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Dann's instructions for installing Vector Linux for CFK (i.e., with the appropriate modifications to install the logo, apps, etc.):

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Basic Instructions

  • Insert the Vector Linux CD and/or the boot disk if needed.

  • Boot the system with one of the two boot methods above (disk or cd)

  • Use cfdisk to partition the drive:

    • Unless this is a dual boot system and Windows is already installed, delete all existing partitions.

    • Create an appropriately sized swap as the first linux paritition. (I make at least a 128 mb swap partition, but try and go with 2 and 1/2 times the amount of memory unless the hd is under 2 GB; then I stick with 128 max) (Partition type 82, IIRC)

    • Create a / directory on the second partition

The above results in:

    /dev/hda1  swap
    /dev/hda2  /

unless you are dual booting.

  • Make the / partition bootable unless you are dual booting.

  • Write the paritition table and save.

  • You will be prompted with 3 options on the next screen, choose the third option even though it sounds like you will be restarting the system.

  • Vector will look for your installation media. It will find your swap parittion and ask you to verify, say yes. It will then find your / partition and ask you to verify.

  • There is an option to check the filesystem for validity. Do not choose this option, it takes forever.

  • Say yes when it comes to formatting the drive.

  • The base system will install and then the kernel.

  • You will be prompted for a version of X. Choose 4.2.1, the first option.

  • X will install. Answer yes that you want to continue configuring your system.

  • On the next menu choose these options:

    • Configure mouse and modem:

      • cancel the modem part and set the mouse as ps/2 (or appropriately)

    • Set cdrom block device (3rd option, skip keyboard)

    • Set timezone to local, eastern.

    • Run the lilo setup, do simple, safe option for screen resolution (1st option), no extra parameters, and write to mbr.

  • Exit and reboot.

  • Log in as root.

  • Put the cfk setup disc in the drive and:

mount -o exec /dev/hdb /mnt/cdrom (or whatever is appropriate)


  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

  • Run init 5

  • Log in as cfk

  • Test some apps, reboot, test again.

Notes and Comments


  • () DannWashko - 25 Jan 2003
  • () RandyKramer - 25 Jan 2003 - formatting, minor changes
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