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This page is essentially a snapshot of http://thelinuxlink.net/twiki/bin/view/CFK/EventSchedule that I captured at one point in time during the development of that page. This is to remind me of how I got that page to where it is, and some open items and so forth. This page will not appear exactly as I planned unless I create a few pages with names like EvT<yyyymmdd><event_name>.

On this page I'm experimenting with creating a "bulletin board" of sorts which can be used to post all upcoming events for quick checking by all CFK volunteers and others.

Ideally, I'd like the list to appear in order with the "most future" event on top but there are some current limitations in TWiki that make this less that straightforward. (I think two avenues exist to overcome the problem -- one is to present the data as a table and then install the (advanced) table plugin, the other is to modify the formatted search routines in TWiki -- some of this has already been done and applied as a patch to a recent TWiki Alpha (but it is not exactly what I need -- we might consider a Perl hack to fix this (and contribute it back to TWiki)).

If I could sort it the way I prefer (newest events on top) we could let it list all past and future events and be able to review CFK history by checking these old events.

In the current plan, each event would be described on a separate page named in accordance with a special naming convention. In my first cut at this, I have used names like:

And anticipate continuing to use similar names for all similar events. For example, I'd anticipate naming all "work party" events like "EvTyyyymmddWorkParty". I'd want to choose standard suffixes for all other events, and this is my first cut at a list (the suffix only):

This will allow future sorting by event, for history or (future) schedules.

Each named event page should contain certain information in the first 160 characters of text (as that is automatically used by TWiki as a summary of that page).

Until I can sort it the way I prefer, I will consider some workarounds:

  • Adding a "serial number" to event pagenames starting with a high number for the oldest event (9999).
  • After an event adding an additional prefix (or suffix) to indicate the event is history, and then adjusting the Formatted Search accordingly (Formatted Search is the TWiki feature that lets me create the list (or table) of events on this page). The prefix could be Pst (for Past), History (or Hs, Hst, or ??).

Just glancing at the list today, maybe the current sort order with exclusion of past events is the best -- at the top of the list you see the next scheduled events, and read down for events further in the future. Historical events could be a separate list on this page or some other page. (This would require the renaming of each page when it is over, but that might be an incentive to summarize the results of each event on the event page.)

Here are three particularly useful references at twiki.org:

As I refactor this page to be more "on point" for CFK, I probably want to copy the entire page in its present form to WikiLearn -- maybe with the same page name -- http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Wikilearn/EventSchedule (or maybe some more appropriate name, like SortingTheResultOfASearch.


Past and Future Events

To add additional events to the schedule, simply create a new page using a name prefixed like EvT<yyyymmdd><event_type>. Include important details (like location) in the first 160 characters so they will appear in the summary. See EvT20030212WalkThrough for a sample.

After an event, it is suggested that the event page be modified to show the results of that event (like the meeting notes from a board meeting, the number of Vector installs or other significant information from a work party, and so forth). Again, a summary in the first 160 characters would be very appropriate.

Note: The following list might not include all future and past events if they are not named in accordance with the EvT<yyyymmdd><event_type> naming convention.


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