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From the PureFTP "README.Virtual-Users" file:

Since release 0.99.2, Pure-FTPd supports virtual users.

Virtual users is a simple mechanism to store a list of users, with their password, name, uid, directory, etc. It's just like /etc/passwd. But it's not /etc/passwd. It's a different file, only for FTP.

It means that you can easily create FTP-only accounts without messing your system accounts.

Additionally, virtual users files can store individual quotas, ratios, bandwidth, etc. System accounts can't do this.

Thousands of virtual users can share the same system user, as long as they all are chrooted, and they have their own home directory.

So a good thing to do before using virtual users is to create a system user for this. Of course, you can use any existing account like "nobody" (but not root), but it's better to have a dedicated account.

Let's create an "ftpgroup" group and an "ftpuser" user.

Linux/OpenBSD :

groupadd ftpgroup useradd -g ftpgroup -d /dev/null -s /etc ftpuser

Then, all maintenance of virtual users can be made with the "pure-pw" command. You can also edit the files by hand if you want.

Files storing virtual users have one line per user. These lines have the following syntax :

<account>:<password>:<uid>:<gid>:<gecos>:<home directory>:<upload bandwidth>:<download bandwidth>:<upload ratio>:<download ratio>:<max number of connections>:<files quota>:<size quota>:<authorized local IPs>:<refused local IPs>:<authorized client IPs>:<refused client IPs>:<time restrictions>

Fields can be left empty (exceptions: account, password, uid, gid, home directory) .

Passwords are compatible with the hashing function used in /etc/passwd or /etc/master.passwd . They are crypto hashed with blowfish, md5, multiple-des and simple des, in this order, according to what your system has support for.

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