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Primarily to record some notes about what things I need to remember when I update any of my Linux systems.





Mandrake and many (??) other distros recommend installing the next version rather than upgrading. In general, I have the option of preserving things like my home directory during the new install or not.

In general, I want to preserve my home directory, and several others (listed below) because I keep data there that I don't want to lose. I should consider a different approach on storing data -- I should create directories like /home2 (or similar) and store my data there, let /home be used only for "personal" configuration files.

I have data stored in:

  • /home
  • /home2
  • /xdev
  • /abidev (future)

Currently, my cddb database is stored in /home/dad/cddb -- I should consider moving this (again) to /home2/dad/cddb. I don't know what the default ownership and permissions should be (or what they were when stored in the default location) -- looks like new files are added owned by dad.dad (i.e., the user running kscd), with 666 permissions.

OT: Also, my personal scripts and programs are stored on /home -- I should move these somewhere else, but not like /bin or whatever where they will be overwritten with each install.

I wonder if the LSB (or whatever) has a recommended directory for storing personal data (other than /home)?

I should list all the .../bin, or .../sbin directories, and maybe add one for my personal executables.

Also, at a (near??) future install, I want to use a "more professional" userid like rhk -- that may involve some changes to the mail server scheme so I'll have to prepare for that. (May be just a few changes, but I need to figure out what they are.)

OT: I should think again about the partitions I want -- I do keep var on a separate partition, but somewhere I saw some recommendations for other directories to be on their own partitions for similar (or different) reasons:


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