did training on programming related subjects, more at what I considered the mainframe level, IIRC). The tests and results are organized in a table like:

numerator denominator quotient()
12.6 3 4.2 expected
4.2000003 actual

Note: I don't plan to contribute to the FitNesse wiki, because: "All software and materials on this site are: Copyright (C) 2003 by Robert C. Martin and Micah D. Martin. All rights reserved."

  • (rhk) [[][]]; ; —
  • (rhk) [[][]]; ; —
  • (rhk) [[][]]; ; —


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