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Starting a list of web based email providers, hopefully free. Found a few related things I'll list also (like Molly Mail).

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Free Web Based Email Providers

For Fee Web Based Email Providers

Related Things

Molly Mail

Molly Mail appears to be a service that can get your mail from one or more traditional ISP email accounts (pop3 or imap) and make it all available to you on the web (anywhere). Can also be used to send email. From what little I read, it appears:

  • it can't be used unless you have pop3 or imap mailboxes (and a willing email relayer?) -- oops, wait, here may be a way to get a free email account through Molly Mail or their parent, Emumail.
  • some parts of it are free?? (Talks about no adds in a context that makes me think the basic service is free and has no adds, and talks about "extras" (like a larger quota) that might be fee based. -- Oops, no -- apparently it was free at one time, now $45/year ($25/three months).


There is a chance that Emumail is a web based email provider -- they do sell a webmail client. There is something about their web pages which makes understanding what they offer somewhat confusing to me. Just doesn't jump out at me -- maybe one factor is that I went looking for webmail and it's listed under a heading called "Messaging Gateways". My tentative conclusion is that they are not a web based email provider but instead sell a client (that can be "oem"ed, BTW).


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