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iRulu 10.1" Model AX105 with Android 4.2

WYSIWYG vs Raw Editor Test Page

A page to test for some potential incompatibilities between the WYSIWYG and Raw editors. I ran into some problems, and was not sure whether they were due to some incompatibility between the WYSIWYG and Raw editors or something to do with editing on the iRulu.

Tentative conclusion: In testing by editing in the WYSIWYG and Raw editors on my desktop, and then by editing in the WYSIWYG and Raw editors on the iRulu, I have not been able to duplicate the problem. I'm assuming I must have fat-fingered something, somewhere, somehow.

Older notes:

UPDATE: At least on a first test, the problem doesn't seem to be related to a difference in editors. I created r1 of this page using the raw editor, then created r2 of this page using the WYSIWYG editor.

Just a quick edit on iRulu in WYSIWYG to see what happens. (This is r5.)

Another edit on iRulu in Raw edit mode. (This is r6.)

Once more in iRulu WYSIWYG--r7.

No problems--maybe I accidentally pressed some command on the WYSIWYG editor last night. r8

Note a few things:

  • I did have to switch to a different browser to be able to switch editors: apparently TWiki has a way of remembering my editor preference, and once I first edit a page (in a given browser) using the raw editor, I seemingly can't re-edit the page using the WYSIWYG editor. (It may have something to do with the URL switch ";nowysiwyg=0", but I don't know how to disable that.) OK, I've just selected to do a raw edit in this new browser, I now see that switch reads ";nowysiwyg=1". Ok, it looks like I can switch editors using that switch: 0 gives me the WYSIWYG editor, 1 gives me the raw editor.

  • By accident, I didn't force a revision (to get to r2) on the first revision to the page using the WYSIWYG editor, but, it didn't hurt anything because that revision had no problems.

So, the problem presumably has something to do with the iRulu--I'll have to test further at some point.

The original page

Here are some notes from my offline askRhk free-format database--I'm enclosing them in blockquotes to test that potential problem:

TWiki editor conflicts between wysiwyg and raw editor?

I'm not quite ready to report this yet (or reopen one of the reports below), but in the course of editing the page Downloading Videos--a note I put there:

Aside / Note to me: Today, while editing on my desktop, I found a significant amount of the HTML markup which previously existed and was correct on this page had been changed or deleted. I wonder if that is due to the editing I tried last night on the iRulu (Android browser) (and I wonder if the same thing happened on any other pages I edited there)--I'll have to watch that, and try to remember which other pages I edited there.

Things that changed: <blockquote> tags got deleted, several (all?) <s or >s got changed to the equivalent HTML entities, e.g. & lt; (without the space). Maybe I'll create a test page to try editing on the iRulu until I understand the problem. Remembering more now, on the iRulu, I had to edit in the WYSIWYG mode, rather than the raw mode I usually edit in: maybe that is the cause of the problem. (That would not be good! I can test that at some point by editing a test page on my desktop in both modes (not today, though).) (The reason I had to edit in the WYSIWYG mode was that I could not find the way to scroll (up and down) within the editing text box.)

Looking back:

  • r1 was done on my desktop using the raw editor and looks as I expected / intended
  • r2 was done on the iRulu using the WYSIWYG editor, and it is messed up--the blockquotes have been lost (the markup is gone) and most (all?) instances of < or > have been converted to the equivalent HTML entities, destroying the functionality.
  • r3 was done on my desktop (again) using the raw editor--in addition to edits I planned to make, I noticed the problems described above and fixed them

This is a problem, whether the cause is an interaction between the raw and WYISIWYG, or an iRulu / Android / Android browser problem, but I want to pinpoint it a little better before (re-)raising the issue (as there seems to be some evidence of a problem like this being reported previously--see the bug(s) listed here:)





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