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This page is to remind myself (or anybody) of the manual procedure to remove a TWiki user registration. The normal reason to do so (at least once upon a time) would be to allow that person to reregister in case they lost their password.

There are now tools available to change or reset your password -- see:




Part of an email I wrote to Mark Gilbert: Some links (note some of these are on twiki.org -- if you actually use them (i.e., confirm they work with the version of TWiki installed at AbiSource), we can duplicate the pages on the AbiWord TWiki:

  • http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/TWiki/TWikiChangePassword -- I think this is a very useful page, it summarizes what a user must do to change or reset his password, and also summarizes what the admin must do to install a new password (like when a user mails him his encrypted password).

I am having trouble finding the page that describes the (old) manual way to delete a user (so he can reregister) but I'm almost 100% certain it is as I described in my first email (rewriting as bullets) (oops, except your home page and so forth is in the Main web):

Aside on webs: almost everything we add to the AbiWord TWiki (re AbiWord) goes into the AbiWord web -- the web name is the second last "piece" of a (simple) URL -- i.e., the following URL is a page (named WebChanges) in the AbiWord web: http://www.abisource.com/twiki/bin/view/Abiword/WebChanges. If you look around the server, you will find sub-directories in a TWiki "hierarchy" under a "data" subdirectory -- the next directories down are the webs. Pages are stored as .txt, and .txt,v for the RCS file in those directories (e.g., MarkGilbert.txt, and MarkGilbert.txt, v). (Attachments are stored somewhat similarly, but below pub instead of data, and there is a subdirectory named for every page that has an attachment.)

  • finally, find the .htaccess (no, I guess it would be .htpassword file in the "TWiki hierarchy" and delete the user's password (encrypted) from there.

Having written this, I will create a web page, hmm, maybe first over on WikiLearn (I can do it on the AbiWord TWiki too, I'm just not certain where the best place is) -- I'll let you know after I create the page -- for a first draft I'll probably just copy and paste this page.


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