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The more I write here, the more I'm beginning to realize that this could become "official" documentation for CFK. It could be translated into Spanish, appropriate illustrations (pictures, drawings, sketches) could be added, and the documentation could be included as part of the CFK distribution (either as a preconfigured TWiki or with pages translated into HTML -- I prefer including a preconfigured TWiki, but TWiki does have plugin features to help convert to HTML (or, wget or similar can be used).

This is all a long way of saying I'm going to start to list some illustrations on each page that could be useful on that page. Maybe somebody will be interested in starting to create or "acquire" appropriate illustrations. I do have some concerns, among them:

  • minimizing the number of illustrations per TWiki page to minimize download time from the Internet (maybe TWikiDraw? sketches are the fastest means to download, although, in the end, they are .pngs or something similar) or, illustrations should be on separate pages, with appropriate links -- thus the illustrations are only downloaded when desired or, even better would be if illustrations were linked (as described) in the online TWiki but included in the page automatically for the local TWiki -- offhand, I can't think of a feature in TWiki to make that automatic, but there might be or it might be added

  • the illustrations should be somewhat consistent in style, color, brightness and contrast (among other things -- at least sometimes including scale to facilitate size comparisons) so that if a reader has his CRT set to a comfortable brightness for normal text work, any illustration is also bright enough to see (I hate monitors that have the brightness turned up all the way -- it fatigues my eyes much quicker than a more reasonable brightness -- but I also hate it when I have to turn up the brightness on my monitor to see an illustration)




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